MIddle class girls won’t even look at you if you make less than 100k

MIddle class girls won’t even look at you if you make less than 100k

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Thank fuck. Imagine being stuch with one of those sluts.

Nah nigga you just ugly.

this lol


Stop psychologically cucking yourself and go impregnate some females

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And thats why my gf is a refugee from africa. My basement is literally heaven for her.

I can suck a girls dick with 0 money in my wallet you talk shit m8t

>Women are sluts that will bang everyone and don't care about traditional morals and marriage only about vanity and dicks
>Middle class girls won't even look at you if you make less than 100k

Why do you people always contradict yourself?

We are living in the age of easiest sex EVER. If you aren't getting laid now you were NEVER going to get laid.

Easiest casual sex if you’re a chad, yeah. Nowadays women just share the top 20% of dudes. If anything it was easier back then because all a beta had to do was get a job. Birth control, feminism, women working and dating apps changed that.

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stop crying

problem is this jerkhead: you are a looser and feel entitled to bang 9/10 women
not gonna happen
settle with something in your range (lel) and getting sex is easy as clicking shitcoins

Go outside of your home sometime man. This is not the case. If you're just young and introverted then I get that it looks like it's that way but it's really not.

It's a numbers game. If you are a 6/10 you need to meet 10 women. If you are a 5/10 then you need to meet 100 women. If you are a 4/10 you need to meet 1000 women.

But you need to actually go out and meet them not try to get them through the internet from your basement.

Seriously there is a big disconnect from reality with a lot of people. Every time I hear someone crying about how hard it is to get laid they don't actually talk to women irl.

What did you expect? Did you think they would come visit you in your basement or something?

C'mon man, snap out of it and get out there if you want some.

>just get on tinder bro, always works for me

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Maybe don't go on tinder but actually go outside of your home and do activities while meeting women.

Jesus what is wrong with you guys.

>Middle class girls wont even look at you if you are ugly, boring, autistic, and unhealthy

Fixed for you

Also pic related, most of you incels

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he is right tho.
20% of men are having 80% of the sex.

and women decide with who gets sex
they will fuck the same rich , good looking guy as their friends or even their rivals fuck.
because they see it as an "aproval" if another women have sex with a guy he is "aproved" and good enough for her also.

the beta males do not get laid

Waaaaah i cant get laid, its that chad and the womans fault!!!!


its not because i have no social skills! Ita not because i ruined my body by sitting down all day playing video games and eating pizza!!!



it is a science fact dude, dont @ me about that, i do not even care lol because im gay so theres no problem for me :D


you are talking to the lowest, the bottom of man.

Acne ridden guys who are skinny or fat and have literally no friends.

What you expect them to do , once in a while they have to vent out the anger that is building up inside them.

Imagine you are them being maybe early 20 a virgin with skin problems and no muscle on your body.

Also it doesn't help that many of them like I said dont go out because they don't have friends to go out with someone.

both sides of this argument are utterly retarded
>Lol you fucking virgins, I get 6-10 girls PER WEEK on tinder, just talk to them LMAO. what is hypergamy? what are divorce laws? LMAO IM CHAD


>I weigh 200 pounds, and am a NEET. Why wont roasties love me? REEE all women are whores REEE

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Post your sources

>just gotta put yourself out there, bro

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There's nothing inherently wrong with being a loner, normie scum. Go back to faceberg and brag about your epic social life there

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Have you faggots even been to a club? The Chad delusion is next level, just lift for a year and normies suddenly think you're "jacked" and "ripped". Or try learning basic social skills and practice talking to women. Ideally both.
I have a 5'7 friend who is poor, skinnyfat with an average face and he gets laid almost every night with very hot girls, just by being smooth. But you autists will always cope because it's an easy way to rationalise why you're not putting in any effort and are afraid of bruising your ego from a few club sluts rejecting you.

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Cry to mother nature for making you ugly and blame yourself for being a social retard.

CHads go fuck around, normal guys have sometimes a girl to fuck or long term relationships and virgin neets just sit at home and cry on a african cartoon paper board about women and being a virgin.

Have fun bro.

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>just gotta find that special someone, brah

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I am just a normal guy who enjoys his life.
Enjoy holding this virgin bags the rest of your life,also don't forget to masturbate your chinese cartoon characters :)

Join lookism.net boyos

It's all about the face

You're trying too hard stinky linkie

no coiner

More like pic relate.
((((((((((((((I wonder who could be behind this?)))))))))))))))))

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Lets be honest here if you are over 20 and a virgin then obviously something is not ok with you.

You can keep trying to do your mental gymnastic how much you want but in the end its probably your body isn't attractive to a women or you are a social retard.

they are simply closet gays
hence the trapjerking

then why not just come out from the closet ?

Its probably obvious that there parents think they are gay.

>The adventures of Ching and Chad

too much /pol maybe

That isn’t a contradiction
All women are whores

T. I’m better looking and fuck more
But he’s right, just is the way it is

You’re fucking retarded

.t loser incel virgins

How do they know how much money you make? Just lie about it if you have to.

You’re just retarded

What is a Stacy

lol you'll realize when you're older that all women are losers

only if you are working in retail.

nah they are born losers

Well I never was interested in Jews, anyways.

protip: find you a poor qt3.14

I did fuck until I was almost 20. I’m 27 now and had a girlfriend for 5 years broke up with her fucked 10+ girls in the span of a year (like 7 in a 3 month psalm during the past summer) and now have another qt gf who adores me.

You are aren’t completely hopeless depending on the circumstances at 20

Women only care about looks. If you are top 10-20% you are set. Otherwise you are fucked. I guess you could also more optimistically say that investment in your looks has exponential returns, so get those plastic surgeries, eat your carotenoids, lose weight, buy nice clothes, and start lifting.

next you should get married, bing level up wahoo!

Chad fucks 100+ women a year, dude.

Keep using money to get women, keep thinking all women are whores.

Treat women like human beings, realize they are in to different shit and some of them are bitche while others aren't.

All those replies kek.

I want to see more women reply to this bio

women are not humans, that's a but of a stretch

>don‘t even want a permanent roastie because its too much of a hassle

I can‘t be the only one, right?
Seems like a better deal to just rent their holes should I really have the need one day to fuck one.
and even that is something I don‘t really need, like why go for a 6/10 when I can watch 10/10 on a screen and get so high that I think the onahole around my dick is the real thing?

>don‘t have to listen to some stupid holes and her drivel
>don‘t have to pretend I care
>don‘t have to play after some holes rules
>can‘t get cucked

No gf seems like the smartest move

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Hey, look at mr sour grapes here. What's wrong buddy, can't get them to touch your peeper?

very clever ol' chap!

Like guys wouldn't do the exact same thing with a super hot girl. They'd see it as fruit they couldn't normally get to, but maybe under these circumstances it's hanging low enough.

So that's a no

You are not bright enough for a proper ribbing