Is It possible that crypto currency will not become the future?

is It possible that crypto currency will not become the future?

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No kys

yes of course

Biggest problem of crypto is that communist cannot steal it.

When communists take over the state, they physically kill all other. Sooo you know.

ass too fat

No it is only a matter of time, even if none of the existing currencies survive the idea is like opening pandoras box

We have gone through a hard fork we still have to go through a 51% attack and centralised government cryptos

Yes. It is very possible.

ofc its possible.

What kind of a questions is this.

No 1 here fucking cares about cryptos use or its future, everyone is just buying it to trade it later for FIAT for a higher price.

The idiots who believed in the currency are now sitting with bags while smart guys just used this shit to sell off in December and live a nice life.

The main goal of crypto is to get rich idiot and not to hold this shit.

Possible yes if a better tech (hashgraph) takes over but it is not likely theres no better tech yet and hashgraph is a jew centralized circlejerk tech

Well, thank you for holding my fiat bags. please bear with me a little longer, 2 years if possible.

My sweet summerchild go around pol and x , your fiat money will soon be worth nothing dont hold it buy real state a shit ton of guns and a graphic radar system

Yeah sorry that I sold mine at 17k.

I did already,

Before the crypto phase even I got myself a house that I did pay off in 2015 with the profits I got myself 3 apartments 1 that I rented this month to a family and the other 2 apartments I am renovating to rent to tourists.

40% is still in FIAT rest is invested in the 3 new apartments (renovation cost included)

You are a buffoon. Do you really think that in the years to come I will still carry around with me paper shit infected with bacteria, piss, whore thongs to exchange for goods? Do you think that I will have to wait for 2 days for money to reach other accounts and pay an enormous fee to a faulty banking system? You idiot.... you are at the beginning of a financial revolution. Nobody knows what will happen but the technology is here to stay. But please, by all means, keep thinking short term like the buffoon you are.


What you mean you have to carry the money with you?

90% of my transactions are done by my Debit card.

Why would you carry paper money with you?

Also seeI am 35 and I am listening to you idiots about this revolution since bitcoin was under 100$ and I bought in when I was a young retard and pretty much forgot about it until I noticed all the media attention it got and sold my whole stack.

Isn't it funny how all of us who Got into bitcoin to make money actually made money while you new faggots are now holding the bags.

This guy knows.

>35 yo
You are half boomer, your mentality was shaped to be like this by jewish communist tricks you cant change and you dont need to.... right now

T. Faggot

>jewish tricks
>35 a boomer

Jesus christ user did you randomly pick up all this buzzwords or ?

>35 years old

pick one you idiot.

and ofc I dont have to change because I am not a retarded neet that spends his whole day here hoping for a bullrun, literally everyone who got rich from this got it many years ago and just forgot about it until we all unload it on you idiots.

Delusional american retard.

Everyone above 30yo was born in the 80's and is potentially a boomer the hard work meme mentality and the free loans for everyone shaped your mind into being a boomer you have a boomer heart user i am sorry
Prove me wrong you cant

a boomer is someone born in the post wwII baby boom you fucking brainlet


He said half boomer

He clearly meant it in a metaphorical sense you autistic spaz

is it possible that fiat wont continue to become exponentially worthless?

>35 years old
>born in 1983
>Came from a war torn country
>Worked jobs in my early 20 that paid about 3$ per hour to literaly survive until I finish my school
>with 25 finished uni and started working in entertainment and media industry
>29-30 Started moving from entertainment to tourism
>31 got myself my first bitcoins in 2014
>31 got myself my first house that I could easy pay off from all the money that I am making in tourism.
>35 House is paid off, 1 apartment rented , 2 apartments getting ready next month for tourist season.

I still dont believe in bitcoin, but what I did believe in was a hope that there will be enough delusional idiots that actually believe in this shit and will rocket up the price that I can unload it and live a more then nice life.

My biggest thank you to all this idiots who hate FIAT and believe in this crypto shit.Thank you so much for skyrocketing the prices and enjoy holding the bags.

Crypto CURRENCY will indeed not be the future.

Crypto applications and platforms will though. currencies will be only a very small niche application mainly used by the dark web. The real utility lies in decentralized applications that actually provide value in previously impossible ways for the global economy.

only if better tech replaces it. It would have to happen like right now though to stop the snowball. Crypto will replace all paper money within 10 years. Once governments figure out how to control it like their own currencies, mass adoption will occur. That is the only bottleneck atm.

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>car MOTORS are stupid
>but car chassis are the future

Crypto currency will be safe haven. And will exist parallel to fiat and it will affect fiat greatly.

It is never ever going away.

We the cryptoids consider crypto to be developed and successful, when 10% of all business is done in crypto.

That way, if a commie government pushes, there is a ready and waiting infrastructure for that particular economy to go to, until the comies die off from natural causes.

Crypto will, Bitcoin won't. It will crash to 5000, then more panic sale kicks in, finally alts will work independently.

Very unlikely

What commie government ?
WTF are you even talking and who is we the cryptoids?

I feel like you are randomly pickling up buzzwords and writing retarded shit.

>we the cryptoids

Whats next Alien Jewish reptiles living on the dark side of the moon?

Everyone is in it for personal gain. That's what life is all about. Some people are just shy about admitting it or worse they create a altruistic fantasy. If crypto takes off mainstream it's going to be in our interest and in the meantime take your profits and use it wher it counts.

You are massively retarded.

Yeah I better not mess with the cryptoid gang.

You're confusing fiat with cash. I don't carry cash but I use fiat daily dumbass.

That report Swift put out was pretty damning basically said it's not worth it

when the larp is too strong

>I cant be wrong he must be larping

You are so stupid , I wish I could slap the shit out of you. Bag holder, listen.
Even if smart contracts are useful no one is gonna wanna buy your shitcoin off of you. Companies will adopt their own and great their own. IBM
Plus, think about it. There are thousands of coins out, each one moons randomly even if it is absolute shit. What are the chances yours isn't just another pump and dump like 99 percent of them.

Crypto coins are now just for either bag holding, or selling to the greater fool.

This. I'm holding coins, but I have the balls to admit that the bubble has popped. And we are most likely never seeing a greater fool rush like 2017. The tech is creative, but as I said. Our shitcoins will not really be used and in demand.

Move on, do not sell.

At least you aren't delusional.

Remember As long as you have idiots who believe in this crypto shit that it will replace FIAT you have a chance they will buy back in again and you can unload your bags 1 day on them too.

I bet you believe that everything can be achieved with hard work and a bit of good luck in the current time, kek delusional faggot you just described yourself as a boomer you believe you're good because you got money in the literal golden age of humanity you are unaware of the shitty times we live and you project yourself over everyone else that finds it hard to make it being a judgmental faggot because you had it easy you dont consider how times have changed, kys you are the kind of people that ruined the world economy

As long as humans are capable of feeling fear-greed as long as humans are capable of being idiots as long as humans stay humans you can you load your bags, i hope you get my sarcasm retarded boomer

In order for there to be winners, there must be losers.

Are you retarded ?
I am from Croatia, my father died in war and I had to survive with my mother and younger brother.

I worked my ass off for 3$ per hour in my early 20 to survive.

Here is the truth your parents probably never told you.

We aren't all the same and not all o f us will and can make it.

The smart people make smart moves even with little money and become sooner or later rich.Some work hard and Some have awesome ideas.

I worked my ass off to finish my school and to help my mother to rise up my younger brother.

I took the chance and went to tourism that had great potential in my country.

You are just a delusional idiot that is trying to blame everyone for being a failure.

Just accept it that you aren't smart enough to make it and make some peace with yourself.

You made your wagecuck money from the first worlder middle class going on vacations to your shithole country because middle class could afford to pay/waste a shit ton of money in worthless vacations and they used to pay alot more than they are really worth due to the good times they were living , so your money is product of the good times and nothing else but yeah go ahead believe you are some sort of genius

Muh buzzwords. Kys boomercuck. Go to a gym for once you are fat, old and still dont have children its a fucking disgrace.

Dude I am making more money now then when I started doing this job, tourism is still increasing and every year there are more and more millionaires.

You are just too dumb to realise a good idea and do something with your life.I took my chance and made it.

And a pro tip tourism is increasing every year because more people are traveling with cheaper airlines.

I took my chance and advertised myself to the 1% and not the middle class.It did pay off, yes they are demanding but for the money they pay me I cant expect anything else from them.

Also its a very nice job , some of them I still have contact even today and I visit them if I go to the US to travel.

Actually I am pretty fit because of my job and I have a 3 year old son.

You are already settle down within the tourism world if you believe by any chance that any croatian following your same steps can achieve your status with "muh hardwork' then you are retarded you took the chance in a good time to take chances, we are not living a good time to take chances anymore, people is so desperate they consider internet money a viable investment and that alone should tell you everything about the times we live on,
the thing is, if enough believes it will happen it will become a self fullfilling prophecy and that's where the whole cryptomoney is heading

some cryptos are already better than any store and trnasfer of value on earth. all the shitcan apps will die, but things like wau will slowly take over cause they are better than stocks bonds pm or cash

Actually yes a friend of mine started last year and is pretty happy with how much he made in 2017.

He literally took his parents car and started driving tourists around and assisting them in the travel.

Now he is thinking to buy a Minivan with 8+1 seats and try to get some small groups in 2018.