Mainnet Live?

Mainnet Live?
The official post will probably be in the Friday bi-weekly. Sneaky bastards slipped it past us. Time to Dump.



REQ Burning:

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sell the news 101

market sell asap to beat the rush

>Time to Dump.

Thank god. I thought there would be no dump anymore to accumulate but you guys are still dumping after all.


>Time to Dump.
thanks user. just trowed away my trezor.

$1 End of Week


Yeah, dump you fucking retards so we can laugh at your crushing poverty when these are trading at $2.50-5.00 sometime later this year.

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Tempted to drop another 1000 on this, what do Veeky Forums?

Can someone explain the coin burn thing with REQ? If coins get removed from circulation won't that just decrease market cap and value of the coin?

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Mainnet release hasn't been confirmed yet but pretty sure its priced in since Q1 ends Friday and it will be on the Friday post.

100% Chance to either go up or down.
So if you want to wait till then and try to catch the dip that might not happen. I'm giving it a conservative estimate of $2 EOY. Soley cause I have a shitload and cant justify it getting higher and me being rich.

Do it idiot. It's only 1000

It would decrease market cap. But INCREASE value of the coin.

Oh man, how do you people go through life with major intellectual impediments like that?

I would recommend you get out of REQ and invest in projects like Tron instead. Much more suitable for your class of "investor".

Also Bitconnect is trading at a discount right now. Great value play.

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Increase value.


>decrease market cap and value of the coin
not only that. token burning also increase the level of CO2 emissions, which is troublesome and it was the focus of G20 debate other week.

If something becomes rarer and there is less of it, it becomes more expensive.

expecting to see this fud everywhere for rest of the day, such is life on Veeky Forums

token burning for REQ also burns real dollars to match the burn from your bank account

true, but cows across the world aren't being fed today in order to limit emissions, so it's a wash.

big if true.

no chance of sideways action??

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To be fair user, I just took a look at TRX, and honestly a little PnD before the 31st would be a nice addition to my REQ holdings...

Shitcoins are not only proven to be buoyant in this market... they are str8 up capable of flight.

What about the money in my wallet? is it safe?

Fair point.

Don't underestimate the utter retardation of the crypto market.

Stuff like TRX are a total embarrassment to everyone working hard at building credibility and good products.

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