So when is this bear market going to end? First we heard March...

So when is this bear market going to end? First we heard March, now it's April and possibly May with the Consensus NYC event.

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when you least expect it

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its going to be fall no matter what, but it could be anytime between now and august. Burned normies WILL fomo back in if we get the ball rolling past ~15k

gee I wonder when

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1 Month longer than you think

April 2nd.

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Going to end ? what are you saying? We not even start yet.

wtf you guys are faggots, barts are nothing new, I see tons of barts in the 2016 graph

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If you look at the chart its a perfect Elliot rogers wave #2.. Wouldn't be surprised if we go back to 15k end of april then 12k then start wave 3 which would possibly end In Nov.

3-5 years unironically

Not in April I hope. I get a huge amount of fiat on the 22nd.

i hope this unironic post is ironic because that's dumb as fuck

In what possible universe is this a bear market? If the DOWJIA isn't up 700 a day, with no corrections ever, just up 700 some day, it's a bear market?

When you sell...

5 years if you are lucky

look at the nasdaq when it blew up, need AT LEAST a year or two of real price consolidation plus actual real world use. That's the optimistic case

Dude nobody knows why do you fags keep asking dumb questions

>this bear market is going to be longer than any bear market ever before
>for no reason
>with the most attention and more people watching than ever before

sure buddy

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When it hits 0.

just look at any asset class when a parabolic move blows up, but hey put all your cash in BTC if you think all time highs are coming

Bear? We are in Bart market

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