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>comparing bitcoin to nasdaq

>comparing biggest invention in decades to memecoins similar to runescape gold

oh i didn't realize runescape gold allowed near instant cross-border trading with little to no fees with no central controlling body

>comparing the biggest invention in decades to speculative ponzi fractions of companies

Yeah it's pretty pathetic that this bubble only got so far before popping.

>Near instant
>Low fees
>Not centralized
Lies. These are all lies. Why do you lie user?

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long way to go yet

>near instant
if it isn't being used
>with little to no fees
absolutely not
>no central controlling body
Just incredibly slow, reluctant and centralized devs

reeks of bcash

Needs regulation for big money. It just siphoned a bunch of millennials across the world though.

define regulation. exchange regulation? You can't regulate any crypto itself

Great argument I'm glad your able to keep such a level head in a speculative market and have no emotional attachment like most people around here.

Regulation on every level or they won't touch it. They need approval from the big government before they even think about touching it. Fairly fucking obvious.

Thank you for these two lines with no scale
I will cherish them forever

this is a stick up
liquidated the stocks
put the money in the bag

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some of us can google things
try it


It actually is very fats now. I sent a couple to Binance from bittrex and was going to grab some Lunch but they arrived and were tradable before I got in my car.

what am I even arguing, you're wrong on all accounts so there's not even a premise to start from

the fees are tiny again, and will remain tiny as lightning and offchain rolls out. I know you're an autistic sperglord that thinks an optional offchain system somehow will "centralize" bitcoin and that increasing the size of blocks which will actually centralize it in favor of miners and will still be just as slow as usage goes up.


thanks for defining nothing idiot

If you invested $100 in NASDAQ in 1990 you would have $100 trillion in 2000

Here's bitcoins fees whenever it had even remote use.
All your eggs are getting thrown into one basket here stop being a retard.
>wrong on all accounts
When it was used people were also waiting days for transactions to clear and cost an upwards of 20+ dollars. You can't just wave this away like it didn't happen you fucking moron. If anything adding the LN will increase the amount of transactions on the mainchain from opening and closing channels compared to just letting it sit on an exchange.

Now do it with 7.000 transactions per second and add legal certainty in case you make a mistake.

NASDAQ (mostly American) mcap at peak in 2000 was $10trillion
Crypto (global) at peak was only $800billion

>m...maybe i'm wrong maybe bitcoin is a piece of shit.... no, NO it's the future this guy is just and idiot yeah! I'm a 110 iq god nobody can stop btc!

KYS stupid faggot

what do i do if my iq is less than 120

no, you.
do it before your balls finally drop too.

>here's bitcoin fees when the mempool was being spammed by motherfuck Jihan and no one used segwit

down to pennies again after BCH died

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Think rationally and use logic, never assume you know more than others. Essentially the exact opposite of this guy

Fixed that for you.

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