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Source you faggot


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So.. this is the crypto revolution everyone keeps talking about?


what the fuck, wasn't vitalik libertarian? fucking russian scam, it was supposed to be the white man coin, this is betrayal

No wonder ETH is losing value every day

$1MM is not going to do shit, they just did it to feel better about themselves

white south africans, i'm sure

>now eth
literally every decent coin wants to sponsor niggers
the fuck

Thanks for the tip bro. My hedgefund is opening a pretty big short on ETH and OMG. heh.

I guess Vitalik likes fucking brown kiddies more than white kiddies


When I make it I am giving 1MM to the klan. Eat shit Vitalik.

You're already giving the feds money through taxes no reason to donate to them.

You’re such a faggot

u mad whitebois?

you're inadvertently funding the BLACKENING of Europe.

millions of virile African warriors full of testosterone and armed with BBCs will soon land on the shores of Europa ready to impregnate its daughters.

Prepare to get BLACKED

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Holy fucking based

>The funds will be delivered by GiveDirectly, an organization that facilitates payments to people living in poverty in Kenya and Uganda.
>Uganda is currently suffering from an influx of refugees from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Refugees from africa to africa. If they're not starving there they won't come over here. This is 12D anti-immigrant backgammon.

uh ok can live with that

Cool. Then all we have to do is wait a few generations until everyone in Europe dies of starvation and we can start fresh. It will be glorious!

They'll make 10 more starving nigglets. The ride never ends in Africa

africans used to starve. then we fed them and gave them affordable telecommunications. now they have the strength and the means to organize going to europe

Down to the shitter you go

No, they could never actually do that by themselves. White people are organizing the trips and white people give them the means do make the journey.

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wtf I hate crypto now

dumbass GIVING to stupid people to continue their uselessness. they will have a horrific red pilling.

Holy fucking shit i am glad i sold all my omisego months ago and never held ethereum. Why the fuck do so many crypto persons care about god damn refugees which rape our white supremacy 11/10 master race women?

This will be one good thing to come out of crypto.


>Why the fuck do so many crypto persons care about god damn refugees which rape our white supremacy 11/10 master race women?
Because it's hot as fuck?

>being white
>still not being a cuck

Just accept that its the rightful place of the white man in this day and age.

lol, probably an attempt at tax evasion. shit I got to pay my taxes on this bitcorn let me start a charity.

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Maybe they're just doing it to write off some taxes kek

Thanks ust shorted 100k of the inferior white race

Only rich people deserve crypto LOL
It can fix the world but umm NAAAAAHHHHHH

>this is you
t.not pajeet

White people; the peak of the evolution bubble.

Add both of them to the list of blacklisted SJW coins

(((White people)))

Any project from the US or EU is run by leftist scum. That's why I'm all in on chinky.

>$1 million worth omg that will never be staked

This seems good to me. Burn more.

Fuck that I’m selling this nigger loving sjw coin
Omise has less than 1 million in revenue anyways. Total chink scam coin.

>what are tax deductions
Idiots. It's the same thing when Bill Gates created the Gates Foundation and other big name celebrities who do the same thing in order to avail of tax exemptions. They're doing it for their bottomline, not out of the goodness of their hearts.

>you can't get a tax deduction for donating to stuff that's actually useful like medical research or your local fire department

idk why people hate on this idea it's better than giving money to your shitty third world governments to "help the people" you know that shit gets squandered. you couldn't actually put currency in their hands you'd be robbed or shot beaten and stabbed then raped... twice, but this way is a secure forced distribution. whats not to like about charities actually doing what they where designed?

>he gets over $1MM benefit from donating $1MM

fuck eth

Vitalik and the devs are sjws

Decent coin devs are relatively smart.
Smart people tend to be liberal.
Liberals tend to believe the world is not a zero-sum game.
The best way to create new markets is to lower poverty and create stable countries that can consume products.
Africa is a large shithole with plenty of resources.
It makes sense from a liberal perspective to donate to Africa to raise overall wealth and prosperity.
Thus, there is nothing surprising about major coin devs doing this.

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What the fuck are you braindead pajeet even talking about


The money is going to people in Sudan, Kenya and Uganda idiot. It isnt going to refugees going to Europe

well at least hes not giving away eth

i want to dumb these eth bags so fucking bad, but there's ICOs i need to get into first

fucking vitalik market selling his eth to support sandniggers

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>secure forced distribution.
Doesn't realize third world charities are just as corrupt as third world governments.

>Smart people tend to be liberal

thats a weird say to say pretending to be smart

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> "Not giving away eth"
Why are you lying?

you're probably right

the proof would be on a block chain wouldn't it?

Vitalik is a literal Jew. Is anyone surprised he yearns for the destruction of the white race and the proliferation of paedophilia?

>can donate to anything for his deduction
>chooses worthless fugee niggers
you're a braindead apologist for your wife's boyfriend's best friend from africa

This is excellent marketing. Seriously, this is nothing but good news for OMG.

This kind of thing is what they have to do to build partnerships

An altruistic use case for digital assets, sponsored by one of the founders of Ethereum and by the OmiseGO project. I fail to see how this is insignificant. The ‘regular’ world sees the blockchain space as fraudulent, greedy, a bubble, without use cases... Apart from altruism being a good thing by itself, it will help further the Ethereum ecosystem if people notice that it is more than a gold rush bubble, fuel by lambo and moon memes

Wow a million between a guy who founded a hubdred billion dollar currncy and OMG another several billion dollar currency. This is like if I decide to leave my change for the barista instead of putting the two quarters and a nickel in my pocket.

Saw the tweet and majorly eye rolled

>implying some savage will be able to even use the internet, let alone a cryptocurrency
this refugee meme is just a way to force coins into circulation under the guise of social justice

kek biz getting triggered will never not amuse me

this, on an abhorrendous level

I thought we were here to gas the Jews

This is why:
>give money to """"refugees""""
>they spend it on drugs and alcohol
>blow it all away in two days
>get angry and chimp out cause the rayciss Russian man didnt give em enough
>riot, destroy neighborhood

oy vey

Why would you give money to an enemy invasion force? They aren't refugees, they're foreign combatants and you better start shooting at them or your nation is fucking dead.

your nation sounds pathetic

If you’re really mad about this you would buy as much ETH as you can and then send it to the EOS distribution. You’ll fuck them twice as hard and make money in the process.

This is disgusting. Sold my ETH for NEO


Every white nation is facing this threat.

only the pathetic ones

Are you from Poland or Hungary?

I'd sell my stack but I already did that when vitalik started defending cp on Twitter. The absolute state of ethereum

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sjw coins

which ico?

>/pol/tards sell their stash because "muh sjws"
>market recovers, higher than it ever been
can't wait

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recover from this *stabs your butt*



*adjusts in a perfect position and starts grinding on your dick*
didn't exect that, huh kiddo?

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They're not sandniggers, they're just regular niggers.

The total annihilation of the white race through BBC breeding.

I'm fapping like crazy to your genocide white boi

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It's Jews

come join sweetie, mouth is still empty

It's actually just liberal whites but okay. Blame the jews if it makes you feel better. It still won't change the outcome.

No he's right, this is one case where it is in all actuality Jews. Jews run and fund all the NGOs helping the immigrants. White shitlib catladies are just the employees.

Why are so many people in crypto support no borders and fall for the feminism/racism meme?

im a nazi and cant wake up and check Veeky Forums to see /pol/shit instead of Veeky Forumsshit

jesus christ lads

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Fuck fuck fuck I’m at work and can’t sell right now NOOOOOOOO

You guys are dummies
Giving the money/aid to refugees, or more likely refugee help programs, will keep them out of our lands

My main concern is what will that money be used for ? Remember IOTA wanted to make whole fucking cities for them in Europe

Then donate your ETH goy!