Credits.. WTF!

Yo, wtf biz

You guys all told me this was a scam, well I bought some for shits and giggles and its been the only thing keeping my portfolio green the last little while.
What gives? Why did you guys try and screw me out of credits?

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Nice buy user. Tomorrow’s the day

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Idk, its good coin for taking profits while the FOMO lasts, but when it runs out, it will be gonna go down and fast since they havent shown any real proof yet of the TPS, secondly i belive HPB testnet will be success and it does get the FOMO after results, with real proof (testnet)

Credits sure knows how to do a pump.

The pre-beta is clearly a "we haven't got a beta yet" thing, because they really don't have a product and are playing for time. That said, it might turn out good in the end.

My call is back down to the 70's range for a bit. See on the left of the chart how it panned out last time it went vertical.

If you were in it already, sell now for a good old profit, buy back 30% lower soon.

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Does anyone know why its pumped so hard today?
But yea, was considering taking some profit seeing all the question marks around this coin

this coin have been green for ever if you bought the ICO like the real BIG BRAINERS

What's tomorrow

Pre-beta version being launched on Thursday

>not listening to biz
you will make it sir.

Hahah what the shit kinda Kikery is Pre-Beta?

>1 million TPS
>.01 second transaction time

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>Does anyone know why its pumped so hard today?

In anticipation of the beta, I suspect.

what a pajeet shit scamcoin.

Very good sir, please sir buy

bought high and sold the absolute bottom of 4k sats right before the huge run

just kill me :)

Impatient Millennial

Or, if it had kept dumping, a wise one for cutting his losses! That's trouble, we never know. Plenty of projects die, in fact most of them. Oh well.

They have an alpha. Video of beta tx. And Beta coming out soon.

How the fuck is that not proof.
Just keep investing in Chainlink, I don't want your retarded hands to touch my CS.

may i see the video?


I unironically think this will be top 20 by end of June

Credits is DANK AF. Don't get FUDDED away from buying

>The next NANO

>the next prodeum

This is at least a billion dollar market cap coin, no way it won't get there.

It's like an intermediate between alpha and beta. I believe the full beta should be out just a couple of days afterwards.


All the shitstorms before the ICO made me not invest in this, instead I invested in SS ICO and tokens will only be unlocked in april, not sure how I feel