Nano Thread

I got 130 at 14$.
Bags are getting heavy.

I do not sell even if this is going to 0 because i believe in the product, but man how is the future for this besides my delusional believing?

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reddit loves this shit

I bought 7 at 15$
The roadmap was pretty dead
We only hope for coinbase now
This shit just made me more of a poorfag than I already was

You won't make with 130 nano user, you gotta pump those numbers.

At least to 2-3k nano.

> believe something free can be secure

I bought 500 with average buy in at $15. Lost 100 at BitGrail and bought 200 more at $12ish. Sold 300 at $10.

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We're fucked brother.
It will bleed towards zero and then a final 'hack' will end it.

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I also bought at $14 and sold yesterday. even though it was a massive loss I feel like a weight has been lifted getting this stupid shit out of my portfolio. can't believe I fell for this meme i'm better than this.

I have 4 asic rigs mining this coin and getting over 25 million a day, no one person should every be able to mine so many of any coin in 1 day and thus is the fundamental problem with NANO, the price is doomed to be extremely low.

Selling in a brutal bear market, how fucking dumb can you niggers get? This is why biz is a festering shithole now.

I am delusional about NANO but I am not stupid.
Therefore I do not buy anthing of this shit anymore lol.

hey, you might be -50% in dollar value

but youre only -35% in BTC!!!

yeah but I believe all of them believers do not invested like more of a few bucks in it so it doesn´t even bother them

That's what people used to say about ETH aswell. I have faith in NANO. You should probably too.

Haha 140?? Damn fucking nano-plebs with their nano-bags. Are you 12y/o?

It's not alt season. The roadmap looks good. The whole market is down. Devs are solid and are still working consistently. Almost all FUD is just jokes about mining an unminable coin, it being an ERC20 token when its not or the coin being hacked because an exchange was hacked.

I'm legit never selling until I can buy shit with nano directly using the smart cards they are working on.

but you know that there have to be demand to make the price go up right?
where should the demand come from?
who are the people buying tons of NANO who haven´t done it yet? :D

do you think some night a lot of normies will buy NANO and the price will go up like a lot?

I heavily doubt it

Even tho it is that good and everything some day.
Untill then 20 other coins copied it and the demand will split.

stay poor

>where should the demand come from?
>who are the people buying tons of NANO who haven´t done it yet? :D
Who are the people buying tons of BTC who haven't done it yet?
Who are the people buying tons of ETH who haven't don it yet?
It's those same people. Most of the population doesn't own crypto, most crypto owners don't own nano. There is plenty of room for growth and normie awareness is still growing (look at fucking le current year man talking about cryptorecently) but no one is going to buy in when the price is dropping so much. Once the market bottoms out, a lot of buyers will appear. As soon as that reaches a critical mass, a bull run will commence. When that happens, new buyers will suddenly be actually dealing with the fees and transaction times of BTC. When that happens they will see the value in something fast and feeless. When that happens the demand will be there. When that happens nano will be positioned to take advantage of the demand because the mobile wallet will be out, the security audit will be done, and it is listed on big exchanges now. It will be in an even better position to take advantage of a bull run than it was last time when the price of "RaiBlocks" still managed to skyrocket.

Comfy hold.

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Nano is kill, just accept it. Riding the hype was nice but now it's over. What's the point of making another mere currency that's also centralized. Might as well get the banks to handle the fund transfers

yeah maybe thats the way it will go , hopefully.

You're an idiot alt season wont happen until bitcoin goes on another bullrun. Anyone not either 100% bitcoin/tether/fiat is a complete retard right now.

Fuck. I bough at 7.7 and even my bags are getting heavy. Can't imagine how people that bought over $10 feel.

someone bought it at 34

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dont compare nano to ethereum. ethereum was the first smart contract platform to hit the market. all nano does is move bits around from one wallet to another. who cares? stellar is fast, scaleable, and transactions are essentially free. same for eos. both do a lot more than nano ever will. there is no reason for this to go up again other than delusional coinbase rumors. I would advise you to dump the next time that happens. it will likely be your last chance.

Suggesting there will be another nano moon

i'm saying the only way it would moon again is if plebbit starts more coinbase rumors. in which case it would get a short pump followed by another massive dump when people realize its bullshit. coinbase will never list this trash it has broken every exchange it touches.

any privacy fork will prevail

>I bought 7
we have a whale here

4k nano miniwhale here. We are all going to make it.

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I sold after looking into the representatives and realising how centralised the entire thing is. 5 people represent like 50% of the entire supply. There's no real way to decentralise it besides setting a random representative to people when they create a wallet, and that comes with its own set of problems.

I'll be very surprised if this ever goes over $50.

thetoken supply is one of if not the most decentralized in all of crypto
representatives can be changed by holders

Fucking buy more and average down your cost.

Shill me on NANO, Veeky Forums

t. linklet and XMR shill

>Thinks DAG protocols are decentralized, or will ever be decentralized.

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