Crypto xplosion in May

Do you guys think he is right? Myself this guy is the one i belive most of all of these youtube shillers.

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And why? Becouse he is wrong in your opinion? Or you dont like him at all? Or what?

hes a bit over the top. but i tolerate it. seems genuine, but also pushes this free monthly investment report or whatever - i havent checked it out so i can't comment on what that entails.. i'll follow his tips closely the coming months and then decide if hes legit or not

Yeah i agree he seems bit ADHDish, but still seems like genuine and smarter person compared to suppoman example.

>Myself this guy is the one i belive most of all of these youtube shillers.

Literally wtf does this sentence even mean?

Yeah i meant to type "I think myself..."



>he wants to shill me something free this is so weird, he doesn't even ask for money for it!! how weird is that???

Whether he's right or not, him saying it makes it all the more likely to happen. Everyone should be out there shilling cryptos. It's called a ponzi for a reason.

>I think myself this guy is the one I believe most of all these youtube shillers.

You got a second chance and still fucked up

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He is full of shit.

If the guy itself is full of shit, do you think consensus conference is also gonna be full of shit?

This guy is full of shit, everything is going to be full of shit until crypto picks up with the normies again and normies are too burnt to forget what has happened in past 3 months. And if you think institutions will save you then think again. Whales are here for the money and if there are no new money why the fuck would they bail you out.

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Look, I'm not in it for a cashless society. I'm not in it for decentralization. I expect to be well compensated in my gains. I'm in it for the money.

> BTC manipulated to wriggle out all your money
> No projects insititutions or normies would like to see till 2019 at least
> implyin normie would fomo in 5 mos after getting burnt

Yup so thats your opinion, you belive there is multiyear bear market becouse person called Charlie Lee says so, thats your opinion, myself i belive there will be bullrun 2018 and it begins after this biggest conference.

>top 5 crypto creator sells his stack and literally tells you to stay the fuck away
>bwaaaa its just your opinion i'm the smart one here
Just a month ago people were laughing at anyone who would say btc is going to 6k, now we're basicly waiting on when its going to happen. But you can think what you want of course, bull tun, 50k eoy, link 1000, whatever.

Anyone who makes claims like that should just go off themselves instead because he doesn't know shit, he's just hoping/assuming at best

I laughed to them who sold at 6k btc month ago. So what? Idiots gonna dump.

he wasn't this animated the last time i watched one of his videos.
he's smarter than most of the others though i've watched but that wouldn't be difficult considering the quality of the other channels.