This shit has been ready to moon for days with the most obvious signs and now it's taking off. Why are you not in yet...

This shit has been ready to moon for days with the most obvious signs and now it's taking off. Why are you not in yet? This is my last warning.

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>the most obvious signs and now it's taking off

Such as?

Shut the fuck up. The whole market is on the brink of a complete meltdown. No one is buying alts

Massive sell wall accumulation.

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That's exactly when you buy. Meltdown my ass.

I honestly don't even know what ADA is, what the fuck kind of project is it? No one ever talks about it.

It has boomed on Bittrex once and some people think it should have some value because of that.

i'm kinda a brainlet when it comes to the details of these coins
Just think ETH 3.0 (none of the faggot problems eth has)
Peer reviewed by academics
Code is written in haskel or w.e
HUGE team of autists is a plus

You buy now

How desperate are hodlers of hoskinskons sinking ship getting these days? 15 cents isn’t even close to the bottom. Burn

Still overvalued shit coin

I will say that you’ll probably see this thing boom when staking comes out

sigh. well y'all been warned yet again. stay poor.

Cardano still has 8-12 months of bleeding to do. It will probably pump for a few days when staking becomes available and then it will crash back down. Screencap this post for future reference.

>8-12 months of bleeding
literally braindead

I'm afraid you're the one who's braindead, but it's ok. The financial ass pounding that you will take this year should be enough to teach you a lesson so that you know your place.

pic related: guess where Cardano is right now.

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tranny coin can moon without me thx bye

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It's only going to moon if Charles pumps it again.

It's shit and coming out too late with no support

it's like ARK

>t. closeted homosexual

>literal vaporware

Nothing is going to "moon" anytime soon kid. The market is shit and will be for a long time before we ever reach dec/jan prices again

Ok enough hodling for me. I'm looking to sell 1M ADA (over the counter as to not crash the market and avoid exchange fees). If you're interested, contact me at [email protected]

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Who cares, Veeky Forums has shills for other coins, it's impossible to have any worthwhile discussion about this project here. The release dates are getting close, so just keep an eye on that, and do your research, but don't waste time trying to convince people here, it's like shouting under an ocean of shit. You'll only get your mouth filled.

You'd barely crash it a few sats market selling on binance, just suck up the exchange fee

Legit what's going on.

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You buy when it seems no one is buying

If you didn’t that at any point over the first 3 months of the year you’d be ruined

new roadmap in a week

expect massive pump

Roadmaps updates are monthly, and things are released when they're ready, without big announcements. They're trying to stay away from pumps and dumps, they don't need them, no serious project does.

No, it’s updated weekly. It doesn’t usually pump

Technical reports are weekly. Roadmap updates are monthly. They're keeping people informed of progress. The next time the price rises significantly will be when staking is launched, which is "around April".

Like the pic, thanks

It's an XLM competitor, which only exists as a whitepaper, the team consists of soyboys, jews, insane trannies and crackheads. The product will supposedly be finished by 2025

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it's because your nation is a backwards shithole, enjoy your perma poverty while your dictator further establishes himself as the richest person on earth

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