Tfw I used to my Trezor to lock in my Bitcoin price at $16k

>tfw I used to my Trezor to lock in my Bitcoin price at $16k

Feels good man. I'm riding out this dump like a champ

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>Feels good man. I'm riding out this dump like a chump


I still don't get this lock-in stuff. So you're telling me someone will buy your BTC at that price when you can get it for half the price on the exchange?

its locked in, what is there not to get?


Locked in 12k, fucked up waiting so long but, oh well better late than never.

>there are people on this board that didn’t lock their bitcoins above 10k

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> TFW unlock functions is only available on trezor premium

Good luck getting justed in the next bullrun bro.

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He locked his price at 16 000 with Trezor.

There are people that locked at 19 000.

>Wished i locked at 19 000


Like how would you even get the 16k for it?

>not unlocking during pumps and locking during dumps

I have literally never taken a loss more than 3% with this shit. it really is magic internet money.

Thats why its a premium system and you have to pay.

>think of insurance

You lock at 10 000

When you unlock BTC is 6000. Your 1 btc is now 1.6 BTC.

Get a life man. Go take a walk. You’re the most annoying person online right now

might aswell start trading if you can time the market that well.

Alright that makes sense thanks

If not larping and are genuine brainlet I’m assuming that locking in is synonymous with converting to stable coin or fiat.

>tfw he doesn't know only Ledger Blue offers price lock and futures contract.

The absolute state of biz.

>Thinks people are actually being serious.
>Falls for absolute laughable explanation.
>Thinks that 6000×1.6=10000

This board is dead

Link? When did this release

and it took you this much time to notice?

The moment crypto went TV media it was time to sell everything you had.

This board is literally full of bag holders and kids who invested christmas money into crypto and want lambos.

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Here you go noobfag

It's literally nothing but hammer candles, volume and MA's

The absolute fucking state of this board.

Wew crypto really did a number

>Confirmed for not locking in his price in the five-figure range.

Sorry you missed out, bro. Maybe next time!

>Fudding to keep his locked coins high in value
Nice try pal

Fine it' 9.600 not exactly 10 000.

>As written on the fine print when you lock your BTC taxes may warry

Holy shit. The fact that people believe this meme means that we're all going to make it (at least, non retarded bizraelis will make it). How the fuck can people be so stupid?

>"How do you lock in the price? I don't get it"

We should be embarrassed. Have we turned into one of the lowest average IQ boards on this godforsaken Tibetan rug bartering website?

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same here op, comfy feels all around

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tfw when I accidentally locked at 6k
feel so stupid
just hoping it goes back so I can unlock it with minimal losses

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True, that the locking is a good feature of Trezor, but with Ledger you can actually mine your Bitcoin

When you lock it you still have the same amount of BTC you used to have.
Meanwhile, my ledger practically prints new BTC.

>> ALL


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Oh god please dont encourage this shitty meme user

The bears and fudders thinks there are more than 21 million bitcoins. He thinks whales aren't accumulating and will accumulate more at the bottom. Once all 21 million bitcoins are sold this thing will moon higher than anything this world has ever seen.

Why not just trade for tether at 16000, what's the advantage

Can't afford the trezor so I retroactively locked in my BTC on my paper wallet at 17k. Spent 4-5 hours last night laminating it for extra security.

Best laminating session of my life.

Am I the only one smart enough to catch the spike and lock in BTC at 20K?

Fuckin losers

>being this much of a newfag
The best way to lock your coins is in a digital container, just get the certified container from china and plug in the hardrive and good thing it can be solar charged.

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Solid lock, my dude. Very nice

Barely anyone here is trolling outside of OP. These are the people that shill TRX, REQ, LINK, and ICX to you on the daily. Good luck.

These pricks don't even know how good it feels having my bitcoins locked in at $18k rather than being like the dumb fucks they are looking at an

I just noticed my Ledger screen prints "Bear Mode" when I plug it in
Can I switch it bull mode or is that a factory setting?

why not just cash out at 18k instead of lock?
who will honor the 18k price on them. i wouldnt buy them off you for 18k/ i would just go to an exchange and buy them at current value...

>unlock during pumps
>lock during dumps

you really cannot lose unless your TA is shit.

Fuck! People are stupid. This is a meme you twats
Crypto isn't stored ON the hardware wallet, just the private key is stored. That private key can access your crypto ON the BLOCKCHAIN.
"Locking in the price on my trezor" is equivalent to putting your gold in a safe deposit box. The current prive value is the only price value

i locked in at 5k and can not figure out how to unlock it and make 3k profit. are there any steps to follow? how do

user, when you keep posting this nonsense it just makes everyone confused and ensure we have more and more threads to try to explain

>who will honor the 18k price on them.

It gets priced in to the market when you lock it in

He want to confuse the newbies, because he locked at $2k.

its sad
>crypto isn't stored ON the hardware wallet
technically true, it's stored IN the wallet. this is literally the definition of a wallet.
>I leave my crypto lying around out on the blockchain where the price can drop to zero
lol no

You guys are dedicated

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>unlock it

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you are actually stupid. i locked in at 5k and trying to figure out how to unlock but ill lose 3k if i do this i think

What a retard.

I locked my price at $50k. Available ony to VIP Platinum Trezor users where you can choose your own price.

>VIP Platinum Trezor
You got one? How?
I literally bought 50 trezors in hope to get a key for this service by accident and had no luck.

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Everyone look at the retarded no locker and laugh.

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what if price goes up, then you lose value?

how do i lock in??

> he doesn't know

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See >VIP Platinum Trezor

it's only locked in from one side, brainlet

I have a Nano S and paper wallets. Honestly paper wallets are the best if you aren't an idiot and can protect it properly. Hardware wallets are convenient and secure, you just don't completely control, or even know the private key. All electronic devices break eventually, so you have to buy another one and then recover your shit when it breaks