I'm dying. I'm 24 and running out of time. I had 120k. I was only 10x away from "making it"...

I'm dying. I'm 24 and running out of time. I had 120k. I was only 10x away from "making it". I'm sitting jhere drinking Smirnoff trying to figure out what the guck I should do? Any advice? Should I buy REQ? I've already read link whitepaper 20 times. Wish I had a sexy wife tbfucjinghonest

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sell link buy more sys

How long have you had that portfolio for user

Fuck you! I lost nearly 70% of my initial investment.

I don't think theres going to be any real moon missions for a couple months. Get a job. I know I have to. I am scared man

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Btcp will supersede monero. You could buy it now for $25 if you want a quick 20x. And a 10000x in the long term

Same here. I work at stables of all places. I had to stack sticky notes and sort them by color I almost lost my fucking mind and quit on the spot.

ok legit question here, why the fuck would the markets where monero is used currently switch over to BTCP?

I'm long on OP, about to hit the bottom soon but i think he'll bounce.

EoY estimate on OP?

Because monero is unscalable

I have $40,000 saved from wage slaving. I'm 24 too. I just want to save as much as humanly possible before socialism takes over. It will happen when automation replaces all jobs.

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10xes have become so rare now.

none of these coins will even 2x in the coming months, unfortunately. ETH and Monero are nice to hold for sure.

Bulletproofs won't help you think? Ledger hardware wallet coming soon?

You have enough capital to let a bot do the work for you.
1% daily gains would net you 1.6 MIL in a year.

I've only ever used Autonio, but after the initial set-up hassle it's reliable and easy to use even from your phone.

bulletproofs bitch. it's being implemented. the theory is in a collective academic whitepaper and it's being implemented. academic reseach is being done about monero. not all shitcoins can claim such a a thing.

All in on REQ faggot.

wait atleast till the market turns bullish
PLEASE do not get greedy and make rash decisions in order to chase back your gains
Set aside atleast 30k in USDT till the market finds it's bottom
This will atleast guarantee that you won't lose that money.

here, something for your tiny brain

Well btcp is already scalable plus it has lower transaction fees


loooollll what a fuckin loser. I hope you kill yourself, maggot.

What's the deal with REQ. I've taken the LINK pill and see the potential behind it.

I honestly think buying the monero dip (it's been stable around 0.02400000 btc) could make someone some nice profits over the course of say, 1-2 months (maybe 133%)

yep, i bought the dip.

REQ was a great investment last week.

All I hear about is people about to dump after mainnet so I'll probably sit out and wait and see. I don't think prices will skyrocket anytime soon bc of this shit market we are in.

Check Coin Nexus. It's a coin thats not even top 100 and they are putting fucking satelites in orbit 2019. amog alot more stuff going on, check it out, im all in on that shit, its gonna 10-50x within 12 months imo.

Pretty much, ESPECIALLY 'cause biz is shilling req again. Wait until they're pressing "s" to spit on grave before buying.

I'd rather walk into my 7-11 and buy a $10 scratch off

What's a guck

That's a bretty good portfolio to be H famalam. Didn't overdiversify, not heavy into shitcoins. Just hold and enjoy the gains once the market gains traction again.

You went from 120k to 43k?

Maybe it's time to stop.

Can you tell us more user? What kind of returns do you get?

Yeah I would at least get a couple of REQ something like 20k "just to be save".

Market is probably going to be bearish for a couple of years though. So get a job and forget about crypto for a while. If you hold long enough and Chainlink/Request Network get adopted you'll be rich as fuck though.

I don't leave it running overnight, only when I'm at work so I can keep checking on it. I get anywhere from -1.5% to +3%.

Overall I'm averaging +.7%/day over the past month by trading and I'm pretty sure my algorithm SUCKS.

Honestly, best thing you can do is download the app and try out the free test mode. I'd rather you didn't just listen to me 'cause if anyone lost money it'd be my fault.

I should point out, the free test mode is just simulations over past markets with whatever settings you chose. No need to hand over any keys or anything.


400. USD.



That's how much the MC went down... 800b to 290b

>I’m 24

Settle the fuck down you ADHD riddled autist. Just stop looking at your wallet every 5 seconds and stop going on biz. You’ll see a turn around in a few months.

>he fell for the link meme
Get a job, we may be fucked for over a year of this Bart Chart

>he fell for the link is a meme meme
Get a job, you may be fucked over for life because of your autism.

Aren't bots the reason binance got hacked though I see you don't need to hand over any keys so maybe this is fine.
I think I may buy some REQ to be on the safe side as an "insurance policy". I want to hold 4 or 5 coins that aim to be/do complete different things for different markets

i already wagecuck tho
I need a 2nd job

No, you definitely hand over keys once you want to live trade. The no-key thing is for the testing.

As for the hack thing, I duno, I haven't really thought about it. I only gave it the keys to an account that holds 10% of my stack so I haven't given it much thought.

You already made it, OP. I fucked up similarly - had solid 6 figs but wanted more, when I already had enough to retire on, but caught up in the frenzy and promise of crazy gains to come. 100k is itself a life changing amount of money to receive as a lump sum.

looks like a scam desu

Getting 100k in 2 months is much more valuable than 200k in 5 years

REQ is the surest bet in crypto atm.

Buy at least 50K and hold until Q2 this year.

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buy 1 ETH of every shitcoin on IDEX and at least one will be guaranteed to be a hidden gem and you will have found yourself the ANS at 25 cents.

stay right here you are.
don't do anything.
wait 12 months.
check portfolio.
cash out.
made it.

Do it and you will never work a day in your life

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how much req, is 50k really how much you need? thats a $10,000 investment holy shit im not going to make it

went from over 300k to under 100k what's your point?

what does your port look like?