Does anyone think crypto is still alive anymore...

Does anyone think crypto is still alive anymore? Even the mindless cheerleaders on plebbit are more negative than positive now.

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it died


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It's in a long term bear market like from 2014-2016.

Give it a couple of years and forget about it. Make sure to buy actual good long-term coins like REQ and hold them long-term. Then come back to Veeky Forums in 2023 to realize you are now a millionaire.

Four of them have been going up pretty consistently. They are all chink coins..... chink reddit is still hyped

Binance Coin (BNB)

Bytom (BTM)

Electrify.Asia (ELEC)

Ontology (ONT)

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its only cause you are too new, go look online @ ppl posting last year or the year before, the newfags where sayin the same shit the newfags are sayin now.

Its changing. Now there is solid secure coins that are built to go up there is little reason to ganble. Get with the times man go on a dex and buy the new breed of amus that only go up. Fuck dude, that NUMA thing is coming out in a couple weeks and you can already get that other amu

So you are saying people are desperate ?

>increasingly nervous user asks if crypto is dead for the 1 millionth time the past 10 years

bubble burst.the quicker u realize it the better
think about it who is gonna buy btc at 20k , 50k? if the economy is going to shit?
china + russia will kill dollar
people will not risk investing in BTC when they have less money for food

we are in capitulation right now. if we can get an exchange collapse we can get into despair and it will be the time to buy

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Actually its more alive than it ever was

is kill

>Even the mindless cheerleaders on plebbit are more negative

this is actually an extremely good sign, brainlet.

>good long-term coins

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> russia will kill dollar
only thing russia can kill is little kids in a shopping mall

In the sense that both price and volume are cratering?

Was on reddit yesterday. Still wildly delusional. It’s like they went from complacency straight to denial. Idk how to read a market that is both censored and irrational like that.

Since leddit is wrong about everything, that's a great sign. If I see a piece on cryptos being dead on CNN... then In don't care if I literally have to suck dick for money to invest, I will.

amerifag spotted. you have to flee in another country. i saw a documentary where all american multimillionaires/billionaires have their private jets and real estate in a safe country set up for the crisis.

you can never ever gauge the state of a market by looking at an echochamber hugbox like reddit. even if 99% of people are in complete despair, there's always THAT 1% trying to infuse hope by making delusional posts. the rest clings to that shit because it's preferable to drowning in sorrow.
t. medfag with basic psychiatry knowledge.

dont disrespect plebbit, they bought my XRP and TRX bags- dumb money needs to come from somewhere