The first mineable ERC20 Token - 0xBitcoin

Yeah, you heared it right, this is the first decentralized ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. And you can literally mine this with your GPU and be an early-adopter.

> Whitepaper

> Abstract

> Website

> Active 0xBTC projects

> ERC20 best cryptcurrencies

> Contract source

> 0xBTC statistics

> Discord
Invite code: NcM5sCa

> Opensource

> Where to buy?!/trade/0xBTC-ETH

> How to mine?

> Mining software (Windows, Linux) [BEST ONE FOR NVIDIA] [AMD OPENCL, supports NVIDIA Cuda aswell]

> mining pool []

get ready for the new era of mining Veeky Forums or stay bagholding with your centralized shittokens

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Price prediction? Is it worth mining??

been mining

holding until moon

fucking lame. what the fuck is the point?

> Destroying the ICO-scam establishment by introducing the IMO concept.

> Mining difficulty graph:

honestly im no shill, here's my reasoning:
-I see all these bitcoin forks making it to top 50 with literally nothing
-I missed all of the pumps for these forks
-Now we got ourselves an ERC20, that is mineable (first of its kind), opens up many doors with smart contract

See no reason for this to not go up down the line.

No ICO, no pre-mine, only 1.6 mil mined out of 21 mil, Im going to mine until difficulty increases significantly, I estimate price will go up nicely too.

The interesting part is, there is innovation around this token by a decentral, competitive community and there is competition between the pools.

Never forget the piZza versus TMP battle of the ETH blocks!

Pretty sure your infernal (just my guess).

Will see what happens in the future, I imagine very differently in a year from now

Nope, Wrongly guessed :)
he doesn't shill this project like I do, he is too busy with developing software code around this project.

You can still mine a decent amount of coin if you join a pool. And it doesn't matter which pool "wins". It's good that we have a lot of pools competing.

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with 0xBitcoin, the price is doomed to be extremely low.


>the first
Bitcoinereum is still the first. Fuck off with this nonsense. Bitcoinereum is the better coin.

The first MINING ERC20 token you dumb fuck..

Bitcoinereum is the first mineable ERC20 token.

it's gas bidding
> 10- Remember: The higher the GasPrice, the faster the transaction, the lower the Gasprice, the slower the transaction.

it's not Proof of work mining, it won't scale in the same way as 0xbitcoin ( difficulty already 10 million more than launch from 6 weeks ago), or attract ethereum miners when ether goes proof of stake

> more utility than bitcoincash

> Separate Proof of Work value creation from scaling problems.

Ethereum is going proof of stake + sharding - 0xBTC benefit from those scaling improvements.

You can transfer 0xBTC every 15 seconds because ethereum blocks are every 15 seconds and under development is its own DEX, merge mine other erc20s instead of air drop (mine drop) and dual mining with ethereum

> more utility than bitcoincash

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Bitcoinereum is the real 0xBitcoin, it's literally Vitaloshi's Vision

See the two posts above you

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It's amazing how much legit retards are on this image board.
> Still thinking bitcoinethereum is a decent mineable token.

K y s

> 0xBitcoin
> 100.000 dollar marketcap
> Delete this fucking thread now, i'm not done with accumulating

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can I use a MEW wallet as a payout address?

I'm not OP, but yes. Just use your 0x........................................ Ethereum address as your payout address (i.e., your public key). If you use a pool miner like Mikers Miner ( or Pizza Miner (, you don't even need to give the miner your private key, just your public 0x.... address.

A literal useless shitoken
I swear you fags alway fall for the most retarded scams.

>b-but eth is not made for payments so they need us

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Yea you right. We as useful as every Bitcoin fork ever...

Maybe we moon one day too

> A payment token you can dual mine with ether with no premine, no ico just fair mining distribution

Shove your chainlink, Verge and Tron through in your ass, that's where they belong! those are your shittokens

It does distribution through mining (proof of work), but transfers through Ethereum (headed toward proof of stake). Weird combo, so it's interesting.

We'll see where it goes. I have been mining.