Killing myself. Donating my crypto

First person to write /biz on their ass with a sharpie in their butthole gets 0.52 btc. Post btc address

Its all I have, not much. But killing myself knowing i helped a stranger helps

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must post pic with /biz and sharpie in the pooper. submissions end in 30 minutes then im donating and killing myself

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Too poor to afford a sharpie

Imagine that

also dont kill yourself my dude

How about you post proof of your plan to kill yourself you fucking waste of space. Timestamp of gun/helium tank/top or building. Whatever

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This gun be good. Get out yer popcorn. In the mean time how ya gonna do it user??

Enjoy, you sick fucks

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>didn't even post address

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lol, nice try, slightly different ID to that other sick fuck. You sick fuck.

LOL, congrats on not getting .52 BTC because user will not deliver.

Joke's on him, I was already shoving pens up my ass today, before I saw this thread.


Donate it to a good charity user

Rather than give you a dollar I'm going to go buy a mcchicken and wipe my ass with the buns

Giving btc is fine but how can we verify your death? We need op's address to visit him/her and complete delivery

Draw a penis on your penis and I'll send you $1

>he fell for the sharpie scam

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lets do a 2 for one offer, don't have much left in my portfolio after cashing out but acn donate about 1500 dorras if we do a dual livestream

1 BTC = 1 inch thick marker in your ass

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Is it that small, Rajesh? Just wax your carrot for a second and it'll grow a bit

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If you're going to kill yourself anyway just cash out those 0.5 BTC and buy a flight to Japan and have your time of your life before going into the suicide forest and livestreaming your own suicide.

Hey buddy, did you get your chuck e cheese token yet?

Any minute now, I reckon :)


>tfw OP is fucking around for Sharpe in the pooper pics.