Is XLM fucked?

I have ignored le cryptoz since like Jan, and XLM is half my holdings

Finally decided to reunite with my bizbros and I haven't seen a rocket in my 2 days back
looks like FairX never materialized huh

I think I'll just trade it straight across for req and be /all in/, fuck it

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w-wakey snakey?

>bought high
>selling low

i bought in for less than current price

even then, xlm and req have been very much comparable so there's really no way to say it's a winning or losing move to trade 10k xlm for 10k req

ok user. just that req is one of the current shill coins, buying at this stage of the cycle hasn't been a good move lately for the last few shill coins.


did i miss something? fairx canceled / shelved?

soon is sumer will come and trees are growing schtrong so snek can climb highest have ever become

FairX was moved back to Apr/May

>Trading Apples for oranges
>Seeking validation
Not going to make it

Can you guys just shut the fuck up and sell? This is literally one of the best holds in crypto and all you faggots do is complain that you found it early.

yeah i've seen an unexpected amount of req shilling, but even if it's overhyped it seems prudent to just go all in on req instead of having half my portfolio bleed for eternity
If everyone else has given up on it (which is the impression i got)

that was the whole point of the thread, what is going on with XLM and should i get out while the getting is good

not like any of you fuckers have the magic 8 ball what the fuck is the point

I've held Stellar for a long time. Although I'm too lazy to sell it. Thankfully I'm not in the red and wont be unless it hits $0.08

seeking opinions, not validation

trading rotting apples for freshly picked oranges
or not-yet-ripe apples for rotting oranges

who here /cupandhandle/ right now

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I'll go ahead and self-check my double dubs and quads

More like /pumpanddump/ lmao
Deluded snekkies

who else /sy0ds/ here

I can't believe how much money I've lost on this fucking coin. If this doesn't come out in a big way by EOY my portfolio is essentially shot.

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on a positive note you would've probably lost your ass no matter what you bought

that's what i see everytime I look at it, a monumental cup

stellar lost a whole lot less compared to some other shitcoins out there

by far my worst coin. I got fucked.

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How late did all of you get in? It was under .03 pre ibm news last year. Should still be up, q3,4 will redeem this bear.

>its ok i didnt sell when the price was 10x higher because i bought in lower than this

biz lately, full retard.

yeah because you sell the top every single time you fucking genius