We have left the bear market and entered the Bart market. This is a potential reversion indicator

We have left the bear market and entered the Bart market. This is a potential reversion indicator.

Repeat asending simpsonian hill formations are a precursor to bull.

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No, this is an indicator that volume is still absurdly low, which is a bearish sign.

>This is a potential reversion indicator
unironically this

Im waiting for the marge confirmation. If rejected then yall can eat my shorts

LISA if true

Eat my shorts, faggot.

>trust me, I bought in December and I'm already experienced

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Bear market is going to take 3 to 5 years. It's going to take longer than the 2 year bear market from 2014-2016 and it's only going to stop when Dapps have real world implementation and starts destabilizing traditional markets. That's when we enter a bullmarket.

Notice that I said bullmarket and not "bullrun" because the bullruns only work on speculation not real world adoption. We'll never have a bullrun again but a bullmarket with 20-30% growth every year is very possible starting from 2021.

eat pant

I remember you. You said this to me on bitcoin talk in 2016. Did you change your mind and buy back in last year or?

You come off as though this is a known fact and not the opinion of a seething bottom seller.

here, i did some TA for you guys

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now this is something i believe in

100% chance of being correct if it ends up being true

I'm not a bottom seller. In fact I'm accumulating in these 3 years until the bullmarket starts.

Thanks for holding all these heavy bags for us


thx man, see you in 3m after I've shorted BTC to shit and made 10x from fags like you stopping it dumping straight to 5k.

if tjis happens its back to 4k

top kek

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