Just heated up week old macaroni and I'm eating it dry. What u eating bros?

Just heated up week old macaroni and I'm eating it dry. What u eating bros?

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Tears and regret.

KEK have some respect for yourself

I'm fasting until bitcoin goes up again.

coffee and girlled cheese although my microwave is out so.....i've got some problems

Rice gruel like a true Asian in poverty

that was literally my diet for the past week

black tea and oatmeal

w-we're all gonna make it

Girlfriend is making me steak and eggs while I have seltzer and oj.. I'm poor though

a slice of bread folded on itself. water for flavour

microwave swedish meatballs

activated almonds
activated salmon
activated water

well it's good enough to survive..

Peanut butter sandwich, too poor to afford jelly. Not that bad but, microwaving it was a mistake.

It's 9pm and I've drank some coffee and eaten some grapes

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oatmeal user? how many link do you have now?

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not by choice i assume

>activated almonds

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Spam, eggs and rice with a nice cup of sink water

shredded chicken soup noodles in northeast china. fucking awesome, and only $1 a bowl.


Literally right now i'm boiling some 6months old pasta (was not unboxed yet.) Hoping to throw the last 200$ to my name into link by next week if everything goes well..

I'm so poor I'm surviving on office snacks.

oatmeal. for almost 2 months now


I had some chicken curry and then ice cream for dinner

i ate a pizza i ordered yesterday that i accidentally forgot on the kitchen table

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I have literally been eating dog food for the past 3 days, I put every last cent I had into ChainLink and I lost everything because of you fucks apparently telling me that it was all “just a meme for newfag retards”...why the fuck are you guys so malicious on this website??

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So glad someone asked i have been eating at AA meetings and Drug support groups.

Have te and nuddles at home for emergency late nights.

wiener schnitzel and a beer

Lmfao is this real?

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lol its not a meme just takes some time hope u didnt sell at a loss

Lentils peas and rice.

Bro just fucking hold. Instead of browsing biz just look at the GitHub the devs are going hard as fuck

Falling for the bait and still shilling Chinlink this hard. Literally the worst investment advice you could give someone in any given timeframe.

You're one savage motherfucker

Stacy’s pussy

>Bro just fucking hold
Nice meme

I just had kek fil-a
the master race prefered chicken

Steamed mussles with roquefort sauce

808 brah

dem campbells chuncky keep me alive during bear markets user

>bullmarket back

Back to top sirloin and salmon fillets burrrhh