>muh PWC partnership

Absolute state of deluded reqtards

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Any actual refutations or arguments to make or are you just going to assume putting some facts in greentext automatically invalidates it?

You guys are deluded. You make me sick. No wonder ING pulled out

>ethereum shittoken with 0 intrinsic value

but most importantly, "bullish" news means jack shit right now, as you might now we're in a strong bear market which will probably last like three years.

When I fuck your girl you can be certain I won't be pulling out, bitchboi
Your wife's sons will all be REQ holders

You don't know my girl user. Your a fat basement dwelling keyboard warrior please gtfo

Main net is dropping any moment now you dumb brainlet

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Keep coping, REQlet.

Don't mean shit on this bear market. Nobody is gonna use it anyway. MEW is free ffs

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Req bros. We should help FUD. Hear me out, we for a fact know this is a $100/req minium by 2 years or less. Why don't we fud it to Bellow 10c so we can get our hands on more req? I don't think we'll have another chance like this once we're out of the bear market.


Pretty fucked up that these days I get more stimulation from a photograph of a man who has spent time improving himself than a woman who has put forth bare minimum effort in here attempt to give me an erection. Thanks for this thread, OP. I'm going to go lift now.

REQ is the new LINK

oh no it's retarded

you might just be....GAY.

Do u like cocks?

ING didn't pull out. They have to respect Netherlands law. But they are still invested in REQ.

I wish. :(
I wish. :(

He sure can hold those heavy bags

What site is that? I like the layout

I'll see you faggots there

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