Why are there some people not holding any REQ? It is one of the best projects in crypto and a pretty much guaranteed x10...

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As guaranteed as DBC, LINK and JNT I guess?
Thanks for your sage advice user.

>comparing req to those shitcoins

Some people are born to be poor. If everyone was rich who would cut your toe nails for you when you are a millionaire?

The difference is that REQ and pwc signed a contract that is worth 2 billion while REQ has a 150 million marketcap.

So they are guaranteed to do a x10 over time as the money flowing into REQ will slowly approach the amount of the deal's worth.

DBC, LINK and JNT don't have a contract that guarantee cashflow, user.


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convince me I'm not gonna be filthy stinkin rich
I feel like I made it already
.20 fucking cents for this? Feel like I'm buying solid gold bars for $10

Because REQ is using LINK access fiat.

This partnership is just further confirmation LINK oracles are coming along great.

Being this deluded.

>mfw its 2019 and theres a REQ transaction taking place at every second of every minute of every hour everyday

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> REQ and pwc signed a contract that is worth 2 billion


Not being this deluded

Because it would take over a decade to be of any real value. I work in tax but sometimes work with audit. Clients aren't that adaptive and it would be a huge overhaul.


$1000 EOY!

>people don't like saving money
>trust me
>I'm a taxman

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You people still don't get it.

REQ using LINK to access fiat is one use case for LINK out of potentially thousands.

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>t. someone who has never dealt with management

>muh ethereum shittoken will change the world!!

when will you idiots learn?

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I'm holding Few. This is true, the space they are trying to get in will be absolutely insane to make it. Really make it

People are comfy with how the system works already. PayPal, venno, debit cards etc

> please buy my 2x in a bear market. really really cheap mate!

>*MANAGEMENT* doesn't like saving money

Keep going! This keeps getting better and better

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REQ will be a top 10 coin in 2018

Req top 5 eoy2k18
Check it yourself

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So REQ. So wow.

Req is a cancer scam.

Deluded REQQERS lmfao. Down -80% from ATH KEK LOL.

Overhyped reddit shill coin. Burn and die you jokers, you will NEVER make it.

Can you name any arguments beside price history of the coin?

Any technical reasons why REQ is not good? Because I'm pretty sure I can refute any point you have now.

I remember that one user said that I could use request to cash out my link instead of going to an exchange. Even if that could be done, how many req should I need to hold in order to do it?
>10k stinkys


you dont need to hold req to do that, when you cash out whatever currency you're using - some of it will automatically get exchanged for req at whatever market price is, this req is then sent to a burn address as the transaction fee/fuel for the network. this all happens in the background, whilst only thing you will witness is link -> fiat

Looking to buy this. Do you think it's a good time now or it would be better to see if btc corrects further?

>I want to make a facebook account how much facebook stock do I need to do that?

That's basically the same question. You can use Request Network and all their features without holding any REQ. The protocol just takes a fee from you and uses it to burn some tokens behind the scenes so that the supply of REQ goes down and the price per REQ increases in the long run.

Good to know is that simple for users, it will increase adoption. Who's req gets burned though? That's the part I don't understand.

Interesting, at that point it would be dumb not to hold any req if you are actually using the network because you have a trade off with the fee and the increase on req's value with your transaction. What happens if all req tokens get burned, what then?

tfw only 120k req :(

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>shilling shitcoins
why do people do this

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>Who's req gets burned though? That's the part I don't understand.
people selling req on kyber network (the decentralised exchange partnered with req)

For fun

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it will use Kyber to buy REQ on the open market

not sure what happens if all tokens get burned but that's unlikely since fees decrease as network usage increases.

>What happens if all req tokens get burned

As the supply of REQ drops the price per REQ will increase and you pay the fee in USD meaning that the Fee in REQ will be lower.

The fee might be 10 REQ when it launches. Then 1 REQ after a couple of years because the price per REQ did a x10. And in the far future it could be 0.00001 REQ. So REQ will never be fully burned the supply of REQ will just drop and the amount of REQ needed drops as well so you'll just see more zeroes before the 1 in the very long term (we're talking centuries here)

You'll be set for life. Why so mad?

I only have 12k req and it feels bad man :( trying to get to 25k

im buying LINK first. then i will fill my REQ bags.


I'm just trying to get to 10k, man

Its actually quiet amazing. Im assuming its just FUD to keep buying low, but if anyone seriously cant see the difference between REQ and all those other coins he mentioned, then they are retarded

people really are stupid enough to believe FUD with no proof. they see that and instantly gonna buy some bullshit supercomputer MUCH WOW meme shit

REQ and LINK going to change crypto forever and these retards la creatures buy fucking verge :D

Why the fuck do my posts have different IDs

Anyways, I will research more on Req to see the whole picture. Thanks guys.

>h..hey kacho oppa we can save money with request
>SILENT kodomosan we will do no such thing!