Friendly Reminder

It's April and you're still holding bags from the "January dip."

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pretty sure its march

it's not april yet

Thnx op.

Holding till 0 because I just don't care anymore

It's April-o-clock somewhere

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I'm holding profitable bags from the October dip.

This happens every 2018

Me too, ill hodl for the bounce too

This happens every January 4th, 2018

I just want tax season to be over already

The bullrun begins after chinese new year ends.

pretty sure you got JUST'd either way

then keep hodling bro! it's not gonna fall further i promise bro


only respectable decision at this point

kek, the level of delusion those faggots had to think they could make that kind of call with any authority

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It's like they didn't buy bnb when it dipped to fifty cents

why do you care if other people have crypto user? You seem upset

it's a simple matter of payback user. i hate smugness and overconfidence, and it brings me genuine joy to see people who exhibit these traits get btfo. i enjoy humiliating them after the fact.

to elaborate: the overwhelming majority of this board smugly mocked the idea of selling in january. in their minds this was simply "the january dip" and only a fool would sell.

you're the only smug one that got destroyed if you didn't ride this from 2011 to 2017 at some point

and you're going to get destroyed again if you don't pick a date to get back in on

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all in on JNT. i'll be rich as fuck in 2-3 years. cap this.

topkek and you hate smugness and overconfidence and you're knee deep in a arabian scamcoin in a bear market

christ dude you have some serious mental illness

All this JNT fud is a buy signal.

>what are token economics

That's fine by me, i'm living my life. Crypto is just a side meme for me. I strongly believe that my bags will eventually take me to the moon and beyond.