CNBC: There's only one survivor of this year's cryptocurrency slaughter: VeChain

Vechainers stay with me brethren, we gonna make it hard this year.

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"The founding partner of leading venture capital firms Draper Associates and DFJ told CNBC in March this "is the most excited I've ever been as an investor, and I was right there at the beginning of the internet."

Fuck off Jews no one wants your think scam.

What a bullshit. Vechain crashes as hard as the other coins lol

Feels good billionares start shilling Vechain so hard

>didn't read the first line of the article

who cares about those statistics. Fact is that it crashed as hard as the other coins

They're gonna partner with Amazon. It's true!!*

*partnership will be with Amazon Pajeet. Something available to anyone.

wait until they have so many actual businesses running on their platform. mark my words user.

Thundernode here and cant wait til i am super rich. Jim Breyer, Tim Draper, 52% of the supply is locked in nodes already, BitOcean fully licensed by Japanese government, Circle, Goldman Sachs, Poloniex and if you're not in this you deserve to be poor.
People will look back at these times where the coin is less than $3 and think how they fucked up and didnt buy.

Who even pays attention to mainstream media FUD anymore? If you believe a word of this article then you are going to be one sorry pajeet come next bull run

Feeling comfy with my strength X node, we're gonna make it user.

Shilling to 3 million followers.

Nice Jim Breyer and Tim Draper.

best portfolio is


dont say I didnt warn you

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it's actually laughable at this point how obvious it is

Not comfy. VeChain community is cancer

then leave you fucking pussy

It’s full of moonboys and shills. Next to impossible to find a reasonable VET holder

Reasonable here AMA

what the fuck are you looking for in a VET holder? of course they want the price to moon who doesn't?

all the real discussion has already been had on this and it's blatantly one of the only sure things in this entire market

Uncritical sheeps who “believes” and “have faith” in VeChain long term.

keep searching user, if you try really hard and dedicate as much time as you can to it i'm sure you'll find one someday

Will I make it with just 1K VEN?

You're a retarded cunt. The point of the article is saying that VeChain is the only coin positive from the beginning of this year.

THE RUMOR IS TRUE ! hahaha exit scam

Draper says this about all the crypto he has invested in.

For a coin with such potential there’s an underwhelming amount of analysis on token valuation done by the community. I’ve only seen two people running the numbers so far. Two

>I’ve only seen two people running the numbers so far. Two

running what numbers? dude wtc or whatever shitcoin you are in is dead. just stop with this stupid FUD its gotten old user no one thinks you are clever or funny or original

Comment wasn’t specifically on VeChain judging by the article but moonboys will moon.

>my token is worth what I feel like it should worth

there are no numbers until the network is public and we know the price of VETHO and have an idea for the number of transactions on the network.

but the fact is - two massive global companies are holding the door open for Vechain to work with Fortune 500s (amongst 80k+ other companies), as well as the business they are already conducting on their private chain.

what numbers are being run? can you answer the question? why is some random individuals analysis accurate when some other user's isnt'? Is it because youre a petulant man-child who has some weird grudge against VEN?

If the coin was that promising you’d imagine seeing more hypotheticals being done by the smart people in the community. This is legit biggest red flag to me, that the community doesn’t reflect the coin’s supposed high potential

ofc its vechain

>from $9 to $3
>graphic same as the rest
Seems like some higher up retard from CNBC bought a lot of VEN.


1) hypotheticals of what
2) this is biz what do you expect

lol, have you checked ethereum enterprise alliance partnerships. Multiple fortune 500 companies and many names that normies recognice and even those companies can't figure out what the fuck they should do with blockchain and smart contracts.

Vechain isn't even blockchain, just another centralized pseudoblockchain that is controlled by foundation. Engineers typically call them databases but maybe normies know better, dunno.

Fuck these chinkscams.

>Sunny registers for Amazon prime account

Well it's lucky that this is broader than just smart contracts then isn't it? Do you have ANY idea how much money is lost in the supply chain? I'd imagine a lot of the F500s have a pretty good understanding of the impacts of transparency in vertically integrated supply chains brought upon by blockchain.

Also in this scenario, nobody cares about normies. What matters is the business that occurs on the network. You'll see in June.

>Well it's lucky that this is broader than just smart contracts then isn't it?

You don't even understand your own investment. Yeah... we'll see in June. I don't even care these shitcoin promises anymore, delivery rate has been always zero.

Maybe the reason why this coin attracts normies and not devs. If devs don’t show up on mainnet I’m out.

People like you make up 99.9% of the VeChain horde

how is he wrong? if youre going to be a whiny bitch then back up what youre saying. otherwise go fuck yourself back to whatever shitty basement you live in

Of course I do. Smart contracts are executed all over the network, but the scope and impacts are far greater than just the idea of transactions facilitated by smart contracts


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tell me where i'm wrong

Vechain is a copy of ethereums EVM and thus smart contract platform. Need anything else?
>the scope and impacts are far greater than just the idea of transactions facilitated by smart contracts
What a load of buzzword bullshit.

Featured on CNBC? Prepare for huge dump lmao

Haha I’ve no intention to “debate” with brainlets with zero self awareness like you

That’s shit and paneer tier outside of ven and omg

Just buy Vechain already you dumbass salty walty you’re clearly not too late

you're still here tho


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If it’s on CNBC it’s too late. Moreover, VEN uses a poor understanding of crytpoeconomics with their staking system. Businesses do NOT want volatile assets like tokens, and they won’t pay a large price for a thundernode when it could be gotten for 50 percent less in a month. REQ is a platform built with a proper understanding of cryptoeconomics, the token itself fuels the network and as the network is used (by businesses who DONT have to EVER interact with the token) the supply of tokens both shrinks and is automatically bought up, so higher network usage = higher demand AND lower supply.

i suppose you've seen the private mainnet source code then yeah

that's funny. cus that's how VET and VTHO work. also the economic model was worked on by one of the world's 4 largest auditing and accounting companies. but we all know that was bait.

You think you are better than 10+ economic PhD's?

Impressive user.

The funny thing about this comment is it fails to realize the implications of the economic system as it's been designed.

It's a well designed model, but it's wasn't designed but it's not going to make you rich like other crypto projects make people rich. It won't moon faster than the actual network grows.

eh word salad typos.....
You get the point anyway.
The token economic model wasn't designed with the specific intent to make you rich. It's meant to support an efficient network.