What should a NEET do?

I am a NEET. I lucked into (with hard work) what is now worth $103k in ETH this year. At its peak it was worth over 200k but I stupidly thought it would go up forever and I also didn't fully understand the tax situation so I was afraid to cash out, so I held. Now I realize that living in a modest paid off home in my local area may be a far better option than holding this volatile shit and worrying about the money I never realized is just sunk cost fallacy or something similar.

The cheapest non-beater house I see is listed for $65k. It's clearly a fixer upper but it's also very nice and doesn't appear to have major issues.

Should I cash out now, pay my 40% effective tax rate (fuck!), attempt to buy a cheap house, and be relatively set? I can easily get a minimum wage job and make up the utilities and even rent out the second bedroom. I could AirBnB it or whatever to help with bills. I assume property tax will run me a few thousand a year, and maintenance and improvements will cost something, but if it comes down to it I can probably get a loan from a family member because they'll be happy to see that I'm not a NEET anymore.

tl;dr: What should I do with this money in your opinions, kind Veeky Forumsraelis? What are the downsides? Should I stay in crypto and pray? Is there another option?

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>how did you get the ETH
I flipped assets from a popular eth "game" and went all in on a couple of eth pyramid schemes. it sounds easy but i stayed up day and night for the last 4 months to accomplish this

>i didnt get rich immediately should i give up??


Also you're retarded for not holding to pay less in taxes. You're hopeless.

I'm not asking if I should give up. I'm asking if I should go from NEET to paid off house and comfy existence as opposed to staying in a risky, speculative investment.


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Technically this would be income tax on the FMV of the ETH on the day or receipt, so I think it's you who is retarded. Holding does nothing but lower the tax on the difference between that and whatever I cash out at, and that's only a capital gain (loss) which is limited to 3k/year in deductions

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Use that 100k to buy a duplex or a townhouse and rent out the other half. That way your 100k will continue to earn you income and you'll never have to work again.

>Use that 100k to buy a duplex or a townhouse and rent out the other half. That way your 100k will continue to earn you income and you'll never have to work again.
I like this idea a lot, but it will be about 60k after taxes.

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Get a mortgage. 60k is still plenty of money for a downpayment on a duplex if houses in your area go for 60 - 100k.

Debt is leverage. Debt allows you to use the bank's money to purchase cash-flowing assets that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

I invest in real estate myself and it's the best I've ever done. Getting a check every month from my tenants in an amazing feeling.


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>Get a mortgage
I am a NEET with no income and no work history. No lender will touch me as far as I know. I'd love to hear otherwise, but that's just how it is. At best I could hit up my rich uncle for a loan or something, or maybe he'd co-sign, but that's it.


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Look at the charts, crypto is a fucked asset for the foreseeable future. A year at minimum. This is going back to October levels AT MINIMUM, the size of the Head and Shoulders pattern on Eth show it should be retracing to a negative value. Thats how fucked it is. It's not going negative but it's going to lose a breathtaking amount of its price in the next month. My recommendation is to use your Eth to buy precious metals, silver or gold and hold for the next 3-6 months. The Tariffs, NK situation and mid terms will be causing a lot of anxiety in the markets. wsj.com/articles/the-clock-is-ticking-faster-at-tesla-1522233639 Some of the major meme stocks like Facebook and Tesla are getting btfo as well. The Trump bump for the stocks are wearing off and commodities are where you want to be. Worst case scenario is a few % loss. The stock market is giving up a lot of ground right now which is the moment you should be watching for a good entry point. You can make a good return with your cash right now if you play your cards right. Definitely get out of crypto though, this ship has sailed.

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I just want peace of mind and to sleep well at this point. I know a house may not be the cleverest choice from a Veeky Forums standpoint but it'd be great for my mental health. Not sure I can put a price on that.

I agree that crypto is in rough shape. Damn.

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Crypto isn't in rough shape, it's over. Markets don't do a single telephone pole back to hell, it's a downward trend with several bumps in it as people buy the dip only for it to collapse.
As for peace of mind, this is a golden opportunity unfolding in front of you. This is akin to having 60k USD in cash right as the stock market unfurled in '07. Entering now will give you life changing dividends downstream. Buying a house/apartment will just tether you to an asset that could outright depreciate by 30-40% in the next year if the markets roll so hard it becomes a recession.

>will just tether you to an asset that could outright depreciate by 30-40% in the next year if the markets roll so hard it becomes a recession.
Context: I'm a NEET with a mediocre (empty) resume. This would provide me a platform for normalcy. What exactly are you suggesting—wait for a huge downturn in the stock market and shove my money there, continue living at home and hope to make it work otherwise?




>40% effective tax rate
Just claim it as long term capital gains and you'll only have to pay 15% on it.

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