Wtf is wrong with this thing

Wtf is wrong with this thing

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Are you ready to get drafted for Israel?

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You're not a true American if you're not willing to die for Israel.


Really glad that we paid millions of dollars for walls in the middle East but are forbidden from defending our own borders.


so guys, you feel threatened by people living 9999999999999999999999 miles away from you?

Nothing. Time to buy Raytheon stock.

The boys are back in town baby!

The Boys are back! the boys are back!

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I said!

The boys are back in towwwwwwwwn! the boys are back in town!

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Look at Iran, getting all up in our bases' face! Asking for it

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>Iran hasn't attacked US once.
>Saudi attacks and kills thousands of US civilians
>Iraq gets blamed and invaded
>Region is destabilized, resulting in the formation of ISIS
>Europe gets flooded with millions of migrants
>Europe is on the brick of death
>Now Iran is the biggest threat of the US
>The cycle continues
La Creatura logic at play, once again.

Normally I'd care, but it's just another muslamic shithole. Nuke it for all I care.

He is a lapdog, not necessarily a neocon. He doesn't believe in nation-building... and was against the Syria and Libya intervention. I imagine that much like Mike Pence, Bolton will play by the rules that Trump lays.

>9/11 was (((saudi attacks)))


Did you realize that Iran is not an arab country? Nor is it a shithole

The Persians were mixed heavily with Arabs when the sword of Islam cleaved into their nation.

Iran is on the verge of revolution year in and out, how are they a threat to us?

Starting a war would only consolidate their nationalism

he's a russian spy, baiting amerifats to attack Iran and get dumped upon from Caspian sea

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Jews want to make Greater Israel, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran stand in the way of that. Which is why (((USA))) goes to war with said countries through resource supply lines, mercebary recruitment and covert operatives. Then eventually full-blown occupation once the narrative has been fully established.

No evidence whatsoever.

Without Persians helping the jews from Babylon, all jews would have gone extinct. The Persians fucking FUNDED the construction of the Jewish temples. The Jews even have permanent parliamentary representation in Iran today.

Why Jews hate Persians today is a big mystery to me.

are you ready to go to war for your favourite ally, amerimutts?

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REAL Americans die for Israel and their territorial security. Are you anti-Semitic?

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>I will drain the swamp, America will no longer fall to the false song of globalism
>proceeds to fill cabinet with wall street execs and israel's greatest allies

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You guys should have backed Rand Paul.

this isnt pol you nigger

He has Netanyahu's fist so far up his ass that it's working his mouth for him

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The Military–industrial complex doesnt run on its own.

are ya still winnin' son

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(((The Military Complex)))

>looks like we fucked something up, quick, distract the plebs so they don't notice.
>iran is a big threat

North Korea isn't cool anymore, so USA gotta find a new "GREAT THREAT" to unite the blood thirsty people, and Russia/China is too scary to dance with.
It's what hardcore faith in exceptionalism mixed with severe declinism does to you. They've been like this ever since the 1930s.

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Half of what humans know today about science and math comes from Persia (Iran) if not more than half. Not defending an Islamic country but stating facts, (((Bolton))) will not rest til Iran is bombed. Hope the orange clown in the WH stops these maniacs.

Its CIA made revolutions. They've been trying for a long time and they'll eventually succeed just like they did in Valenzuela.

well, that was until mathematics and science became haram.

Russia/China too scary? Lmfao sorry chinks and sister fuckers but the US navy alone could blow the fucking shit out of Russia and China

Isn't Bolton one of the few people who still claim Iraq had WMDs and their invasion thus was entirely justified for world security™?
Haven't really kept up with Trump cabinet since they change like every weekend.

Probably, but unlike bullying Iran, trying shit with Russia or China would actually be extremely expensive. And the fact that they, you know, actually do have nukes.

Iranian here, ask me anything

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What do you think about Ahmadinejad?

If anybody ever nuked the US the wasteland that would be that country would go on as an example of why the fuck the United States will always be the greatest country in the world. Nobody fucks with daddy

Why do you feel the need to shit in the street?


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an asshole who bribed villages by promising to give them funding for infrastructure but never went through with it, ayatollah's soyboy

There wouldn't be anyone left to fuck with daddy. Not even daddy himself. But then again, Daddy's current daddy do have an itchy finger to test out those darn old nukes of his.

that is our pooinloo cousins, whom we share common ancestry. i doubt its the parsees who are doing that anyway, its mostly the dravidians

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Not Iranian but i believe he is a great man. Watch his interviews he's actually highly intelligent. Listen to him talk about the Holocaust and you'll know why he's hated. Speaks nothing but the truth.

Pretty much what i expected. He's was the Iranian Bush. Did he also do a bunch of dumb laughable shit and gaffes?

why are the Saudis so much more based that you clowns?

>Anyone talking about the holocaust
topkek. It was 80 years ago, get over it man. Get some new material.

hes just stating the obvious. remember when the UN got asspained that he called for an independent investigation into 9/11?

Lol, which country is massively funding mosques throughout Europe? Protip its not Iran

WTF you mean?
The whole world suffers today cuz of that big lie. The reason the ME is on fire because we forced the indigenous populations there to accept Jews, by force that is. Blue eyed Europeans placed in the middle of an Arab land all because the west felt bad for the Holocaust and when you dig into it you know that the narrative we see today for the Holocaust is 99% Hollywood. There are Israeli/Jewish scholars who refute the original story.

The cia being the catalyst doesn't mean the people there aren't in favor of revolution to begin with

Not even gonna deign you a proper response my friend. Find some other hole to fish in. Hear those fellas at /pol/ LOVE talking about the holocaust for the 6 billionth time.

Hahahaha very true fellow user

True but every country in the ME wants a revolution because all their leaders are appointed by the CIA and they serve the ((US)) interests and not their own populations interests thats just a fact. Just like the Hollywood movie that was just pulled in Saudi Arabia, ((Kushner)) visits SA the first time and the next day SA declares embargo against Qatar and MBS is appointed as the next king and you wonder why they hate us.

He went in alone. That's the problem. You can't rule all the institutions alone, you need to surround yourself with a cabinet team, hundreds of people, which he didn't have.

Trump probably didn't realize he would win.

>he refers to america as "daddy"

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Yeah, that worked so well for USA, with their strong bond with Khomeini, Saddam and bin Laden.
But on the other hand, it did give USA an enemy every time they needed one for decades. Hell they've evolved so hard they don't even need proper figure heads anymore, just bomb a country and ensure the creation of a militant religious fanatic group so you can rinse and repeat again, like with ISIS.
That said, they did actually get very good results with Latin America projects so i can see why. They're like november buyers still holding shitcoins because their first buys were a great success, even if it turned to shit some time later.

Probably they hate them because they're not jews.

He is simply doing the bidding of his Jewish Masters

Man karemano doost nadaram

Chetoree? Khoubee? Chekhabar?

AHAHAHAHAHA get drafted and die for israel you subhuman amerimutts. Not only are you going to get assfucked by the taxman but you won't be able to enjoy those crypto gains due to being dead.

I feel like biz is torn up by it's feelings towards Iran. On one hand southern Iranians are darker than whites and resemble lighter Indians so we get bunched in with the street poopers. On the other hand Iran is Israel's arch nemesis.

Also I should point out that the radical Islamists in Iran make up a very small minority of the population but happen to dominate the government. Most Iranian citizens are as western as Europeans but are forced to do things like drink in private. Before the shah was ousted the culture was very western, look at pictures from Iran pre-revolution to get an idea for what I mean.

To be honest i really don't care about Iran. The few iranians here i've meet have been cool dudes and cute girls, so despite what stormtards tell me, i like you guys.
Only reason i'm here shitposting is because everyone loves taking pot shots at USA (and i don't even dislike americans, just their governments ever since Bush)
If USA do find a reason to fuck up Iran though, i'll cheer you rather than them (you as in the moderate average iranian, not your extremist fews). They've done this shit so many times in such a short time it's getting pretty obvious why.

Paki cunt detected

>Iran hasn't attacked US once.
technically speaking the iran hostage crisis was an attack on the US, since diplomatic missions are considered to be territory of the nation they're representing

I think Iranians are poorly served by their dictatorial government, and running a country based on religious dogma is something that has no place in the modern world. But as an American I don't think we should be going to war with anyone, war as a means to an end is a ridiculous concept, destroying what was to be gained.

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It may not be but, it is a good time to pick up millitary stocks. I don't want all my crypto efforts to go down the drain just for ((them)).

They didn't succeed in Venezuela. Maduro sabotaged himself. That and low oil prices.
Also anyone who thinks the US will invade Iran is delusional. The US are scared of Iran precisely because it cant invade it. The country is literally surrounded by mountains. It is a natural gigantic fortress

This. Jews only care about the tribe. They will play politics and backstab anyone to get what they want and they will trifle with multiple countries to get them to fight each other and do the whim of Israel for them. With Jews you lose.

are you implying the US could not win a war against Iran?

>The US are scared of Iran precisely because it cant invade it. The country is literally surrounded by mountains. It is a natural gigantic fortress
Implying that its the US that makes that decision, (((they))) will get thier wish whether Americans like it or not ..... Did you forget Iraq already user?

Im implying the US wouldnt be able to invade, yes.

>are you implying the US could not win a war against the Viet Cong

I'm Iranian but I think this is wrong. US has the most advanced fire power on the planet and can wipe out any target from the skies in minutes. What makes you think we would be able to defend against ICBM's and drone strikes sent to strategic positions?

Implying low oil prices wasnt designed this way to suck the life out of Valenzuela and Iran. You got a lot to learn bud.

Go long on Oil if you trade commodities.

This is an interesting comparison but I'm not sure the Vietnam war would play out the same with today's technology. I could see another Iraq happening, where the government and military is wiped out quickly, with US only getting fucked after years of occupation and insurgency

Not when russia and china get involved and it turns into another decade long quagmire slowly bleeding the US treasury dry

>when you know iranians aren't arabs because you got corrected by non mutts but you are still to much of a mutt to know there is something else other than indians in the area.

>I could see another Iraq happening, where the government and military is wiped out quickly, with US only getting fucked after years of occupation and insurgency
That's precisely what I see happening. Iran becomes an unstable shitbox, moderates in the ME are even more annoyed at us, and ISIS celebrates.

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do you think the shah was better than the current regime? if radical islamists make up a very small minority of the population how come people making those laws get elected? fraudlent election or what?