What has biz been stocking up on in the current market?

What has biz been stocking up on in the current market?

I have been buying as much REQ as I can since January.

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dude i just bought 500$ of them this afternoon

will buy in 500$ when it dips more

All in (((link)))

Waiting until mainnet releases and will buy immediately afterwards as I expect people will sell after mainnet.

I don't think it's going to dip. I think everyone who was going to sell already did because they know the mainnet is days away and expect a price drop. Why risk the launch happening while you're sleeping and subsequent price drop? Mainnet will be launched and when the price doesn't drop as they expected people will FOMO in.

lmao at you /biztards buying only the same absolute shitcoins as the bagholdercommunities on reddit

REQ and PRL for now.

PRL short to mid term. REQ mid to long term. I have accumulated 233k REQ and 193k PRL. I pray for alt season so I can finally become a millionaire.

hasn't it been on the roadmap for a long time that the mainnet is coming out now? why would it go up?


>Lmao-ing at the ONLY cryptoproject at the market that actually has a business contract and is making profit in the real world with non-crypto businesses


Do whatever you want I haven't bought in myself yet. But ever since pwc signed them a contract I knew it was a gamechanger. Hoping price stays low for a couple of years so I can accumulate a huge amount because when the new bullrun starts REQ will likely be a top 5 project.

>a couple of years

if there should be a wtf, it should be to that

>233k REQ


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REQ was shilled on Veeky Forums before red*it even heard about it, you fucking newfag.

I have 55k REQ will that be enough to make it with a couple of years hodling?

yea req is definitely Veeky Forums main coin with link, not that shit place

You will be a millionaire

Thanks user. I sincerely hope so. This wagecucking ain't for me.


REQ. Because biztards told me to. I hope they are fucking right.

In my opinion the best coins out there are:
Request network

I have red a lot of whitepapers, but it is all personal and what you see as important. My main points are:
1. Pro-regulation (or at least open to it)
2. Team, the execution is everything
3. Real partnerships with relevant industries
4. Progression
5. Usecase/idea.

VEN is a confirmed scam. Enjoy getting chinked. I don't know what else to say to you.

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Yeah I can see Vechain raising by far the most doubts of these projects. But you can joke what u want. And chinks do some weird stuff. Facts are that they are partnered with PWC and that DNVGL partnership is one of the best in crypto, cuz it's not some random thing. They really work together all the time. Also, I wanted one in the sector of rfid because i think it is one of the best usecases for crypto and ven won.


But he did quit and killed himself in the process
what a loser

I have 650K REQ.

Should I dump it boys?

Haha market sell plz. It would be hilarious.

I'm an Auditor. Substantive audit procedures will be a thing of the past. DYOR. Ill give you a tip, look up the new AICPA whitepaper on blockchain tech and the implications it has on audit and assurance services.

I'm in a crossroad where I know about two things most people don't know about. Auditing and Blockchain/cryptography.

go ahead ill soak it up

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Get a life man. Go take a walk. You’re the most annoying person online right now


>Facts are that they are partnered with PWC

You should read some more. Their "partnership" with PwC China is only that PwC will do the accounting for Vechain.

For example the partnership between Request Network and PwC France is actually that Request Network will automate their accounting business.

So the "partnership" that Vechain has with PwC China is useless. I wouldn't even call it a partnership. Just that Vechain is using PwC services.

Vechain is very sneaky with how they are wording these things to trick people but if you actually look deeper you find out what the specifics of the "partnerships" actually are and find out that they are overly exaggerating them to the point of almost being a scam.

Nah, im holding till at least EOY. That's when all this shit becomes Long-Term Gains

dont forget about bmw

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Is there any reason I shouldn't trade my XLM straight across for REQ right now?

I'm all in 50/50, pretty much been ignoring all this shit since february

I didn't forget btw, and well about pwc. We can also ignore it. It is great for hype and I also think it's very cool. Those partnerships shows that there is interest and they have the right people for big business. But the biggest one is still DNV GL. Just look at how they work together, they are almost merging, and that is such a fucking big company in the sector.

Also they say fortune 500 companies will do the ico on their platform, these partnerships show that they are able to.

This pretty much. You have to be a real brainlet to still trust these chinks.
>muh BMW
Oh, it's literally nothing.
>muh PwC
Oh, it's literally nothing yet again.


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You are joking right?

No, come at me. Which one's you think are bad, if you have arguments i will try to debunk them. Also, what is in your opinion the best coin out there?

lol ven is dogshit

i love all the informed opinions. Thanks man.

Ignore the VEN fud user. I have known about REQ since November and saw its potential before Veeky Forums and the rest of them. I have always been holding only VEN and REQ. They are both the best projects in crypto. Jim Breyer and Tim Draper both hold VEN in their crypto portfolio. Billionaire VCs with inside info (and good friends with the president of China) know a lot more than these Veeky Forums tards.

It's actually very satisfying and funny watching the whole of Veeky Forums fomo into REQ now and realise how good it is. The same will happen with VEN when some big news hits, I promise.

A side note - I know for a fact Jim Breyer is looking to have 5-10 altcoins in his portfolio. I would not be surprised if REQ was the next addition - but he is very fond of China so who knows.

no problem upvote

I hold 400K BBN




Will I make it Veeky Forums?

No REQ. No.

I don't know a lot about Ven besides reading its whitepaper and the PwC partnership. But upon further research into their PwC China "partnership" I found out that If a company does something like that I will immediately disregard them because I feel like they are being dishonest and could be lying or twisting the truth for a whole range of things and I don't want to take that risk.

I don't think I'm Fudding since this is my genuine observation about Ven purely from only their PwC "partnership" announcement. Might still be a good project in the end but you can't tell that people like me are fudding when we are making objective observations due to things like this. Distrusting Ven right now is the rational stance to take until they prove their worth. Same is true with REQ. Before PwC wanted to adapt their accounting tech REQ could have been vaporware.

I don't know where you got your information about PwC from but Vechain is a part of PwC's incubation program. Kevin Feng, (COO Vechain) has already said that PwC are opening doors to connect with other fortune 500 companies for Vechain that would not otherwise be possible. First google search of 'PwC Vechain' brings you to this page from the PwC website: pwccn.com/en/press-room/press-releases/pr-150517.html

'This incubation programme will help VeChain to accelerate their development, by providing the company with access to the Hong Kong and South East Asia markets and strategic advice leveraging on PwC extensive global network.'

This is readily available information and you are spreading misinformation taking 5 minutes to type out. You are clearly FUDing Vechain on purpose.

>distrust VEN until they prove their worth
How about the ONLY active dapp seeing enterprise use in the whole of crypto space being used by DNV GL customers

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VEN, XVG and WTC is the holy triforce of scams. Everyone holding any of these deserves what's inevitably coming to them.

main net is up and running...they will announce fri

My bro, we will make it. The fud sometimes almost gets to me when shit is also dropping in price. But I never act quickly always think it through and then i know why i'm in ven again.

BTFO FUDDER. I get your points tho, but if you spread untrue info, its fud. I also take req serious since pwc.

How much REQ do you have? Multiply it by zero and that's how much money you'll have EOY.

Converted all my holdings to syscoin. Keep buying more as long as price is under $2.00

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Shill me on REQ. What's so great about it?

i'm a linklet btw

Kek. Already dumping.

Fcking laughable scam.

-80% down from ath LOLLOLOLOLOL.


Do your own research me and most of Veeky Forums is trying to accumulate so expect no one to help you.

>-80% down from ath LOLLOLOLOLOL.

...Which is why people are acquiring now


Nobody is acquiring this shit aside from some deluded reddit fanatics and some /biz peeps.

Get rekkt faggot. You should have sold this scam at the top.

Again, I couldn't sell at the top because people, myself included, are only accumulating now that the price has tanked. You are really struggling with this, aren't you?

i sold the top, but they burned my tokens. had to reverse trade. now i have nothing. scam

Lulz. Think you'll convince a single person with this idiocy?

More NEO for more GAS. Also more GAS and WAN.

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