I told you about IOST. I hope you listened

I told you about IOST. I hope you listened.

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The gigant is waking up

pump and dump shit coin

I've posted numerous IOST threads here in Veeky Forums these retards never listen.

Why is it pumping?
What is this coin?
I fomo'd because I'm pushing my luck. Bought at 343.
What does this thing even do?

ETH killer.

Your mom's a pump and dump. Don't you have some soft core porn to go fap to...or maybe some pink wojacks you can go post? You clueless retard.

In the last week I've made:
35% on Storm
50% QLC
14% EOS
20% PIVX

Biz is full of high school and college kids who like memes. There are a handful of adults that provide insight, conversation, and aid - but it's mostly kids calling each other fags.

IOST is a great coin. After this retracement it's going to explode.

IOST, STORM, SUB, POE and RLC here. Good week for me.

>I fomo'd because I'm pushing my luck. Bought at 343.

bag hold retard, screencap this and come back in a day or two. it would be below 320 sat.

fuck off pajeet. already dumping pajeet, send your mom or sis to get assfuck. go to discord retard

Exactly. Blue sky breakout this week. Be ready

>already """""dumping"""""

So which one should I listen to?

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Go take your meds you useless worm. You don't have any idea what you are talking about.

look at those sell orders. it will straight go below 320 sat in few hours. biz always fomo on shit coins. look their white paper, a 3rd grader would do better job

You shouldn't day drink so much. You're making a complete ass of yourself.

> white paper is shit
> buz words like muh scalable
> pump and dump by pajeet and chink discord grps

have bag hold.

Is Veeky Forums where you come when you need attention? Learn how to read, freak. Why don't you go outside and play with the dog. You offer nothing of value here.

this coin literally has no use

Where's it retracing too? I have my buy for 330

Did the tard bus just pull up or something? Where do all of you idiots come from? Is this what you do all day? Your mom failed miserably with you.

It has been a good week so far!

I'm trying to figure out if it has another leg. My stop pulled me out at 4 am and I missed the last leg.

It'll tie up my money, but does everyone think its a good hold and will explode once on bittrex?

Tell me more please

Thoughts? All the indicators say its a good time to get in.

Anyone know of anything on the horizon?

This shit needs to move already! Amiright? It's just mocking me

> buy my bags retard. this coin is useless. look at their github, literal garbage.

how about instead of being a passive aggressive soy king you tell me what the coin is used for

Has been a good week for me as well. Caught storm, ont, bat (after coinbase tweet easy flip), ont again.
Why do you think this will be the next pump though? Does it have any news or something?

How about you do your family a favor and kill yourself. Veeky Forums has been overrun with dumbfucks like you that do absolutely no research, and expect others to do it for you. (YOU) have literally no use.

Barely any activity on GitHub and the founders are just running around at events taking pictures with successful people.


>up 10%
oh no, better fomo in guys before you miss out
oh nooo

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to which coin?

It's up 65% this week. And the real run hasn't even started yet. Stay stupid, user

pumped and dumped this on its binance debut. easy 2x.
it's a shitcoin, nothing more.


i read the whitepaper months ago when this chuck e cheese token dropped on binance and literally found no mention of the token's use to holders.

i'll literally market buy 5 btc worth of iost if you can find me any info on what it's used for lol

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pump and dump garbage. who ever buying now bag hold forever.

>itt we have a useless paki advertising his shitcoin
will you fucks ever piss off?

When will this pos coin move

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I like projects that aim to solve problems - this platform could be used for many things, one of which could be a decentralized social network. And as of news lately, people aint in love with all of their social platforms and people controling them. It speaks to the anti-establishment rhetoric I like.

It's also backed by real, intelligent, credible engineers and scientists. Some of which are jewish, which for me is a plus. I

already dropping like a rock. this pump and dump by discord grp for no reason. with in a week it will go below 300 sat. screencap and come back. if you want usual biz way , go buy now and bag hold.