Just bought 10k of these bad boys for 1$/1250sat

just bought 10k of these bad boys for 1$/1250sat

>best decision in my entire life when this hits atleast 50$ by 2019

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Maybe $10 by Q1 2019 at this rate.

iExec is a big-time sleeper. 6 PHDs and a team of super computing rockstars, a real company that was in stealth for years. Very much off the radar but soon to be running the majority of DAPPS and off-chain processing in the crypto space. They even do legacy processing. This framework is beyond Golem, Sonm or any other cloud-based blockchain out there (The competition is vaporware in comparison). The scientists on the iExec team already have numerous patents, countless research papers published over the last decade and code running in grid/supercomputing systems across the world. This is working infrastructure by a real company, and it does appear IBM is lurking around this team quite a lot recently. Partnerships are already rolling in and the moment iExec partners with an 'IBM' or such it will go parabolic. V1 is already out, V2 imminent. Token supply is low and there will be many many token use cases with staking and consensus mechanisms. Expect $35-60 by end of Q2 2018 and long-term potential well over $500. Buy up to $25 and hold considering long-term potential.

Not joking, I've been looking into it for a while and I'm thinking of seriously going in, bout 25k worth. Can't see how this would be less than a 5x by may, but please do tell me why this is a shit idea of I'm missing something. Almost falling for the link meme otherwise

It's a fucking pajeet pasta.

This coin is a meme, there are a hundred better, cheaper alternatives to cloud computing cryptos (lmao)

Don't waste your money and time on this shit.


>hundred better, cheaper alternatives

Name one.


And I say that as someone with a MSC in CS.

What is AWA?

Awacloud ? lmao, nice decentralization.

And wtf, fedora lead dev.

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>Thinks his inaginary community college degree makes him qualified to talk shit

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Bought 2000 of these bad boys in the last dip.

decentralized cloud computing is a meme. it offers no advantages over centralized solutions.

Lmfao. I love how bad and misinformed iexec FUD is.

As someone who works with cloud computing this project seems like such a fucking waste.
Literally why would you want to decentralize it. All the big cloud providers have so much more on top of standard computing resources and storage, in addition to their specialized servers and software.

And why does it need a separate token?

These guys should take their phds and go do something useful with them. This is as useful as a gender studies major.

There are a bunch of ml algorithms that can benefit from tasks palatalization and you can do it cheaper on decentralized cloud than on centralized one.

In case centralized solutions are cheaper you can sell amazon instances on ixec marketplace until you reach price equilibrium.

Also you can't have decentralized app with centralized computing.

Ixec is first steps towards fog computing.

Now go to play with your nintendo switch you fucking soyboy if you can't see potential in ixec.

This shit is doing nothing and expect a huge dump before it actually does something.

OP you sucks at timing.

PHDs mean shit in crypto. Tech means even less. It's all about marketing now.

marketing days are getting over. normies are tired of chink bmw and microsoft partnerships

All you're doing here is stating shitty speculation as if it's facts.

>There are a bunch of ml algorithms that can benefit from tasks palatalization and you can do it cheaper on decentralized cloud than on centralized one.

How do you know that it's cheaper on a decentralized cloud? All the big cloud players are pushing each other constantly when it comes to AI/ML and specialized tools for this.

>In case centralized solutions are cheaper you can sell amazon instances on ixec marketplace until you reach price equilibrium.

So it'll just be an extra layer then. Congrats, you've created decentralized bureacracy.

There is some potential if you're really into decentralizing everything, but for pure efficiency there's no way it'll be competitive.
And even if all of what you're saying actually happens, why does it need its own token?

yeah there are three big cloud providers and they totally do not have a deal on their pricing, especially when everyone knows that google, Microsoft and amazon are the most ethical companies ever. Get your head checked.

You need token because it is a sidechain that will be extended to other blockchains

dude it still has a 100m mcap, look into the top 100 and tell me how many shitcoins with 500m-5b u see, iexec has a good team and a long roadmap it has a good potential

>you can't have a decentralized app with centralized computing
tell that to the thousands of live dapps using centralized clouds this very minute. none are using iexec and yet they seem to be working just fine.

this is a solution in search of a problem that doesn't exist. a science project.

Jesus christ. Do you even realise purpose of decentralisation?

Thousands, you couldn't name 10 working dapps with centralised computing you stupid faggot. What if google or other fuckfaces decides that your dapp is racist and decides to shut it down? Go buy trx

decentralization offers benefits in certain applications but computing is not one of them. shoving blockchain where it doesn't belong doesn't automatically make it better little boy. I bet you're invested in deepbrain chain too?

literally name any dapp and 99% chance they are using aws or one of the other big clouds. does iexec even have any customers?

What other viable cloud computing companies are there? Any that stand out more than the rest?

Yes they have, go to their website, brainlet

>What is hadoop

is it finally happening?

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going for the triple

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