Redpill me on 15$ an hour minimum wage, is it good? is it bad...

redpill me on 15$ an hour minimum wage, is it good? is it bad? i don't really trust the news articles about it after the election informed me about how corrupt the media is.

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bumping for srs discussion about something other than crypto

it means all you faggots that have useless slave jobs get half of your workforce laid off and rehired doing an even shittier job for the money they want to pay you. walmart now has self checkout lines by me, mcdonalds will follow suit . guess how many cashiers it needs now? half. good job idiots getting companies to lay even more of you off

that shit was gonna happen anyways though and if you're pretending it wasn't you're delusional.

Damn first worlders
I work 8 hours a day for $10 a day

It will push companies to automate more jobs. It will accelerate the inevitable implementation of socialism. There won't be jobs within 40 years.

the point is you accelerated the rate by demanding double your pay

How could it possibly be a good idea to force unskilled people to be unemployed?

they now have to get educated if they have any hopes of getting a better job. which means more student loans for the gubbment to collect monies on

Keep sucking on that 2-inch corporate dick, user. Good job.

> redpill me on 15$ an hour minimum wage, is it good? is it bad?
It would have a complicated set of impacts. Think about absurd variations and that should show you what it would do.

i.e. What about a $30 min wage? $50? $100? The issues that emerge from these will emerge from $15, just smaller.

What part about not depending on price-fixing makes someone a cock sucker? They aren't the ones depending on welfare and throwing good business owners in jail for properly contributing to the market.

so what are the benefits?

gubment gets bigger because they brainwash people into thinking they can solve the problem that they cause.

The problem isn't min wage or not. The problem is we don't have real money (gold) backing the currency which alllws the govt to confiscate all our wealth through inflation. I can assure you there were no buzz phrases like "income inequality" when gold backed the dollar.

the elite who argue for min wage know full well that it will equate to less jobs. Because businesses simply won't pay someone 15$ when their productivity is worth 7$. You don't think obama and Pelosi know that 15$hour will result in more unemployment? Of course they do they aren't stupid

That's what the left wants. More unemployed people dependent on govt to fuck the producers until they have nothing left.

Then communism

>What part about not depending on price-fixing makes someone a cock sucker?

The part where you kowtow to the upper echelons of corporate America and advocate for their decision to respond to their workers' request for livable wages by replacing their jobs with robots. Especially when (and I'll admit this is an assumption on my part) I would guess that the user I quoted is closer in income to the McDonald's fry cook than he is to the CEO

Short term lower case monetary infusion. But it would expediently bring about the full automation of sub-90 IQ labor. And unemployed paroles would grow more unrest and lash out on the middle class with violence and crime.

Most people miss the point about raising minimum wage. The issue isn't so much about raising the wages of current laborers, and getting rid of the ones you can't afford any more. That shit is obvious, although nobody who screams for higher wages thinks that THEY'LL be the ones cut loose, but that's a different argument.

The real problem is that it's now illegal to hire low-value labor. There are PLENTY of unemployed poor people out there who would take a $10/hour, or $8/hour, or $6/hour job just to have something. And there are plenty of companies who would LOVE to hire extra help for those wages... But those poor unemployed guys can't find anywhere that is hiring unskilled labor. Why?

Because now it's illegal to hire them for that wage! Even though there are plenty of businesses willing to hire unskilled laborers, and plenty of people willing to work, the government is just making it illegal for the companies to hire those people.

Now the counter-argument is that "if you can't pay a LIVING wage, you shouldn't be hiring anyone." And it's a fair point, it's an unfortunate thought that a person could be working a full workweek and still go hungry. HOWEVER, doesn't it seem strange that one person might say that $15/hour is the bare minimum for a "living" wage, but another person is perfectly willing to work a $10/hour job? Maybe the idea of a LIVING WAGE is totally arbitrary, and should not be enforced by the government.

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That's ironic because to have a min wage is to make it harder for small businesses to pop up and easier for the government to control people. Absolutely backwards if your goal is to not depend on corporations.

And a wage does not have to be arbitrarily set to "liveable" conditions. That's why the min wage is so stupid that they clearly see it shouldn't be enforced on babysitters and low-effort, low-qualifaction work.

The benefits are the elite have more people voting for them to give them more stuff because those same elite made them unemployed.

Min wage effectively makes it illegal to hire someone. You are pricing out mostly young people from getting their foot in the door to learn valuable things on the work place.

Why should the govt be making it illegal to hire someone for 8$ when there is someone willing to do it?

But again the main problem is we don't have sound money backing the currency.

Liberals are dumb to back min wage because they are stupid when it comes to markets and math.

Conservatives are stupid to because they say things like we'll get better trained and better educated and you'll make more. But that doesn't get at the heart of the issue.

If you made 8$/hour 50 years ago that was amazing income. So what's changed?

What's changed is the Govt are destroying all our wealth through inflation.

You at spot on. But as I said above... nobody... even conservatives don't understand that it's because we don't have gold backing the currency is the reason this problem exists in the first place.

So the issue will never be fixed because virtually nobody understands WHY 8$/hour doesn't make ends meet anymore, yet 50 years ago 8$/hour was fantastic income. What's changed?

Also, people don't understand that elitist politicians lole bernke, obama, and pelosi know full well that higher min wage results in more people unemployed. Which is what they secretly want. More unemployed dependent people to justify taking more from producers to support them and eventually ruin the entire country.

Then commmunism

They are separate issues. You're saying we're paying too much attention to the flood, because sea levels are rising 2% per year

its bad

I sure hope not. I don't want niggers without degrees making more than me.

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I don’t give a shit, I hope minimum wage does go up to $15 an hour so that I actually have some money after wageslaving all day long now that I have to get a job because the stupid FUCKING crypto market decided to die while I was in it

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thats IF you can get one.

Interesting analogy. How are they separate issues though? The reason we are having muh min wage needs to be 15$ discussions in the first place is because we have had massive inflation because gold doesn't back the currency.

Nobody realizes min wage is an issue because gold doesn't back the currency.

This the problem never gets fixed because the elite who know it's a problem because gold doesn't back the currency know that the stupid public doesn't understand the root of the problem.

That's not how it works in practice

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Because even if we switched back to gold-backed currency today, we now still have the issue of minimum wage fucking up the economy.

See? They are separate. Fixing one does not fix the other.

Minimum wage's impact on the economy was once a consequence of fiat money. Now, it is a problem all of it's own.

Bad. All it does is chase people worth less than 15/hr into the welfare trap