Everytime i walk through the streets

Everytime i walk through the streets
Everytime i catch a bus
Everytime i go to a concert
Everytime i attend a class
Everytime i catch the sub
Everytime i eat at a restaurant
The only thing that crosses my mind is:
None of them has any idea about chainlink.
And i get sad
Cause they also had a chance.

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I outwardly break out into laughter in public thinking about it.

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA...............................

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not even Sergei will say "chainlink" out loud you fucking retards. It's over.

This fud is very tired. Get some new material fag.

people think LINK won't moon because it would make all of us rich, but a few neets on some mongolian rope jumping forum are like a spit in a bucket when you look around.
I can already see articles about how a bunch of racist neets on an anonimous forum got rich because "they were lucky".
People will be saying "ok you made money but it was a meme all along, you couldn't be sure it will end up like that"

It's gonna be the most surreal feeling ever fr normies and nolinkers when it actually happens

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dubs gonfirm

new pasta please sirs

My life is pretty simple right now. Modest house, pretty lax job, decent amount of free time to do what I want. But thinking about Link sometimes makes me giggle. I honestly can’t believe it’s gonna be this easy to retire. And no one else knows except for a bunch of weirdo autists on a Malaysian jewelry making image board.

How much LINK needed to make it?

Best box in the business.

>mfw theres millions of mexicans and niggers walking around smoking cigarettes and pushing shopping carts around my city
>they have no idea what a blockchain is and even if they tried to use their entire mental capacity to try they still couldnt
>they will continue walking around working as janitors or fast food workers and having dozens of kids in their 1 bedroom apartments shared with multiple families

That is a truly haunting image

None of us chose to be born. You know kids from families like that you describe read the words you say right?

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boohoo faggot

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depends where you live really.
how many link marines existed in those threads? 80-100 at most.

yeah, real sad they missed their chance to buy high sell low on a shitcoin

how long can you hold is the question.

>I was raised like that so I will do the same that my parents over and over again
>But it's not their fault.
Go back to plebbit faggot

>my limited knowledge only allows me to fail to comprehend the potential of good projects.

how many link to retire next to a costco friends ?

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>posting a picture of dicaprio playing jordan belfort holding chainlink
>jordan belfort literally sold scam projects to people with no future
i love the irony, i love how retarded chainlinkers post this shit with no awareness

> binance will crash

Fuggg I really need to get muh coins into my wallet but I keep convincing myself I'll be able to swingtrade to increase my stack

Do you ever think about how lucky you are? Like the odds of being at the right place at the right time. If your weird friend hadn’t shown you Veeky Forums all those years back, the odds of on all boards, being on Veeky Forums, the 6 month window of getting in on LINK, being the right age, being non financially illiterate, having the faith in Veeky Forums and the personality to take risks
This is why there are only 2000 wallets with over 5k LINK
Just think about all that had to occur in your life to lead up to this moment. All the unfortunate bullying that drove you away from normiebook. It was all planned.

Are you telling me it was all planed that I'm all alone all day? That I have never had a GF and I long for human connection? While I see people on Social Media out partying every weekend, while I'm browsing Veeky Forums 5 hours everyday? Was it all planned? Will it pay off in the end?



So fucking stupid. All he does is open care packages now. RawOG is that homie though.

you are a MANIAC!

>i fell for a crashing memecoin so i shill it for free in hopes someone buys my bags

fuck human connection, it won't help you escape wageslavery, Link on the other hand will

Even the part where you haven’t killed your self yet
You will have 10 girlfriends all at once after the singularity. Quit feeling sorry for yourself once you realize how lucky you are to even BE in this thread.

This. The guy who tipped me off about ChainLink did not take my advice about hodling a large amount. Explained how big of an impact this would have.. etc. I could give a fuck less about people who don’t hold cuz even if you told them how promising it is.. most people are literal brainlets.. especially whn it comes to tech. Fuck em.

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Only 2k people will actually make it if LINK moons. The thing is though, next time you are shopping in your local grocery store and look at someone in the eye, that person could be ME. And I own LINK without you knowing. You may think that I'm a clueless normie for not being in LINK, but then your are wrong.

we got cool guy over here

mmmmmmmm that meta tho.


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oh shit checked

Checked. It’s crazy but I think of it this way as well. I had a friend that showed me Veeky Forums in general a couple years ago (yes newfag). Ended up getting into BTC and ETH with him as well. Along the way I grew apart from most of my normie friends, haven’t had FB in probably 4 or 5 years now, and really only hang out with a handful of people and keep to a few select hobbies. I know there’s a million other ways to have gone in life, and if Link succeeds how we all know it will, it’ll be amazing to think the culmination of all those previous events led me to the Link life.


5833 Linklet here,
I urge for freedom
I have faith
Faith in our Lord and saviour
Sergey Nazarov

May he abolish us all for our sins
Bless us all with riches beyond our dreams
May the early adopters be rewarded for theire willingness to read through the whitepaper
And the endless sea of tears from NoLinkers worldwide bring joy to our souls.

Buy LINK and REQ my poor innumerate child

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>we are going to get rich because we are only a few
but the token itself doesnt bring anything new.

it's literally the first erc677 token

>but the token itself doesnt bring anything new.
what new do you want the token to bring?
it's not a currency like nano/ripple or some other shitcoins, it's about the platform/network which will require you to use the token.

>mfw my entire life has led up to this very moment, where I would invest every last cent of my lifes savings on a internet meme coin introduced to me via virgin neckbeards on a vietnamese sea shell collecting image board

>implying I can't spot your autistic fedora wearing ass and your dad new balance shoes from a mile away

One of chainlink's most speculated partners had a meeting today and openly mentioned blockchain. Can't mention which, but I can mention that we're all gonna make it.

Please say more

>Malaysian jewelry making image board

Selamat pagi

Withdraw 50% muh man

Bemyfriend.Veeky Forums.org

Friend, that by itself means jack shit unless you're holding more info from us

Different ID posting from laptop now. I want to say more but I can't.. trust me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. I love my stinkergang.

Just keep an eye on Chainlink's most speculated partners over the next month.

Docusign or swift?


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speculated partners? what does he mean by this biz


holy fuck that was funny


Either Dousign, Swift or Hyperledger

1k eoy would be conservative

We should develop a way to recognize ourselves out there just in case we actually moon somewhere. Like some class of Masons, and that way nod at each other when we cross paths in life alongside our QT asian wife on the way to the lambo parking lot.

That faggot is so disgusting lmao
The absolute state of dudeweedlmaos:

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lol no, there are 2000 wallets with over 20k link
I have 10k, and thats around top 2700

>Everytime i walk through the streets
>Everytime i catch a bus
>Everytime i go to a concert
>Everytime i attend a class
>Everytime i catch the sub
>Everytime i eat at a restaurant

So, basically never, you fat neet

>implying i'm not wearing our master's lucky brand shirt combined with racy running shoes

Nice try Pajeet

Jason Parser would be a good code word. When I get my lambo I'll have LINK on the number plate, you'll know it's me.
Also when the singularity comes and we're filthy rich we cans start a discord and go on crazy adventures with fellow rich bizbros

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Just stay frosty, friends.
Regardless of company, mentioning "blockchain" at a meeting could meet a lot of things. My next thought was "Oh shit, wouldn't the employees start doing some research into which crypto would be most suitable for their company after hearing that?" but then again, who knows with normies.

Lucky Brand plaid shirt

I did calculations on what percentile you are around the 1st of March or so:
150k: 98.7th percentile
100k Link: 98th percentile
75k: 97th
50k: 96th
25k: 93rd
20k: 92nd
15k: 90th
10k: 86th
7.5k: 83rd
5k: 79th
2.5k: 70th
1k: 52nd

He probably makes more money than you. What do think about that?

Good for him I guess. So do drug dealers, but that's not how I want to spend my life.

thank you

Checked and point taken. I have to admit though back in the day when I used to smoke his "glass blunt" video was very educational and cracked me up. But yeah smoking weed ruined my life and now I'm here

Had a pretty rough day but was just on the bus on the way home and this thread made me laugh out loud. Seriously linkers have the best goddamn memes. We gonna make it

> but that's not how I want to spend my life.

I bet you say shit like "money can't buy you happiness" too

Holy shit xD that's my sell order on Binance.
Good to see it spreading

lying in my bed smoking a joint, ready for wagecucking tomorrow. heavily in debt, but balls deep in link. you gaise gave me a moment of comfort, thanks.
we're all in this together

That's your fault, not Weeds

we'll make it user

I can't believe this is actually going to happen, it's like I'm in some weird simulation or fever dream and I'll wake up any second. I've tried telling people about this and some of them listened, but many of them weren't willing to read up on their own. Luckily, most of my family is in on this, they've all read the whitepaper too. It's like I'm on crazy pills, there's no way I'm going to be stinking rich from advice I originally found on a Mississipi State butt chugging forum.

98.7th percentile master race, reporting in.

its our time to shine boys
linkys unite!

>mongolian rope jumping

ITT pure delusion. You have absolutely no cause to think link will moon or ever make anybody rich.

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you are right. It will move sideways for the rest of Time.
you stupid nigger

I love it

>Jason Parser
The first to speak says Jason. If the other says Parser, you have found a fellow LINK holder.

I'm 19 years old.

I am handsome, smart, athletic and virile.

I have a novel that is in it's final editing stage, and a creative writing professor at my college has read the first draft and thinks it's saleable.

I have a girlfriend who is confident, articulate, playful and spontaneous.

I have a small group of interesting friends from different social and academic backgrounds, and I also have many other acquaintances who see me as a reliable source of humour and good company.

Both my parents are alive and in good health.

I have no regrets.

I have already experienced three existential crises, the latter of which was described as having the depth and profundity of a man twice my age.

I am a passionate lover, a sharp thinker, and a trader of witty repartee.

I am not self-pitying, meek or needlessly humble.

I will live a good life at your expense.

this hahahaha

To thy father whom art in heaven
May my stinkies get seven sevens
To thy Son, Sergey head of clergy
May my linkies fetch thee McBurgies
To thy user whom FUD and not brag
May a feather be the weight of thee bags
To thy normies whom never took heed
May your daughters be forced on our seed

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We joke right now but having people know we Hodl link in a decade will be a serious deal. We may never be able to say we are stinky linkies irl unless with a fellow linkie. And by linkie I mean anyone that got link under $10.

No, it won't do that. Nothing goes sideways forever. It will go to zero like most internet monies.

Sergey was spoon-feeding us in his end of year update.

"As a result of our ongoing work with agile smart contract development teams, payment networks, banks, and financial institutions, we’re making ChainLink useful for technical teams of all sizes."

Smart Contract Development Teams - OpenZeppelin and others
Payment Networks - Request Network
Banks - MMMM He has literally said Chainlink is working with banks...he uses CITI, Chase, HSBC logos quite a bit.
Financial Institutions - Swift and others

I recommend re-reading Sergey's year end blog post


I just posted that for the memes, desu I’m not going to be telling anyone. To the world I’ll just look like a normie that happens to be on a slightly more lavish than usual vacation.

He mentioned Chainlink in the sxsw panel ya ding dong