The fuck is wrong with this?

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ICOs cashing out their funds
People realising the age of ETH icos is now over

yeah it's price halved are you fucking retarded this is just bear market

nothing wrong with it . It's just eth in their normal behavior

>singles out eth
>completely fails to see the decline in both crypto and fiat markets

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people gave a ton of eth to ico scammers, now they cash out and price goes down

Didn't vitalik say in that interview that he thought eth was only worth like $15 wtf why didn't anyone listen at the time and good luck holding eth....

Bill gates also said that computers will only be used in industries and he don't think it will be used in a normal house hold...
Guess what happened now

But vitalik said it fairly recently didn't he? Eth was near ath.
Gatesy said it before he had real interest.
I think eth will still be great but maybe a bit lower for me to buy. Plenty of other projects competing now

>what is ideological bias
money skelly is a communist and hates the free market
gates is an elitist who would love to see us grovel in the dirt like niggers, kept away from any tech advancement

>unironically thinks ICOs are "hodling" their coins they raise
>unironically thinks ICOs aren't market selling their coins moments after they recieve them

unlike Veeky Forums bagholders, ICOs are running a business and wants their imaginary shitcoins exchanged for real useable money while there's still retards setting up buy orders

there's no ICO funds left to dump, because they dumped the moment they recieved them

the only exception to is extended ICO sales like EOS / coinmetro that keeps dumping coins because retards keeps buying into it

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If ETH bottoms out, should I invest in ICOs again? Last ICOs I invested in were ICX, LINK, KNC, EBET, and REQ but I've been far too hesitant to invest in anything else since then and EBET was a mistake (but a very small one).

Do you mean why not sub 400$? This shit is heavily overpriced. ETC can do everything ETH can and it under 20$

>He fell for the flippening meme

how did you invest in icx? i thought it was for koreans only

EBET was a massive failure, but looking back it was obvious no one wanted to buy tokens for a fucking dice game

ICOs has been the only thing that kept me up in this market these last 3 months, arcblock and credits gave nice flips

Of the major coins, ETH has been fucked the hardest.

major coins that aren't ripple*** LUL

I agree man. Any reason you could be wrong?

once its gets to 400 buy as much as you can

That's utter bs

Reminder when ETH was 1400 $? It's the flippening!

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remember when ETH was rock solid at 300 and not moving at all? thats where we headed

>he doesn't know about bch and ltc

>there's no ICO funds left to dump, because they dumped the moment they recieved them

I have baaaaaaaad news for you.

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pls no

You could invest in icx if you weren't from murica or korea

Most ICO's actually lock their ETH into smart contracts that are publicly available to check so I highly doubt this.

But yeah the very first ICO's that started in 2016 and early 2017 are starting to get their ETH from the smartcontracts back and are beginning to cash out.

ETH will still have viability and price movement in the far future if some of the dapps running on it actually become successful.

Small mercy bounce, be patient TRUST.

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BTC about to shit the bed again.Exit ETH

Is this spreadsheet available anywhere publicly?
And is it somewhere updated like a Google doc?

I'm about to buy $10k more as soon as my deposit clears. ETH is way, way oversold.

No one had these smart contract locks in those days what are you smoking

Bumping I too need this information

mmm id wait my dude.

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It's down to $450 -- what's your concern? It hasn't been this low since like last June. Let's hear the inside scoop, user.

Its over, eth is done for.

Viatlik nooooooooooooooooooooooo

he's smoking a lil on the locked part but not on the publicly available data. go on etherscan and you can see where it goes, from ICO to wherever. posts like yours hint at the real "issue", most investors know nothing about the technology and hopped on board at ATH

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with ETH, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

What a fucking faggot. If i see vitalik in the street im going to have a stern word with this troubled young man.

No so the list should be suspect.

im buying now
have fun fomoing back in retards

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Double-checked it myself, it is legit.

>is too retarded to reverse imageserch
Become poor, faggot

Now we don't feel so bad about selling ETH at $300
>pls crash sub $300

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>pls crash sub $30


We aren't headed anywhere but sideways and down for a while, could probably get a better deal if you wait

>he didn't check the wallets and just posts bullshit
sorry kiddo, you're wrong

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>there's no ICO funds left to dump, because they dumped the moment they recieved them
that is not correct, as easily verified in the blockchain. kys, moron

this legitimately shakes my faith in Vitalik

Wait a minute I just realised that other dApp platforms will have the same issues as ETH when more ICOs are launched on them.
I suppose NEO has the best system since GAS is used for ICOs.

Because when people realise ICO's are fucking shit people start to realise eth is worth waaaay too fucking much right now. Besides that ICO's are fucking shit, there's also competition with better ICO platforms (sys ie, cheaper and faster). Still, ICO is 2017. It's done.

Nice shilling. NEO is fucking shit and way too overvalued right now.

You don't know what you're talking about, stupid weeb.

>Wait a minute I just realised that other dApp platforms will have the same issues as ETH when more ICOs are launched on them.

Congratulations on the buffed intelligence

>I suppose NEO has the best system since GAS is used for ICOs.

Congratulations, you are retarded again.

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I just hope the GPUs are going to be cheaper again.

It's all overvalued. Crypto was ruined the day fiat could buy bitcoin. Because fiat itself has no backed value. It's printed out of thin air. Stocks are pumped with it. It's all gonna come crashing down soon.

>Faith in an autistic Russian kike pedophile

Maybe its time to reflect on your life decisions user.

its the juice
just add juice to everything

>tfw you're biggest hold is dgd

it's slowly going to it's intrinsic value of 0, Vitalik warned you