Going into crypto

I'm thinking of going in into crypto.
>setup Kraken account ( I guess it has lowest fees, correct me).
>transfer money
>buy BTC
>transfer BTC into Bittrex/Binance
>buy shitcoins for BTC
>rich by eoy

Why I shouldn't buy TRX/REQ/NAS ?
Correct me

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All in REQ. Make sure it's your entire life savings. If possible take a loan too.


>buying BTC

Should I buy ETH instead and go with that pairs?
Lower fees or wut?
I don't go 100% into anything, is that "new paypal" meme won't land ?

99% of shitcoins are going to disappear. Btc is the only sure bet

They didn't disappear after crash, so why they will disappear now ?

That's a good plan. Just look at where a lot of coins were this time last year.

I'd probably buy Req instead of TRX..I don't know about nas

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How brown skin are you

Jesus christ....

OP if this isn't bait, don't listen to anyone here. DYOR and look at NAS. TRX has way too high of a supply and no ambitions to ever moon past 30 cents. REQ is okay.

Still 4 cents to 30cents will do the trick.

This isn't bait, sometimes there's a genuine good info here, and I would like to get some info, then DYOR, and then invest.

Price of NAS eoy and why ?
Can You show your blockfolio ?

Rich by EOY will probably disappoint you, aim for 150 BTC by 2022-2025 and you'll be fine even if you fall short, TRUST. True gems aren't 20x from ICO price. Trading once a month and winning a 5% is preferable than trading 5 times a day and losing half your capital.

Find something to read here.

This is your money and the decisions are yours, try to learn whatever you can from whoever you speak to but don't assume they know better than you because they have more capital than you or have been here longer. In a network every new participant can potentially increase the value of the network but in a market not everybody can be a winner.

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NAS has a small supply, google dev team, and mainnet soon. I literally only own NAS and JNT. Also don't ask what the price will be. No one knows. My guess is around $50-100 EOY. But that is a GUESS.

So these coin will just keep going up infinitely?

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No. Do not invest in TRX you retard.

Thanks for that link holy shit, is that all free to download ?
Thanks for input. Those I already knew, but at least you are using facts

tfw NAS isn't on binance

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High risk/ high reward picks that are 5 cents or under with actual tech and team ?

No memes plz fren

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You picked the right time. Everyone is losing money.

That's the right time to be fearless and invest

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