Announcement from Ambrosus! The team's tokens have been locked, and Master Nodes have now been confirmed.

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HUUUUUGE, no dumping then!
Fuck all the "muh vesting cliff" lil FUDsters
Time to get more of sweet sweet AMB

great news! that masternode is mine! dump on me your AMB you faggots

smells like curry here

I concur, but hey, this shit's going to alpha centauri when the partnership announcements drop announcement about an announcement

"Yes quite pungent my dear....ohh yess"

tell your mom to wash her ass

prepare for a dump lol
bagholders lured by swissphagot were expecting a huge partnership not this lol

Clearing dumping fud is pretty big, son

>big announcement user, buy buy, nestle nestle !!!!!
>muh researchgroup

well, nothing happened
pic related, my researchgroup

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your mommy dumped on you? go wank in your basement this news isn't for you poorfaggots

the poor people are only the braindead autists who listen to the swissfaggot
pic related

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Day 1 investor rewards. Damn man.

More of a slumber score, really

So realistically telling us what we already know? This is hardly an announcement all the swissfags were expecting. Time to bleed some more.

Lol. There was no confirmation of master nodes before because getting an ecosystem EU-compliant is difficult as hell. This pretty much implies they've done it in a way that makes it compliant with regulations

the cycle:
altcoin hits low value and trades sideways for a while
various parties accumulate
tiny pump, 5-10% tops
shilling begins
shilling intensifies
announcement about announcement
hugely underwhelming announcement with no substance
announcement of nebulous partnership, no details that support any real business value
bleed out for a while
trading sideways at low value
accumulation begins

never ever participate in any part of this except the accumulation phase and dumping when the shills become frequent

>all these moon posts
>still at .30 cents

I hold 30k of these fuckers but you guys are getting annoying.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwhy did I listen to fucking fudders and sell half my position

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Never change Veeky Forums

they're only rewarding people in since the TGE anyway
probably a handful of corporate whales in since october 2017.

"tiered masternodes" just means fastlane for
whales and slowlane for plebs like us

congratulations, you made swissbro a millionaire