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Press S to spit on grave

that stock is more volatile than crypto lol

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>what am I gonda doo

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did i miss something?
what did elon "gonna put my falcon 9 into your hyperloop" musk do now?

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Should I sell

Who would have thought that a company that can't earn a profit but is still priced at $279 per share would ever go down.

He stepped down last week

nice video

This fucking retarded just INSISTED on debt financing despite no tax shield since his company LOSES money like user does holding crypto and look where we are at.

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"Oh you climate-deniers and your fossil fuels! We should definitely use government subsidization, regulation, and force to push everyone onto "green" technology."
>Being this retarded

There was a pretty bad Model X crash last week that made the news, that's all I can find based on headlines. They've had production trouble for months now, I doubt everyone's pulling out over that.

The entire american stock market (especially tech stocks) is way overvalued, and the bubble is popping. Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, NVmvidia, Facebook, Twitter, maybe Boeing, all of these went through unsustainable growth, especially the first three.

The big bankers are just preparing to dump on the commoners all the over inflated tech stocks.

Fb, amazon, tesla all are being heavily scrutinized in the media
This is so that bankers are given an excuse to dump all their shit. If they dumped because "oh everythings inflated" theyd be criticized and investigated.

what? it collapsed already? I thought they have enough money for like 3-4 more months

Tesla really isn't any under scrutiny right now, Uber was behind that fatal self driving crash last week, I could see that spooking the layman but it had nothing to do with Tesla. Their production numbers have been down for months and no one seems to have had much a problem with it, are they just going because Facebook, an equally overvalued stock, is tanking over it's investigation? Is it because we're nearing the end of the quarter?

holy shit

Anyone who looks half a second at the chart will understand why it's crashing.

Nvidia is actually undervalued, it's actually getting fucked because of the crypto crash. The demand for GPUs is sinking again.

This. 80% of people (and 99% of boomers) don't understand NVIDIA. Nvidia main strength is not even gpu design and manufacturing anymore - its the platforms and algorithms for deep learning. If you want to do any deep learning application, you're gonna be using CUDA and their SDK. Automated vehicles and robotic applications all rely on NVIDIA. If you can roll back time on Google - what you'll see is NVIDIA

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CUDA computing is so god damn good.

true nvidia is becoming a monster

Yup, the quality monopolized the mindshare of ML developers. OpenCL can't hold a candle to it. Investing in NVIDIA is investing in the future, not without its risks, but its one of the better plays you could put your money in right now.