No amount of btc will give you this

No amount of btc will give you this.

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can get that for 0.02 btc

a few gram of coke will give me those 2 bitches..

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Herpes is free

lol they're not even average, that's like $50/hour

>paying for sex

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>generic low IQ whores

I don't know how i'll be able to cope.

actually not even .25 BTC will give me that.
There's not an entire ass between them

Thin bitches love coke.

Nice bait. They'd have to pay me tbqh.

Are you stupid? Are you familiar with prostitution?

6/10 rando sluts, no thanks

how about some verge?

Faggot, with 500€ you can spend a week in eastern europe fucking whores for 10/15€ each.

I'd legitimately turn down both of those girls if they tried to have sex with me for free

front right
rear right
front left

back left is clearly fucking nuts so I won't rank her
massive disparity in this pic between the first 2 and the remainder

top 2 basically have 98% of the attractiveness
tfw roasties are a natural pyramid scheme

You faggots are missing the point as always. You only focus on raunchy asses. No amount of btc will give you this type of happiness.

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Yeah but the Stazi will get you since it’s illegal there. Also, I’m scared they might be trafficked. U can fuck Romanians in Germany though for 50 euro per half hour and be gaureteed it’s legal and they aren’t trafficked.

You can get any woman for the right price. Would not pay much for these skanks though.

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Police don't give half a shit.
Go to Plzen and spend your days drinking unfiltered Pilsner Urquel at Na Parkanu and fucking cheap whores at the local whore houses.


They look like Ukranian women that will gladly leave their country to marry you for .5 btc

Can someone name those girls?
Who are these sluts?

Can someone name those girls?
Who are these sluts?

Who are these sluts?
What are the names?

I don't think I want that.

Would still fuck the one on the right.

Get a life man. Go take a walk. You’re the most annoying person online right now

They're all from Berlin.
The prettiest is part Romanian.
others are fugly anyway


Bitch looks like kevin de bruyne

god roasties are fucking disgusting past the age of 17

>t. de Gae

These girls are wearing Kandi, just give them mdma and they're good to go. Easily only 50 for both