worst decision of my life.

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Must have hurt on the way out

what goes up fast goes down fast

but the opposite will also apply soon

what goes down fast will go up fast

or I kms

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Don't buy at the top next time.

Someone bought at 1000 lol

stop the pain and enjoy some gains.

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Fell for the "flippening" didn't you? HAHAHAHAHA

I bought at $2 and still feel like I'm getting JUSTed.
For fucks sake, ETH hit $420 May last year. At this price, that means like 10% gains in 10 months.

Fuck this. That's almost savings account tier.

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How much do you have?

180 eth

Sell 20% of it, buy BTC and trade on Bitmex. Sucess.

>see huge gains
>never taking any profit
greedy faggots getting rekt and don't bring up your burger tax laws as an excuse for your greed either.

Bought some at 540 fml

at 900 here...

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>Must have hurt on the way out

This. Hodl is a meme, take profit. Every time you look at green candles and feel content thinking "now if it keeps going up like this for a year I'll be made for life" that is the time to take profit. Pink wojaks means buy, lambos mean sell.

I wish. $1400

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your lack of patience will be your worst decision of life.

I bought at $160

Not gonna gamble away what I accumulated.

Also selling ETH now is pretty stupid.

I unironically did this. But I also bought at 40, 100, 200, 400-500, and 800 as well. I'm still buying ETH biweekly. This better work out bro


yeah, no one here seems to understand this.
it's either 100% in or 100% out, there's no taking a small percentage of profits out.

I bought at $7 RIP

BS.. Just buy and put it on your ledger and wait 3-5 years.

Have an life besides this shit

I bought at $450.
How fucked am I?

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I'm hoping that 400 is the bottom

Hopefully not very. I'm wondering when to buy in myself. We gotta be getting close to bottom.

I bought 25k at $515. it'll rebound. I read an article a few weeks ago about a big firm that bought millions at $800. This will recover.

ark girl is my waifu

even Vitalik said ETH is only worth $14. it is not a currency or investment. It has infinite supply, lol

THere is no bottom.

I lost all respect when she said she was going to kill herself then didn't.

Big firms aren't immune to making bad investments.