This is it

Well, I've hit the end of it. My shitcoin portfolio has bled out from $65k ATH in jan to $10k now.

Bought nano at $25
Bought ChainLink at $1
Bought Iota at $4.75
and others not worth mentioning because of how shit they are

I'm down to my last 10k, I've sold all my altcoins and I'm going to long Bitmex 25x leverage, liquidation is at 7778 (almost quads ;_;).

wish me luck, this is literally my last chance to make it.

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I believe OP

last time op got liquidated

Absolute madman, good luck!

Gonna eat some shorts (clothing) soon OP

include me in the screencap it's nigh time for the morning bartening

The trading Gods have a funny way of punishing people like you who get greedy.

You will be slaughtered. Mark my words.

I love this Bart meme.

Veeky Forums has good banter.

Crypto market will be worth trillions one day, but if you throw everything away before the next bull run you're going to miss out.

This ADHD shit of needing to make it in couple months is so fucking retarded.

got my long liquidated yesterday when it was reverse barting, good luck man

Why you didn't sell at a lower loss? I know hold mentality is popular and many people say to never sell at a loss and wait - but when you buy, you should have certain price in your mind, or direction where chart is going when you say - ok, I was wrong, I stop my loss here and look for better opportunities elsewhere.

I don't know, I thought it would keep going up until next summer and then I'd sell and be a millionaire. It would've happened too if it weren't for the regulation/korea/china FUD

Entry price ?

this is larp, exact same thread/typing style as the short guy.

you sound like a scooby doo villain on top of being about to be barted

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This is just larping isn't it? I see these threads all the time but do people really go all in on leverage? It's like a 20 year old hanging himself because his girlfriend cheated.

>my vastly inflated """investment""" only popped because of those Chinamen
>he actually believes this

>I don't know, I thought it would keep going up until next summer and then I'd sell and be a millionaire.

Same here user. I should have listnened to my gut feeling instead of greed and I would have made bank.

>It would've happened too if it weren't for the regulation/korea/china FUD

That's not what crashed the market, it overinflated.


no larp, if this doesn't work out i will go back to wageslaving

its true though, it would be 100k right now if it wasn't for the fud

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are you fucking stupid? why do you think it's different this time? BTC is simpsoning the couple of weeks, why do you think today is different?

No it isn't true you greedy pig, all the non-brainlets saw the writing on the wall and started dumping at 19k. Gook FUD or not this shit was going down, you're just looking for excuses for your own greed which JUSTed you

Just exit it right fucking now.

Its better to have that 10k to invest then be a sorry ass sucker IF you do get liquidated.

I was in the same position as you OP. ATH was 200k in January, down to 40k last week. I put 20k into a 100x long position at 7.2k a week ago and closed it at 8.5k. I'm back baby! Not risking anything on leveraged positions again, I'm gonna take this and run.

stop larping to fuel OP with confidence. OP please, close your position. Go long when the market is bullish. just exit all positions and go USDT till the market recovers.Why do you want to risk everything?

Why are you gambling 10k? Unless you're rich this is retarded. Be smart, don't use 10x leverage.

>don't use 10x leverage.
he isn't
he's using 25x

literally he went LONG on the top of the Bart

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were you that faggot desperate for BTC to not fall below 8k?

LOL how did that work out?

Why are you still alive?

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Someone explain to me why people risk bitmex trading

>Send 1BTC to Bitmex
>Put a 1BTC gamble @ 25x
>Goes 1000 up make .1 btc
>Goes down 200 lose it all

I honestly thought from all the spamming 25x meant you 25x your 1 after a certain rise or fall. Test net has shown me it is utterly not worth it and your better off chucking on coins that go down 20-40% and waiting for the instant pull back.

Anyone without brain damage can see that bitcoin has failed to break 8k support and will go back to 9-10k soon. It's time to load up on longs (5x leverage max though, don't get liquidated).

Yes but the recent short term support is 20$ below his liquidation.
I see you haven't been here a while, Bart's are a new thing and it's going to drop to 7900s in 1-2 hours. While OP isn't too likely to get liquidated, he's just bagholding his position.

The sooner you degenerate gamblers and fomo buyers ger burned, the sooner crypto goes back to normal. Summer of last year was a golden age, everything went to shit afterwards

OP, you're my night's entertainment. I wish your dumbass well. If you luck out, take you money and go. You've proven that you're a degenerate gambler, and if by some miracle you come out ahead and don't leave now, you will leave empty handed later.

You deserve it yoy fucking fag you actually bought at the top

I don't understand why you need to do this. If you have no faith on the whole space being more than vapor, then the only position that makes some amount of sense to me is shorting. You don't need to become rich this month, the risk you're taking is unnecessary.

Yeah, obviously you don't want to be in a position where a $200-$300 price swing can liquidate you, as this frequently happens regardless of the overall direction of the trend.

When I said 8k support is holding, I mean 8k region (7.7k to 8.2k ish).


Example 1, bet .1 BTC risk liq 100 dollars longer from position, goes down 2k and only make .01 stinking btc


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It has to have a jump in price before a new Bart you brainlet

And why do you think that you have deserved to be a milionare?

Been making bank on weak hand fools like you for 2 decades. There is no such thing as get rich quick kid, grow up and hunker down.
Crypto is here to stay and will only grow as implementation and adoption issues get worked through. (Hint, the chart goes longer than 5 mins)

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>no larp, if this doesn't work out i will go back to wageslaving

Best of luck to you but stop gambling everything. Spread your beds and THINK before you act.

> Spread your beds

Good advice anway

atleast leave some money for the rope bro

you only risked $12 of your own money at x100 which makes it $1200

so you made 0.1btc on a 12 dollar bet...not bad

e.g. if you want to bet $1000 of your money at 100x you put in a XBT order for 100,000

What matters is the unrealised PNL, you have to close the position for it to become realised gains. But all this high leverage shit is still insanity. You're still risking more than you think, that margin is what you're putting down as collateral in case of liquidation.


we have to keep this one alive. OP please respond if it drops. i want to hear your first reaction. We've all warned you. Still thinking it's Larp tho, with a demo account.

Nothing much happening, he even made a tiny bit as of right now.

Thinking about creating a rope token.

im interested in buying this rope

has ANYONE on Veeky Forums EVER successfully pulled off a leveraged trade

Hey op look what I found on the internet
you feel it yet?

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Bart simpson closing. dump in 3..2..1.. i feel bad for you OP, srs.

OP plz respond

Anyone who doesnt buy WAU Coin or another appreciating monetary unit just seems silly to me. Ok maybe you want to try for 100x in a month, but that just doent work 99.9% of the time. Just buy a crypto that will go up and you dont have to worry !!!

I’ve noticed this too, I lost a lot more when I got liquidated compared to when images to short or long. It’s shitty

OP just buy DERO and hold onto it for your life you retard

what about sneeds tho?

Just buy BNB and hold. Or if tou can hold longer term just hold your fucking bitcoin.



No don't do it
Set 9k aside for the bull run
Gamble with 1k atmost

OP a larping faggot?

Remember to put me in the screencap for when he gets mothafuckin JUSTed

OP how much +% did you get so far???

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I love how the chart is playing with OP
he could've been +30% in unrealized gains but he didn't close, right now he's around where he started

OP please listen.
This market has not bottomed out.
We will test AT least 7.3k.
You will get liquidated.
I suggest if you want to roll the dice, leverage 5-8x, wait til 7.3k and sell.
Reassess the situation then, and decide if you want to long or short.
Never go over 10x leverage, whales playing Bart will end you otherwise, their pumps are not easily predictable.
Stay safe.


OP halfway to liquidation
based Bart

the 17:00 crash has yet to come. so RIP OP.


I am from the future! We all made it boys! Just chill and do NOT sell a thing but accumulate instead! We will all be millionaires in three years time...

pic related, 2021 market cap!

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Op tell me from 1 to 10 how does it feel?

Do no believe his lies
only bagholders remain
it's sad
look at the volume

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the weekly and daily are still bearish - do not try to go against the flow my man

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10k is still a sizeable amount of money. why go full retard only because you were retarded earlier

Bump for the inverse Bart to rek OP

Lowest price on bfx was 7762 just now
did OP get REKT???

OP you fell for the bart didn't you


This. Hodl is a meme for a reason, you won't make it by the time your parents kick your NEET ass out, but you'll have a 99.5% chance of retiring before you're 40.


Watch this OP and you'll be holding.

Nice larp, mate!

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Crypto will explode in january, crypto will explode in february, crypto will explode in march, crypto bullrun to start in april.......

NO DUDE, PLS, DON'T DO IT MAN... The market is too unstable right now man. Make positions with lesser leverages. I beg you man.

kamikaze margin
this is my new favorite meme

7778 yet?

include me in the screencap pls

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Dude this is so fucked up.

user why!?!?!

Also post results on nee thread and let us know what happens.

it's getting closer OP.

Just close your fucking position or deleverage..

It's a larp, idiot

I mean.. probably not.

people used to say I was larping when i'd post my $600k blockfolio on here in those threads last november. there are tons of people on here that actually have money on the line my dude.

but you're probably in disbelief because you're so fucking far from being on the level.
don't worry, user. you'll gettem next time.

if it makes you feel better i'm down to ~$200k now.

Ur fukt OP

It's because I'm WAY above that level that I know this is a larp. You can't make it being this stupid.

Except you easily could though.
I'm a complete fucking brainlet and even I have six figures

Still you wouldn't do what OP did...

Depression and desperation can fuck with your head pretty bad mate. Don't underestimate those forces.

>livejournal time

When I first started 'making it' in crypto in june last year after investing heavily in 2016, I was blowing 1-2 btc a week on nitrosports betting on completely asinine shit like SC2 matches (and i've never watched SC2 in my life) because I was working a job i hated in a place where i knew no one and money didn't fucking matter.

I should easily be worth $10m+ right now (I invested 50 eth in to the ZRX ICO, as just one of countless examples of insanely good investments I made and then ended up completely fucking up). Instead, I pissed most of it away gambling, making dumb swing trades like OP is, or cashing out way too soon. Now I'm barely at $200k.