Tfw short 300,000 contracts of XBTUSD with liquidation point 8000

>tfw short 300,000 contracts of XBTUSD with liquidation point 8000
>going to ride the wave down to 6k, then buy and hodl

who /comfy/ here?

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nice job good entry point

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This is such a horrible trade it just has to be bait.

thanks for the sacrifice user

put me in the screen cap

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dump coming any minute boys, my 50x leverage gonna pay off

>liquidation point 8000
Just why? I'm bearish but even I can see we might continue to bounce up and down between 7700-8200 for next few days still.

just watch.

Fake pump before the dump. Just shorted another 200,000, liquidation price 7995.

Just watch this boys.

oh we are watching buddy

>posting your liquidation price publicly

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screen cap or LARP

how much money will you lose if you get liquidated?

Pump it..

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>he sold... poomp eet.

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300k was 50x leverage so 6k
200k was 100x leverage so 2k

8k total

But if it goes to 6k I make 125k

I agree with you, OP, but I think it might take ~2 days still for the dip. Until then, sideways.

yo its not gonna drop all emas just crossed

hope you make it user, good luck

absolutely retarded. Were going to be bouncing around 8k for a while, you'll be liquidated before end of day, if not a larp.

lol just wait for the chink whales to wake up and you will see the dump to 7750.They did it 3 times in a row already

IT'S ALL RIGGED...the house will wash you out before the drop

Told you guys... it’s dumping. Soon w lol be at 7750 and I’ll be safely away from my liquidation.

It's another shitty larp thread.

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>liquidation point 8000
No wonder there are so many pink wojacks on this board

they'll be doing the bart for you op.

It pumped 200-300usd in a second before
Use stop losses


btc theme

you about to get Bart'd nigga

Like clockwork, just who is the whale that keeps reading these?

how you doing OP?

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hey guys did you miss me

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>fake pump to 7975
>dumping already

Just watch. It’s not going near 8000.

Don't care if larp, I'm actually shitting my pants right now.


Should've done some technical Bartnalysis first.



Holy fuck I just avoided liquidation by like 1 dollar


show screencap of position

this is always the way, without doubt there'll be another goon that loses all of his money just like you OP. take comfort in that if you will.

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LARP or he did the opposite of what he claims
>Thinks he's funny
>Thinks he's smart
>Thinks he can instrumentalize Crypto
> Knows he's a retard

>but LARP anyways