Where my REQ bros at

Where my REQ bros at.

Anyone else's wallet been selected for coin burning to fuel the network transactions? Kind of annoyed but planning to transfer my funds onto my cold wallet with the burn firmware update so i'm not too worried.

Who else being coinburned here.

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I honestly feel kinda bad for people who have nothing better to do than rehash tired talking points and poorly fake text messages. Surely there must be something better to do with your day than bait idiots?

lmao, this is hilarious

fucking street shitter.

This can't be real
Anyone in the discord?

Damn REQ has our phone numbers to text us??? Is nothing sacred anymore?!

Ah nuts. THey just texted me too!

>fake text messages
req will only inform you about tokens burning through email.


fuck man they burned my 2500 REQs.. I think I got REQt hard :( I am a poorfag. Now I have to participate in some free airdrops again... REEEEEEEEE

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>They didn't buy the ICO.

Please guys stop FUDing, I have a seperate wallet that fortunately isn't being burned but you shouldn't spread misinformation.

ICO holders only, they tell us when is best to dump.

Got the same text last week :(
Already lost 200 REQ since after the text until now.. I'm scared for when the volume really picks up and the coin burning intensity will go into Auschwitz mode.

unironically received the same sms wtf

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what was ico price?

this is out of control!
we should start petition on change.org to stop this once for all

Just give up user, people aren't going to dump their REQ bags sadly.

Tried to FUD all week last week to try and buy as much as I could at $0.15 but people just aren't selling.

i read somewhere that you can unburn burnt REQ though but you had to mod the firmware of a ledger or trezor

Glad to know i'm not alone bro.

about 6/7 cents. But there was a "pre" pre-ICO that insiders got to buy into.


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At least you fixed the " mistake
- points for the complimentary baguette for helping the cause


req is the true link

I wanted to put a subtle mistake in.

I wanted it to say an message instead of a message but thought it'd be too glaring.

I have a lot of req bags thankfully, i'm just pretty bored, hopefully we can get more if it goes back down but i'm skeptical i think this is a new floor. I also believe FUD has no effect on the price. At least not in the way Veeky Forums thinks (random insults and asspulls causing massive price drops)

Nice bought 100k

I'm starting to get scared

Why scared?

what the fuck is the point of this thread?fuck yourself OP,you are the cancer that's killing the board

did it just happened to you?

got this but so far my trezor with burnguard seems to be hodling strong

I put my wallet address onto an aloe Vera plant named skeeter. Burn proof


Legit fucking kill yourself. You and people like you are a huge part of why this problem is degrading and is struggling.

victim blaming much?

t. mad bagholders who can't have fun

fuck you op for thinking that having tokens burnt is fun

i got this text too but dumped right before they burned my coins. haha RIP REQ

This and the Stacy ones are kinda funny. The idiots who fall for it obviously can't effect price, so let us have our memes.

You know your trezor can also lock in ERC20 tokens?

>wallet selected for total burn

NOOOOOOOOOOO THAT WAS ALL MONEY, I had 30k. Wtf should have never bought this fucking scamcoin

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too bad we are on req thread, not on ERC20 coin thread. kys

Lmao the FUD is getting real strong. $10 eoy

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It was shilled pretty hard last year too.