Who else here buying into this dip?

- hyped normiecoin
- bottomed out
- forming a nice cup
- MACD flip incoming
- EMA flip incoming
- only 500M market cap (compare to TRON for example)

I went all-in, hoping to be out within the next 2-3 weeks.
Any opinions about this move?

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fucking brainlet should've just given me ur money instead

I somewhat agree, never invested in this because of the fundamentals. But this was the biggest % loser on binance the last 24 hours, given the hype surrounding it, it's bound to go up right?

Just make sure you don't hold it past 4/16. Guarantee it will tank whatever gains it makes between now and then when they announce their "partnership" which I fully expect to be a giant nothingburger.

LOL, fucking no.

Lol you know why it's dipping? XVG dev was able to scam about 10M coins from their followers and are now dumping them.
TokenPay is just as scammy as XVG. Sunerok is "advisor" to TokenPay.
Yes, TokenPay probably donated the rest to cover the 75M ransom, but it was probably XVG that "gave" those coins to TokenPay so that they could "donate". XVG was able to scam 10M coins, about $500k worth, not bad.

Is it true that a portion of my XVG funds are used to support migrants making their way into western Europe?

No, check the verge subplebbit
Dump while you still can

Thanks great info.

Thanks for chiming in also. The market is irrational etcetera, I missed on so many gains because I let my mind rule over my gut. Want to see this one through.

I'll set a stop loss at 500 sats and risk a 5.5% loss for this opportunity.

The state of delusion on that board is incredible

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Sunerok going full Trump in saying "the biggest partnership the likes of which has never been seen"

It's going to be the biggest Exit Scam the likes of which has never been seen

OH user. Be careful. This is a dogecoin fork with tor bolted on. Nothing special. If you're smart and sell early enough you might make out alright though.

It hasn't even begun to dump, tokenpay prob tries to buy up the dump so that deluded vergies dont get scared

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Thanks for the helpful comments! Is Veeky Forums slowly returning to mean?

Absolutely, the slowing down of the board has helped discussion immensely.


just for you op :)

>reddit hatred
choose one

Ring ct out this weekend .... new question will be why even monero??

>Dogecoin Dark
>only 500M market cap
HAHAHHAHAHAHA, holy shit, vergies need to be purged.

biz hates Verge for some reason

Im in with only 70K XVG but waiting for some more this week