Who's still HODLing? At this rate, we'll be at sub $100 by EOW

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Holding and accumulating. Litepay was a dud, but there are other developments and projects in the works for LTC throughout 2018. When the market rebounds and Litepal launches, LTC will be back above $300

thinking of putting the last $1k in my bank account into this

i thought i was done investing more fiat but $130 ltc is just way too good to pass up i think

imagine actually believing this

either the three of you are abosultely retarded or from the same discord group

mhmm I wonder

>please lend me your positivity

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Coin has no value.

The only thing it had going for it was that it was faster and cheaper. they lost this.

Also new retards think is cheap and one day it will have btc value

>Veeky Forums hates LTC and calls it a shitcoin while simultaneously promoting ACTUAL shitcoins like OMG and ICX

You simply can't argue with results, and LTC has been a constant, stable coin that has proven itself for years and outperformed BTC in 2017. I don't know what biz has against this coin, but it certainly isn't backed by logical thought, just Charlie Lee memes


I didn't sell, but will accumulate more if we get to .015 sats and more at .01 if it gets there. It's one of the few useful coins with a solid foundation supporting it.

Charlie's "big surprise" was a nothing burger. I really don't know if this coin really has a future. Not FUDding.

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I sold immediatly after the litepay news

>Charlie Lee memes

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ltc is a 1:1 with bitcoin its literally a copy of its code

I bought in at $40, I'm in for the long haul.

>discord shilling a top 5 coin

you clearly dont have a grasp on this crypto stuff, but a thread on a burmese chinlone forum cant affect the price of an 8 billion mcap coin friend

LTC founder literally fucking dumped his stack LMAOOOO

How retarded are you guys

TRON gets so much FUD for apparently Justin dumping his coins, but this is LEGIT, REAL

Why does no one seem to give a fuck? He literally made a tweet other day saying my bad for leading you dumb fucks on

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>just wondering where is WhaleBro?

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Chinks always fail. They are a mistake.

Don't worry, pump soon.

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lol say that in 15yrs when china has taken over literally every sector, both industrial and technical

>Don't worry, pump soon.
I'll sell my kidney for LTC before then

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>ltc is a 1:1 with bitcoin its literally a copy of its code

Whoops! Well meme'd!

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dont worry brainlet you're in good company on Veeky Forums

you simply cant fathom why the founder would remove financial incentive from the table when people like justin was tweeting shit every day to pump his shitcoin

you're too shortsighted to see hes been working on ltc for 5? 6? years and he'll still be working on it in 5-6 years when the price is 5-10k

enjoy your link and coss bags bizlet

Chink detected

That chink Charlie Lee hurt a lot of his LTC followers. He gave them false hope when he sold his stack at the top of the market. Even though he sold his shit for "conflict of interest", that 2018 will be a great year for LTC. He should have just said he sold his stack because he thinks multi-year bear market is coming. Hope karma gets to that chink.

litecoin was good when bitcoin fees were too high but once a real scaling solution is created why would anybody use ltc over btc? Is LTC valuable just because it was the first to copy bitcoin? does not seem like a good reason to hold to me.

Okay no problem

Your dev working real hard huh he didnt make it or anything


I abandoned ship. I will reenter under 0.01 if it looks like there's potential.

This is why Charlie Lee dumped his LTC. Bitcoin Cash is going to cannibalize LTC and all other shitcoins including BTC, obviously it will take some time but it will happen.

The next Bitcoin Cash upgrade (hard fork) is like next month or something, with a following upgrade in November.

I have no problem with him selling his bag. I do feel sorry for those who bought into his "2018 will be a good year" narrative.

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But if the normies get in before a "real scaling solution" gets here then the normies will shit pants at btc "problems" and go "omg look, this one is like bitcoin but without said problems".

This is ofc just speculation but who where is not speculating right? If I lose on my bet I won`t lose any sleep over it as I don`t speculate with more than I can afford to lose.

i respect that opinion. It will be interesting what drives the prices of coins in the next boom. will it be institutional money or will it be clueless normie money? Despite what your potential biases against Ripple, dont you think a normie would be more inclined to invest in Ripple (Bitcoin for banks) instead of Litecoin (a better Bitcoin)? To be honest, i almost fell for the Bitcoin for banks meme when i first learned about cryptocurrencies.

Not an argument.

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

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im not moving atleast until after the halvening in 497 days

Not even the real Bitcoin Cash

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I think it certainly is a possibility that go for it because of it being "a coin for banks". I think it depends on how much research the average normie does before investing.

At my first glance, the name ripple seemed like a weird alt coin (judging by name alone). But ofc it does seem very attractive if one is not very hardcore into the philosophies of crypto or if one believes that "the banks will win".

Interesting indeed.

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LTC is still overbought on the 4hr and 1D charts. Price will come down still.

Why would anyone "invest" in a copy of BTC with 10% inflation rate? Even Charlie is amazed that it's worth more than 30$. Now that he sold his bags he thinks that he needs to pump the coin to please his followers, but it won't work.

Never forget

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Hello WhaleBro, long time no-meme

Isn't Litecoin the original shitcoin and Charlie Lee who dumped on everyone says we shouldn't be surprised that this shitcoin drops to $20.00 USD each?