$5/Link by EOY

$5/Link by EOY.
We're all gonna make it bras

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LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA....

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Only $5? Fuck that shitcoin

he's lying, it's 1k eoy check em


$10k EOY

$1k eoy, what part of 7777777 you guys don't understand?

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LINK will have a marketcap of $100 quinjrillion

> 666 get

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heil hitler


thanks satan. just bought 2000 LNK

Link 20,000 USD each EOY confirmed


...how much is a quinjrillion exactly?

Holy kek

No fucking way what the fuck (DUBS GET)

>1923 checked

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$1000 EOY!

First: 1000$ eoy
Than: 100$ eoy
Now: 5 $ eoy
Next month: 1$ eoy
Actual eoy 0,35 $

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link will change the world as we know it with the development of nanomachines who will function as an api to the human body smartcontracts will controll the world.a new upper class will rise replacing the jews wo will call themselfs stinkys. war will no longer be about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. it will be an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines to aswer the eternal wether traps are gay or not.


$1000 EOY

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o god


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Holy shit i usually dont kek at this kind of pictures, but this one got me

Stop this

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Oh fugggg

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Again and again and again.

the coin is worthless. the memes are pricelss. stinkoes need life support just for the shops. gotta set up a fund to buy this shitbag to keep the mems flowing and plaid glowin

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30,000*5=$150,000 I need 100k link

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obvious kek