This bart meme is gay and most likely came from a 16 year old go fuck yourself

this bart meme is gay and most likely came from a 16 year old go fuck yourself

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Agree, this meme is tryhard as fuck. You're better than this /biz. This smells of a gated community knick knock joke.

Don't have a cow man

What the fuck is a knick knock joke?

post simpsons porn

ay caramba

>16 year olds are invoking a 35 year old cartoon for memes.
Must be fucking sweeps week at the retard academy.

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Let me guess. Marge hair is the new moon.

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Bitcoin and other cryptos have been dropping for about a month now. People are probably closing their shorts and opening them again. When they close their shorts they need to buy bitcoin, which causes the price to spike. It trades at that level for a while and crashes back down. Looks like Bart's head and these muggles are too stupid to understand what is going on.

It's better than any of the other inane shit on this god forsaken board. At least it's a way to incorporate sneedposting and steamed hams.

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Its actually really fucking autistic to tell people to not like something, because that will just reinforce them.
But the bart meme is fucking bad.
Get a grip Veeky Forums.

nigger knock

I feel sorry for OP

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sneedposting is a forced meme and sneedposters should be skinned alive and rolled in salt.



the absolute state of bart

Salty Chuck-Cuck.

Eat my shorts

>t. bizonacci
kys im not giving you more views you faggot

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This presents a dilemma: if home, have to talk to nigger, if pretend not home, have to shoot burglar. What do?

have some nigger tier alcohol and a blunt rolled just incase

Why you little!!


I have been here since february 2018 and I can remember the old days when everyone used to post thicc ass asians girls.
>thinking a you can replace that with some yellow boy

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>fat and stinky chink diaper
>beautiful and toned white ass

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I'm 32

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We are all a part of Bart inside...

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Make a Nujack Bart and i will endorse him.

I hate you faggots that abuse reply chains. Kys

>t. whale desperately trying to stall


Newfag detected.

based brapper

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Yeah im done with this place. It was fun while it lasted. I hope you all make it. Some of you are cool. Im going to fucking reddit.

Eat my shorts

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>came from a 16 year old

I am 25


Is future Bart literally Veeky Forums?

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