QASH will be king

The QASH team made four significant hires over the weekend, three of them being C-Suite Executives and nobody is talking about this. Let's check them out.

Chief People Officer :

Jason Wagner will oversee QUOINE’s talent, organizational culture and customer service as the company expands our operations globally. Jason brings over 25 years experience and spent the last 10 years in Singapore in financial services and consumer-related executive search. Prior to this, he was with the Fortress Investment Group, McKinsey & Company, GE Capital, and Goldman Sachs. Schooling from the Wharton School

Chief Information Security Officer :

Mike Mullins brings nearly 30 years’ experience in global network security, operations security engineering and implementation working for an abundance of the agencies, notably, National Nuclear Security Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Homeland Security, Defense Information Systems Agency, United States Secret Service. Mike has authored and implemented global Cyber Security strategic plans for multi-national corporations that incorporate security controls, regulatory compliance and industry best practices.

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17k qash here
Am i gonna make it?

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer :

With more than 20 years experience in the financial industry, Rei Tanaka started off his career as a banker before becoming a financial services consultant. Rei is leaving his prior position of 10 years as Partner- Banking and Capital Markets Leader at PwC Japan. Schooling from Cornell University.

Senior Vice-President of Product :

Vincent Moreau will lead product development for our trading services. Vincent has spent 15 years in the financial industry, with positions in Paris, New York and, for the last 10 years, Tokyo, where he has worked for BAML as an APAC Head of Market Making technology and Global Head of Quantitative Automated Trading Engine development team. He spent 10 years as a Director at Merril Lynch. Software Engineer by training.

This is what separates QASH from every other project in crypto in my opinion. Four years in the road map puts us here are the forefront of the strongest team crypto has seen yet. Everyone dropping their pants when crypto projects get that coveted partnership with that white label company, these guys LEFT those same companies and high profile positions to capitalize on the tens of millions of dollars they can make bridging the worlds of Finance and Cryptocurrency, there inst a team more qualified to do it. Every person invested in crypto should want QASH to succeed. Projects like QASH need to succeed for the good of the market. I respect everything Binance has done for crypto since its its meteoric rise in 2017, but there's a new gang in town. Slow and steady wins the race, do it once, do it right. Both exchanges will co-exist, both will make a lot of money on the way, but from an investment standpoint there is a lot more clarity and security in the future of QASH for me. If there is one thing i believe in this cluster fuck of a market, it's that good teams always deliver.

If you believe the market will be around 2+ years from now, you bet your sweaty ass QASH will be around, carrying it's $150 balls around big money bank accounts and exchanges. Call it blind optimism, call it moonboy dreams, I'm holding this baby with a vice grip.

Another qash shitcoin shill. Quoines exchange is garbage and nobody is going to use it. Binance has already BTFO every other exchance

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Tbh anyone with 4k plus will be very wealthy by 2020. Maybe earlier

>institutional investora are gonna usr a chink exchange that just fled to a tax haven because it couldnt comply with jap regulations

Oh sweetie...

What is this garbage? Do people really do this shit for a living? Chief People Officer? What the fuck is that

More pointless fud about to be destroyed. Did you buy BNB at ico? I did. We had our moon mission and I sold 50% and have invested all those profits in QASH. They will co-exist, and if you don’t have a bet on institutional money coming into crypto through a properly regulated legitimate exchange then you deserve to stay poor.
They have more fintech experience, connections and money to spend than any other company in crypto.

>mfw qash is so legit that pajeet fudders cant find anything to shit on so they have to make fun of the job title of some industry vet who spent decades working for investment banks

Oh yeah this is gonna make me rich as fuck

The fud is the worst on /biz.
>muh discount token
>muh shit exchange
People actually can’t be this stupid, obviously accumulating.
Better hurry up fuckers, you’ve got about 2 weeks left

Do you even know about Thats literally the next step forward, merging both Quoinex and Qryptos into one exchange, the Liquid platform.
They spent $750 k on the domain name recently, but I’m sure you already knew that as well.
I’m sure it will be a shitty unsuccessful exchange, it’s not like these guys have money to burn or any experience in trading/finance and the CEO probably doesn’t have a Harvard mba you stupid faggot

Harvard MBAs are idiots.

Go back to your shitting street rajnesh

More like 1 week. 6th of april WBB launch.

Oh and korean jew AMA with big mike is on in an hour. You ready boys?

its already pumping in anticipation. prepare to sell

That’s not big happening imo. But lets see how long until fomo kicks in.

So I did a little a bit of snooping. In the AMA Seth said they started doing live testing of the internal world book and matching engine on a small section of Qryptos a week ago (and the AMA was on friday). Looking back there was a pretty big spike in QASH volume; over triple the usual volume. I believe this could be the internal world book in effect.
>yfw you realise this just a small localised test
>yfw it's only a small localised on one exchange, QRYPTOS
>yfw the full worldbook will, to begin with, be an aggregated orderbook of 17 exchanges

Qash will be huge.

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Well done Pajeet, great fud.
I hope they’re paying you many bitcorns

Did you also see the spike a few months ago, quoine was number 1 with 4 times the volume of number 2 for a day. If worldbook goes live everyone will see it in working everyday. They can't get around it.

Source on 750k ? I know they bought it and I doubt it was cheap but I haven't seen this posted anywhere. I hold 10k qash

I believe it was mentioned in the most recent AMA with Mike

The one with Jew guy that just happened?? Cheers. I haven't watched it yet.

No, the korean jew one hasn't started yet, should be in 10 mins. I meant the one that was about a month ago, but I skimmed through and couldn't find it. Here's another source though from a website dedicated to domain change news

With KJ in a bath robe and Mike in a Kimono this stream looks a little shady

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anyone else watching?

HAHAHA those guys are awesome

The last time he gave his credit card away hopefully this time he gives his private key.


honestly that would be great marketing tactic for viewers
>somewhere in the video is a private key. first one to get the wallet wins

You guys watchin? we all now that they have bitfinex kraken bittrex huobi okex and all the big ones except binance as partners now. Feelsgoodman.

Watching. Mike just talked about the limited testing I mentioned in this post

when to buy? No product til 2019?

Liquid is literally going to be steam for ICO's.. with their self service platform. That's fucky huge.

What do you mean? QASH will be used for the liquid platform which will be out in a few months


This should be a good. Mike addressing some of the usual FUD we get here. Starting with the UI problems

This is so fucking great to see, i love you all guys. This is pure gold. BEST AMA EVER. shots at binance also very fun. FUCKING MIKE HE IS GOING TO MAKE US SO RICH.

All hail Mike he answers everything so fucking good. No bullshit i can't talk about it.

Fuck I'm glad Mike is in-charge. Absolutely the bestan for the job

KJ lurks in Veeky Forums confirmed. Getting Mike to BTFO the fudders.

> Harvard MBAs are idiots

you getting mad they getting rich. Stay salty user.

What was his answer to the ui. I heard the question but missed the answer lol.

Beta next week. Liquid release may/june.

HAHAHA KoreanJew bragging about POLO aha to the richest man of the world soon to be. KEK

Basically due to a focus on regulations & security UI has taken a backseat. Multiple UI revamps are on the horizon. Believes they'll have the best user experience by the end of the year

Did you hear that guys?
THATS why smart money is betting on institutional investors money entering. And that's why QASH is the best coin to invest in to make that bet.

Lol mike makes me want to put whatever fiat i have left into the market.

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with QASH, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

XD that is the weakest fud ever, but we have to come up with some good fud after this video.

>I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with QASH, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

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HAhahahaha he is burning binance to the ground.

Great fucking AMA

Mike is a fantastic leader.

Agreed, he's a very charismatic guy

literally nothing of any interest was said

Best AMA I have ever seen.

Why? Because he didn't talk about fucking lambos and bullshit?

Fud it, I need to buy more lol

guys whats a reasonable price prediction for End of 2019? i know its far far away, but im sure some veterans can take a shot. i took out a loan to buy 10k Qash. im dirt poor and my parents are lower class immigrants so this is my big break. (dw i didnt go all in qash for those wondering)

im gonna take a stab and say that 1 Qash = $50 by end of 2019.

>taking loans to invest is an extremely volatile asset class than might be in a bear market for the next year

Are you fucking nuts?

Really? I thought the talks about institutional investors was extremely interesting.
>Someone wanted to make a single order for $1,000,000,000 BTC on QUOINEs exchange
>QUOINE are still in regular talks with Goldman Sachs as well as other institutional investors
The people that are invested in QASH have always said that Institutional investors are the next big money injection into crypto and that QASH is the coin to invest into to take advantage of that. This is confirmation of that.

Taking out loans for crypto is an extremely risky thing to do user. I hope it works out.

i am pretty nuts. cant return back my loan now. u got a problem with my decision?

thanks took out 30k. as i said all or nothing. if i make it, im happy. if i dont, fuck it ill wagecuck for the rest of my life. i can pay back 30k im still young

you guys realize that most college kids take out 50,000 to 100,000 for school loans right? and college doesnt even guarentee a job anymore. it all depends on location field of work and experience. so im not as fucked over as my friends who have to pay 100k in school loans

Yes, it's a terrible decision. You're gambling on making big enough returns in a short period to pay off a big loan without ANY proof that that'll be the case. It may pay off, hope for you're sake it does.

Why would they go the route of QUIONE?
Coinbase will be listing coins that pass stringent rules and abide by whatever the SEC want. Those are the only coins institutional investors will buy. They'll most likely buy OTC and not via exchanges either.


People believing this coin. Another exactly BNB coin like that will be maximum 10$ to have a value on their crappy UI website.You think it will go 100$+? Didn't think Veeky Forums was this dumb.

Pic related.

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>I'm holding this baby with a vice grip.
you are a massive faggot. shut the fuck up.

look how that turned out
you're right though this is a shitcoin

>n making big enough returns in a short period to pay off a big loan without ANY proof that that'll be the case. It may pay off, hope for you're sake it does.

people gamble on taking out big loans for college. i know many friends who took out over 50 grand to pay for school and graduated without a job. these ppl are still stuck paying 50 grand with no income. so quit talking me down like im a terrible person. i made my own choice and as i said i know the risks involved. why cant you just accept it?

>QASH is the next antshares
I agree user


You are literally taking a LOAN to buy QASH. That's like a BNB coin PnD. I can't believe how dumb you are. You will lose this money once they will encounter big problems with their shitty UI.

Btw it takes 2 days to withdrawal any coins over there. I could go on and on in explaining how stupid you are.

At least, put it in a good coin like AMB,Bottos, BBN, JNT - and most importantly - diversify.

Is this board this dumb.

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Top kek this

A discount token ahahahahahahahahah

And if binance isn't going to work with them, and binance has all the liquidity and is introducing fiat pairs itself.... Work out the problem with that you brainlets

those who put 10,000 into ICOs like wanchain, wabi, or icon, would have made minimum 10x. Wanchain opened 15x in a bear market so that 10,000 woulve been 150,000. icon 80x'd in its prime and wabi 100x'd. so 10k in wabi would have net 1 million. we've seen many people make money so to say im gambling is a little overexaggerated. gambling is putting all your money on Black or Red in Roulette. theres no research or rational decisionmaking involved

Notice how the fudders came here after the AMA, they watched it. Now they are mad that it is mooning with out them so they try to fud it. Pathetic.

>AMB,Bottos, BBN, JNT - and most importantly - diversify.

did you read bro? youre fucking dumb. i didnt go all in QASH. i have 50k BOTTOS, I have 3k HPB, I have 10k ICX. im not stupid

>And if binance isn't going to work with them, and binance has all the liquidity and is introducing fiat pairs itself.... Work out the problem with that you brainlets
Because no Institutional Investor wants to work with Binance. And arguing that a aggregated orderbook of over 17+ exchanges will have low liquidity is laughable.

Taking a loan because you FOMOd because of the AMA is pretty pathetic.

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What exactly does diversifying do? you still have systematic risk.

i bought my Qash in December u fucking faggot

"Quash"? lmao

>What exactly does diversifying do? you still have systematic risk.

so you dont get fucking bitconnected. if any coin decides to abandon the project and dump all their tokens. i only invest in projects i believe in so im not worried at all. i read the whitepaper for every coin i bought and did hours and hours of research

Enjoy being 'Quashed'' after they will dump your coins.

And yes, it's confirmed. The Canadian guy did an AMA few days ago and one of the Q was if he would dump later on and said ''We will but not in a way that will 'hurt' the market'' Yeah right. (mid way towards the end of the video)

So enjoy this little shitty jap exchange with your discount token after being dumped on.

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>I'm not stupid
You're literally thick as pigshit.

Nice Fud, the actual question and the response he's talking about:
Q:So what will QUOINE do with the fees that are payed to them?
A:So Mike talked about this extensible during the ICO Process. It's very important to us to rollback in the fee's that we recieve and the QASH we recieve to grow the ecosystem around QASH. So we want to incentivise all these players that are potential partners for us to work with us, and part of that is using the QASH token to incentivise them. So that's a very big portion of what we are going to do with these fees, we hope to grow. With that said, there are times we may enter the market, if you are using QASH to buy and we are receiving QASH for fees. At times, we may end up with a very large amount of QASH and too big a float at points like that we may enter the market and sell a little bit of QASH. But it's certainly not in our best interest to dump QASH, so I want to stress don't get worried we will be dumping QASH that won't be be the case but if we do start to get large amounts of QASH we may sell a little bit in a way it will not seriously impact the market.
>Will have to sell some QASH if a large amount ends up in QUIONES hand to keep liquidity flowing
>team is completely upfront and honest about that
>that's somehow a bad thing.

Thanks OP. Made me feel better for holding this coin through the dips. I'm a poorfag with only 1.3k qash but I hope to accumulate more over the year.

youre a fucking retard. msg me your telegram and lets meet up again in 6 months, ill show you how stupid you sound right now

Fugg its pumping
I almost loaded up more to het to 20k qash the other day but didnt. You faggots gonna make me fomo in now lol

Also if their whole intention is to dump the coin, why jump through all the hoops and regulations that they put themselves through? Literally the stupidest FUD I've seen.

wow a whole 8%. Incredible. Im sure it wont go back down by tomorrow

You're LARPing right? Aren't you some sort of Eastern Euro impoverished faggot? Some skinny, anaemic soyboy?