Internet Node Token is a sca-

Oops! iOTA fedora's and curries on suicide watch after Dr. Xiang Ruofei just whipped out his massive IoT dick and won the "Best Project Award" at the 2018 Chinese Blockchain Summit.

They JUST posted their engrish translation on twitter/facebook, exciting months to come and whitepaper update will soon follow.

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Veeky Forums relentlessly fudded this coin for weeks and you know what they say, always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says.

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I mean you have to be utterly retarded to not invest in a team like this, comfiest hold of 2018.

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delet this Veeky Forums doesnt deserve this gem

tom? gerhard? why u keep shilling bro biz doesnt deserve this yet

It's me, Gerhard. who is dis.

horse cock logo chinck scam

if u werent a fuckin kiddo which puts his allowance into crypto and dealt with china before you'd knew chinks counterfeit everything, including certificates, awards, contests and whatever else u can imagine.

thx just bought 100k

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>imagine having to fake this
user.. i

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Just wait until they increase the circulating supply AGAIN! Literal shitcoin

this. delusional INT bagholders.
you cant even argue them so caught up in their shitcoin

Faggy bizers don't deserve to be rich why post this?

You FUDsters just parrot eachother all the time don't you? Try harder

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Man it's been hard to baghold this. Watching all the fuds while the bag gets heavier. I just wish it would recover to ath so I could go on a nice vacation and somewhat restore my well being.

10k int bagholder here.

Just be patient user, many promising coins are like -80% from their ATH. I'm at a loss too but if the market isn't shitty this will easily 50-100x this year.

hey fuck ur ass fagget

try having over 100k int. lol hurts even more bro. but all good stay strong

Oops, they got told

Veeky Forums doesn't deserve this coin

Look at their telegram, only fangirls screaming fud and ban when asked real questions, makes me think they have heavybags

Not true, unless the questions/fud you voiced are as retarded as in this thread.

What fud you big fag? everything has been refuted

these INT threads you keep making - damage control much? ppl bought and got burned as fast.
If people would have believed in this coin it wouldnt be 12 cents.Truth is you all have heavy bags cuz u fell in love with a coin. Good luck anyway

>thinking prices mean anything in this current bear market

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ITT: Bagholder General

fucking i believed in the tech of this coin, i dont invest in projects i dont think have a lot of potential, but i fucking sold at a 80% loss like a brainlet because i want to flip cars, get money realistically, and re-invest when the time is right. if it moons right away ill kill myself.

>10k int bagholder here.
found the cuck
>try having over 100k int
oh well

Funny how you Veeky Forumsbrainlet's can only resort to personal attacks and
>muh bagholder
>muh price
>muh token supply
No legitimate critique on the team, fundamentals, the events or anything, judging by the comments it's safe to say that the only smart people of Veeky Forums already bought into this coin so I guess it's time to stop posting it.