I'm here until AMB stops pumping from the cryptoeconomics news, answering questions about medicine, pharmaceuticals...

I'm here until AMB stops pumping from the cryptoeconomics news, answering questions about medicine, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and blockchain.

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What do you think about using Ephedrine + Caffeine for help in losing weight? Hitting a plateau

i take krill oil capsules and yeast tablets
stupid or good?
what other things should i take given rather healthy eating habits with occasional binging from weed?

Do you know if there is going to be a partnership announcement too for AMB? I heard something about it

Only rumors so far, but it'd make sense to combo into this after testing the waters

what supplements do you recommend? stuff like omega3 and vitamin d

If I play the Witcher 3 on Adderall will I get the urge to 100% it or do I fly through the main story skipping most dialogue and fap to the sex scenes and then quickly switch to a more action packed stimulating game?

Its dangerous and don't think it's useful other than for appetite regulation. There's no such thing as a plateau in weight loss, what's happened is you've kept your calories too low and your BMR has adjusted downward as a sort of survival machanism. What you need to do is eat at 100-200 calories above you TDEE for a week or two, then drop it down 15%. Your weight loss will stay stable and continue in that range.

Is moderate use of Concerta harmless in the long run like my doctor says?
I'm using less than what my prescription says but I've been mixing it with weed frequently and taking it at irregular times.

Those are fine if not useless. Add a triglyceride based fish oil, a 100% dri multi 2-3x per week, and vitamin D if your serum levels are under 40ng/mL.

I don't know who exactly is under the NDAs but I know it's big. They aren't going to release the big guns in a bear market because they aren't stupid. That's why accumulating now is the key.

Hey, where do you see the mcap of AMB of it can deliver? Say in 3 years

thought the krill was the better fishoil because no mercury accumulation?
and what is a dri multi?

Been having brainzaps over a year now since i stopped ssri. Anything i can do dietwise or supliments to releave anxiety? Ive regulated my vices to the point i stopped drinking coffee and i dring tea instead. Exercise , eat yucky stuff like avacado and asparagus and whatnot.

For everyone:

1000mg omega3 as triglyceride fish oil. Make sure it says 1000mg omega3 on the ingredients panel, not just 1000mg fish oil on the container. Fish oil can be 20%, 40%, 80% omega3 etc. Nordic naturals, Carlson labs, Minami, and Coromega ate all good. I use Coromega.

A multi with not more than 100% dri all vitamins in absorbable forms, 2-3x per week. I like NOW Daily Vits because it's cheap and uses Albion chelates.

Vitamin D blood levels between 30-40ng/dL. Always as a soft gel taken with food, never use cheap brand. 1000iu raises blood levels about 10ng/dL so adjust accordingly after you first test. Online finger prick tests are fine. Jarrow formulas has excellent quality and the price is good.

If you need concerta you shouldn't be smoking weed. Take your mental health seriously.

What could happen if I continue doing this?

I can't even think that far ahead. 500M-1B EOY assuming BTC ends the year around 20k. I'd they end up making good on their long term goals sky is the limit really, they could easily be top 10 and tank all the other supply chain coins.

I take it to relax a bit and have appetite to eat while I'm on concerta.

Smoking weed is going to fuck up your ability to apply and sustain your concentration, which is the reason youre taking the concerta to begin with. Likely nothing bad is going to happen, but you aren't going to get your concentration issues under control if you're smoking weed all the time. Think about what's most important to you.

Proof of long.

Smoking small, controlled amounts at the end of the day should be fine for that. But don't start using recreationally if you want your brain to function normally.

my gf say i make sounds while sleeping similar to sleep apnoea
is this critical?
i'm avoiding going to a doc for this since years

Why would you avoid going to the doctor? It's such a stupid thing to do. If you have sleep apnea then yes it's critical you go to the doctor.


don't want to get a mask for sleep
i should know better

yohimbine hcl?

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Don't be a retard. Untreated sleep apnea is dangerous.

Post your proof of holding AMB or quit larping.

Dangerous, ineffective broscience bullshit. Google hypertensive crisis.

Of all the things you want proof of, that's some cucumber level thinking. What does that even matter?

Pump AMB to prevent price rise of other supply chain cryptocurrency.

Also your medical advice is very "common sense" and not completely accurate so it throws doubt on your whole schtick.

ffs. Potfag with ADHD here. I believe you about the concentration issue from smoking weed.

But i still want to smoke after work..

And your complete cop-out of a response instead of just posting proof.

I have 25k AMB atm, is that enough for a masternode or should I try to get to 50k?

ah quoted wrong post

My threads never really pump AMB. And I'm talking casually to a bunch of biz autists here, what do you expect? First real life lesson you learn in clinical practice is NEVER talk over peoples head.

It's not a cop out I just don't see the point? I'm not some AMB whale or hyping AMB exclusively. I do these posts for fun and to help people, some of them have no mention of AMB at all.

I'm not sure honestly, but I think 25-50k will be the lowest teir. More never hurts with any high upside low cost coin.

I told you what I expect. Proof of holding AMB. Anyone can put up a stupid trip code.

'What you expect'... I don't owe you shit. If you you think I'm full of shit and don't like my posts, ignore them.

Amb whale here and Ambrosus chat Telegram research lead

I’m just sitting and gonna let the FOMO money get in.

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PharmaPhag is a total retard.

He is also on here everyday spouting total nonsense and has no real knowledge of any of the drugs he speaks of.

You asked what I expect dumb ass.

Opinions on kratom (sp) for use to help with pain over opiates and opinion on pot for daily pain


What type of pain

Co worker had back pain from herniated discs?
Sometimes I have back shoulder pain from poor posture or my right shoulder feels tight if I play vista all day... I Do yoga and eat well take a multi; tell me how to live for ever based Pharmaphag

I wonder which tier I get with 100k Amber

Personally I avoid opioids at all costs. I've used acetaminophen/ibuprofen 1000/400 after surgery instead of opioids and it worked great. That all being said I don't have chronic pain, so that's not something I can comment on. Cannabis is 100% preferable if it works. Haven't read any research on kratom for pain.

Invest in life extension research. Go to the doctor for everything and push them hard as hell to always run every test possible even if they seem annoyed. Sleep, control stress, eat little and well, exercise, have loving relationships.

could ambrosus kill the counterfeit drug industry?

Best study drugs? Have tried adderall 30mg really didnt work for me, now im on modafinil and it works pretty good except for a kinda high heart rate. Whats is your opoinion on Nootropics and which should be taken/avoided.

>adderall 30mg really didnt work for me

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Hopefully. If they do what they say they can and the adoption scales, then it really could end it almost completely m

I'm out gayboys. Eat fruits and vegetables.

How does a drug company go about finding new species of plants to derive drugs from?

asked this before but didn't see if there was an answer...any thoughts on how to stimulate upregulation of seretonin receptors to bring back MDMA magic? also, thoughts on taking 5htp + ecgc for a week prior to a roll?

Wtf happened to mod? Opinions?