Is this mainnet?

Is this mainnet?

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Only looked at the first one but it looks like at least a partial of mainnet.

We'll see.

is this the burn mechanism?

My Body is ready

better not burn my tokens or there'll be hell to pay

fuck pls REQ go down so i can buy.

Yes it's the burning mechanic.

Request Network is pretty smart. Seems like they silently released Mainnet 6 days ago so that whales couldn't dump the news. They will say this friday that it has been running for more than a week already without any bugs in it.

Fuck man. I will have to buy more before friday.

Looks like it team prob waiting till Friday post.
RequestEthereum: >

RequestCore: >

REQ Burning: >

We can all assume this Friday then?


looks like the tokens arent actually burned but sent to this guy

something seems fishy here. I'm going to look into this some more

No it's already released 6 days ago from the look of it. It's ALREADY RUNNING.

Friday they'll just announce that it had silently launched for more than a week already.

Implossible as I took a look through the code and nothing like that happened during the bounty hunt. It would've been called out immediately. Don't forget that the code is open source after all.

you think?

Didn't they announce the bug bounty only 3 days ago? Would they deploy mainnet before then? Could this just be a `test' contract just to check things out?

maybe after 2 separate full audits they didnt think that there was much to find?

my coins are already burned. what do?

wait dont tell me you bought after last weeks snapshot to have your wallet eligible for burn guard v2.1.3

Just buy faggot.

Wow guys. Look at this. The birth of a new fud. Isn't nature beautiful.

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I capped the fud just to have the original. That's the next viral fud you are correct

>Seems like they silently released Mainnet 6 days ago so that whales couldn't dump the news
you smart user. whales wallets are now locked

>last weeks snapshot
I took my own print screen. how rekt i am user?

Help guys they burned all my coins

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if it was of the blockchain youre good. other than that youre fucked

it was a blockchain. the only think worries me is that i had porn running on the other tab

you should be fine

GODAMMIT, was going to use my gains to buy a townhouse and move in with my Black girlfriend and her illegitimate son. Now I checked my MEW and the coins are all BURNED!

I had 2000 REQ, that was my fucking life savings!

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it was homosexual porn, but nothing that would make me a gay.

ok well then now ill need a short synopsis of what happened. possibly a link to it to be sure youre ok

just a two straight friends humping each other, but making sure their balls don't touch. they also discuss politics later which i found interesting
i don't have any, but i heard its going to $1000

Lol, if anything its going to dump hard. Anons, don't buy

A house for 2000 REQ?

Sure hope so. I'm offloading my 20 ETH into REQ as soon as a big dump happens.