Just paid 20k in taxes(all from crypto gains), feeling like I flushed the money down the gutter...

Just paid 20k in taxes(all from crypto gains), feeling like I flushed the money down the gutter. My first tax return by the way
Ask me anything

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whats your portfolio worth now

Same, I feel your pain


I have 120k left approximately

But it wasn’t wasted
Because of you Jamal and Jakwon can eat and have housing without working a job. Shaniqua can have another baby with a different man. And we can import Paco and Rosa so they can have 12 kids. You are so lucky you got to pay taxes. I’m kind of jelly desu.

Just pretend you are down on your portfolio from buying into a fucking scamcoin called IRS.

I meanI earned my money. I think twice before ordering an expensive pizza. Drive a 7 year old 5k worth car.
I got lucky for the first time in my life with crypto and it won't happen every year
Yet the government chooses to fuck me like this

>mfw you realize taxation is only there to provide a socio-economic glass ceiling, shielding the upper strati from yourself...
git gud... it's not that easy to break that ceiling, boyo

exactly bro
I want to get into that top strata . Tax is the only thing stopping me
I feel really depressed
Makes me want to give up working and just sleep all day
Making a million in 1 year is worse than making it in 5 years
Atleast the taxes won't fuck u up

$20K? Lucky you. I owe nearly $100K.

OP, I am with a swiss private bank, I can make you pay 0 this year while still being FATCA compliant. Thoughts?

nice, just taxed 100k

Tell is more about your strategy.

Seeing another biz bro get cucked doesn't make me feel any better bro

I paid 30k, and I lost 120k in the crash. Still netted 120k. God take, God give.

Did you cash it all out OP?

never filed taxes before, why would anyone give their money to a govt. you know they just murder people right?

I have 120k in usdt

taxation is theft.

>he tethered up

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only reason my account is lighter by 20k
I have not spent a single dollar of my gains on myself
Like I said, was ordering a pizza today and contemplating whether is should add some sides or not.


So, I never looked into it, but isn't it possible to just withdraw the money into some tax haven bank account instead of paying US taxes on it?

Why the fuck would you pay taxes on crypto gains you cuck

bruh imagine being audited and losing it all in penalties
I would literally kms

Are you rerarded user
You mightve aswell flushed the money down the toilet