15 Billion Mcap EOY

15 Billion Mcap EOY

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Highly unlikely.

Highly likely

I agree to disagree amicably.

Dubs confirm

I Disagree to agree disagreeably

I think 2 Billion USD is possible and 500 Million USD is realistic EOY

15-20 Billion, well, who knows. I’d be happy for sure, but I have my doubts.

Nigger, >$500 mil market cap will come from the SEED tokenization alone.
>what is speculation

Probably more, but we don’t have a timeline on that or the DAO yet.

Dubs confirm

You know nothing about the SEED group partnership. I will bet you my whole JNZ stack that majority of the 250m will be used for everything else than tokenizing. And who the fuck knows over which time period the pilot program will go.

Okay Veeky Forums I'm getting nervous now. I own 10,000 JNT which is 0.005% of the supply. They are tokenising 250M. JNT has to be worth enough to cover this. 0.005% of 250M is 1.25M. So am I retarded or is my JNT going to be with 1.25M, why has this not blown up yet? I must be missing something. It seems like a Ponzi but those are the token mechanics and they are confirmed to be tokenising 250M right?

fuck you nigger


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woah, i'm in same boat as you and didn't calculate it like this.

i'd take out $1mil to buy a house, then leave rest in

Same user here by the way

>They are tokenising 250M
Wrong. First...they are just aiming to get that amount and secondly the SEED group wont even tokenize close to that sum. But let's wait for the postponed demedium post


Que? No hablo espanol

You are a dumb faggot sir, the tokenization of thr 250 million has already been confirmed by Talal om TG, although we don't know by which date the process will be completed. We also know that the SEED group already has initiated their position in JNT although we don't know by how much.

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250/150 = $1.67

So after tokenization of $250M, your 10k tokens would have a market value of $1.67 * 10,000 = $16,700.

Nowhere near $1.25M.

Yes, you are retarded. 10000 is 0.00005% of the supply so 12k not million.


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6 months for tokenization as per Korean article

(10,000/200,000,000)x100 = 0.005

Although I have fucked up somewhere because 250,000,000/200,000,000 would be $1.67 a token as the other user said

Yes but there is no real source for that statement so I question the legitimacy of it. Hope it true though, especially the part about the centeal bank taking over afterwards.

If you make you investment decision based on a co founder of his own project, then fucking RIP your money.

Right now you have 2 articles which are obviously paid to publish the story. You don't have any details. Always stay objective and never get emotional bound to a project.

So far we have nothing. Period.


What the fuck are you talking about, the 250 million has been confirmed. You're splitting hairs over the fact that the article used the word "aims", which one of the co-founders then confirmed to be the case to clear up any confusion. But I do agree about not investing based on articles but rather the underlying tech, market potential and the strength of the team.

You don't know how the 250m will be used and how long the funds should last. Basically you have a number.

Nevertheless the use case and the potential will speak for itself in some months. For now it is a gamble though

"Jibrel Network aims to tokenize USD 250 million worth of financial assets in addition to the USD 30 million raised to act as liquidity for jCash."

Again, the 250 million USD being tokenized is not in question, it is a fact. Now as I mentioned before, you may try to split hairs over the fact that they use the word "aims", but it's been confirmed by Talal on TG so that argument is moot. The only thing that is still unclear is the time-period in which the pilot will take place, which will be made clear whenever the medium post is released.

But yes, this project is a sleeper for now while all the pilots and negotiations are being made.

Remember when talal said the 250M number had been taken out of context? What did he mean by that

your math is way off

Did he? I must have missed it, do you have a screenshot of it?

Because it isn't used for tokenizing only.

"aims to tokenize"

I can aim to fly to the moon tomorrow. Doesn't mean its happening. You could aim to make it rich, doesn't mean its happening either.

Aims to.

Also Talal specifically said that number was taken out of context.

Kek its this autismo again

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Oops wrong quote

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I havn't seen that quote so I can't believe you, will take a look when I get home. Anyway, I guess we'll just have to let the medium post speak for itself once it comes out.

I see, I havn't seen that.. I'll take back what I said, we'll just have to wait for clarification I guess.

The real autists are you dumb pajeets

The founders literally are taking out their own time to have a medium post to save you guys from your own autism and inability to understand english.

>The co founder of his project is taking bis precious time to explain wrong news published in their paid articles?
Explaining the only USP, the SEED partnership, of this project to their investors.

Thanks lovely co founder

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That's regarding the pilots you absolute fucking retard.

dat math tho

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