Is it even possible to make money on the internet anymore...

Is it even possible to make money on the internet anymore? Seems like every useful product or service imaginable already exists and the market is so oversaturated with websites and apps that there's no way to even make a single cent anymore.

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Quality > quantity

Most of the websites and apps are pure trash. Especially since pajeets came online.

That used to be true maybe 5 years ago, but now even the lowest quality, cheapest shit has become pretty decent. I can't think of a single market segment on the internet that doesn't already have one or two established players that have a good product.

U are so wrong

but yea internet is oversatured, u must own over 110 iq nowadays

Because you are retarded and cannot see yourself succeeding. Duh, it's obvious. You are your biggest enemy

Ok, name a product or service that doesn't already exist yet.

You don't need a really original idea to make money on the internet, though. It's more about how well you manage to sell it.

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How would you compete with established companies with marketing budgets 1000x the size of yours?


Fucking oldfag, not even my full time job can get me a house and I been working my full time job for 5 years.

Dude you are never gonna make it. You don't need an original idea, you just need to execute it well

You can still become a millionaire from opening up a restaurant

>You can still become a millionaire from opening up a restaurant
The likelihood of that happening is so low and the work you'd have to put into it is so tremendous that it'd be easier to just go to med school and become a doctor.

If it weren't possible to make money, it wouldn't be saturated

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It was possible before the market became saturated. Now only the established players can make money because the barrier to entry has become insurmountable to anyone without millions of dollars of funding.

Make a strategy and sell the most "sellable" items. If you can get lucky on an amazon or eBay item and sell say 1000 led flashlights in a year, you'd have the experience to continue. It's like riding a bike you just have to do it cheaper than others.

That's the good and bad. Yes, everything is being done, but the barrier to entry is so low that if you're SMART about things you can get your own piece of the pie.

It really depends on what you're doing. For example, you can make a decent amount of money by building cool websites for local business without having to spend thousands of dollars on marketing. Apps that help big(or small) business with statistics also seem to have a huge success, mainly bcs few people make them.

fuck phoneposting

How is the barrier to entry low? 15 years ago it was possible for one guy in his dorm room to create a site that would go on to become a $500 billion company. What opportunities even remotely like that exist today?

The problem is that local businesses usually have a budget of a few hundred dollars for their entire website. You'd be lucky to make minimum wage doing that kind of work.

You're clearly looking to rationalize your own laziness. There's always opportunity whether you're good enough to seize it or not. Okay, we get it, it's impossible, now fuck off and wallow in your own misery

I've actually done that exact kind of work in the past. Clients were always cheap pieces of shit who never wanted to pay you. I now work as a web developer at a wagecuck job that makes me want to blow my brains every single day. If there actually existed a viable opportunity to make money on my own, I would quit my job tomorrow and try it.

>I now work as a web developer at a wagecuck job that makes me want to blow my brains every single day

I make $9/hr and can save $12k a year with good budgeting. After 5 years thats more than enough to buy a house

ah but how often do you work in a week?

I make about $360 a week

>hire pajeet to do lead generation
>hire pajeet to build you a website
>hire pajeet to build your clients websites
>hire pajeet to manage their social media
>hire pajeet to do SEO on their websites
>hire pajeet to write content for them
>hire pajeet to do graphic design

>collect difference

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I don't speak pajeet though. Even the ones who speak english are impossible to understand.

neither do I. That's what fiverr's for. They cant operate without speaking english.

Also pajeet was just a generalization. Most of the people I work with live in eastern europe

Patreon artists make a shitton with the right target audience.

I'm not an artist though, I'm a programmer.

Maybe team up with an artist and find someone trying to make their indie 2D side scrolling game to shill on steam. I’m just spitballing here.

no we don't

I'd rather be a wageslave desu. Being constantly immersed in those porn and fetish communities would be a fucking miserable existence.