Is anyone actually still bullish about crypto longterm?

Is anyone actually still bullish about crypto longterm?

I want to believe but it seems like all the experts are saying that it wont amount to anything while all the people who are bullish about it these days are either scammers or dudes in their 20s who have no clue what the fuck they're talking about.

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>all the experts

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Im a dude in his 30s and absolutely know what im talking about
Crypto permabull we going to 100k eoy op. Screencap this faggot

I hope that no coiner gets what he deserves, a $100k bitcoin.. But I'm losing faith that that'll ever happen.

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there's lots of healthy charts.

i think the crap is just getting seperated from the chaff

Same, a few projects are going to be huge winners but 80% of what's on CMC is going to slide into nothingness.

Fiat is doomed to an endless cycle of QE and lowering interest rates.

Something will take it's place as a store of value. I just hope it will be decentralized cryptocurrencies and not government shitcoins or Apple & Facebook stock.

longterm yes, shortterm no

I'm in my late 20s and I also know what I'm talking about. Been in crypto for almost a year now.
This thing is not dead by far, yet. Everything is set up for the most massive bull run in modern history.

Just watch nigger

I don't get why you're posting 7 day charts as if it means anything.

Crypto has done nothing but slowly bleed since the end of last year.

you've cracked the code

>the universe is always trying to fuck over as many people as possible
>the universe doesn't want NEETs to get rich
>but the universe wants to fuck over billions of nocoiners harder

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It's dying. Sell now.

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I am bullish. I don't know where it will go soon. But it think the marketcap will go 20-30x in 10 years max. Pick the projects u believe in that will be there and be big players. But some money in. Maybe your rich in 4 months maybe 10 years. I believe in it. Get your initial investment out of it and let it ride.

Fucking moon kids never learned patience. Muh 100k buttcon. Jesus fuck, grow a pair faggot. Goddamn. How old is the space? How can anyone justify 100k? Fucking retards, goddamn the state of this board.

Thats a 10x return though.
Good luck getting that in the stock market

I'm bullish ONLY in long term.
Short term we'll see a bear market til summer likely.

This is wishful thinking. We already have functional tokens like BNB. BTC has been around for almost a decade and people still don't see the utility in it.

I'd love to be proven wrong but it doesn't look like crypto will go anywhere unless financial institutions start developing their own coins which would defeat the whole purpose.

wew lad get mad

How is bnb functional?
it's functional for binance to make money out thin air, sure.
good one them, and if you can make profit off it good on you too.
but functional, no.

I'm bullish of BNB, ETH and Bitcoin (BCH). The vast majority of other current coins will not exist in a few years..,

I asked his institute if they wanted to start doing any courses on crypto but I feel they really hate it

You have to be into holding this shit for 5+ years minimum to be bullish. With stocks in trouble and the global economy threatening a recession these types of speculative assets are going to be in trouble in the next few years. It's absolutely a bear market and we have seen the tip of the iceberg at this point. You can make money on the way down but you have to disregard what you hear from NEETs who hold 19k bags. But if you're just going to forget about the bags you have for 5-10 years you'll be okay. Unless you're in shitcoins then I would be scared as fuck.

It's really the only coin that's functional at the moment if you think about it.

The lower fees on it mean that you get utility out of it.

Can you explain the utility of any of the other coins out there? They're all just vehicles for speculation.

Will I make it with 1200 NEO, 1500 OMG, and 30k REQ?

Same shit every two years or so. Are you retarded?

rich NEETs would destroy this world more than anything else. Hold strong brothers, and keep your shit off exchanges and be autismo about not losing passwords.

>Just watch

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REQ is a shitcoin in my eyes. NEO and OMG aren't terrible holds for five years. I think you'll make out okay if you set it and forget it.

It's almost as if people can not read anymore. It doesn't take much to read and then think about the possible potential and then figure out how much you should "bet" based on the odds of it succeeding from researching it.

>how is it functional?
>i-it's just functional

You're a fucking tard

YEs but man put at least 100 neo in nas it is so good.

Yeah, people are still clamoring to get crypto, though maybe 1/3rd of the amount that were wanting in during Dec.

Cryptocurrency does have a purpose, I know companys that use it to pay their outsourced workforce because they cant be bothered figuring out how to pay people in Venezuela, Bangladesh, India, etc. so they just pay them in crypto since its no fee and they can send it to anyone in any third world country.

long term view

mid term view

a bitcoin ETF being pushed by the CBOE is massive, massive news.

short term view

"all the experts"

monetization of data. Data that corporations at this point dont have access to. It's a marketers wet fuckin dream.

You just proved my point, it's only utility is in "decreasing" fees on binance. Who is making money here? It's not you. It's binance.

Add 10k LINK and your port is pretty much fail proof. Maybe throw in a privacy coin like XMR just for shits and balance

Define 'functional' then. Give me an example of a functional cryptocurrency that does what it's supposed to do right now.

BNB has an edge over the countless other speculation vehicles.

These are those NEETs I was telling you about.

Anonymous transaction.
because btc surely isn't anonymous.

bitcoin will die

COSS. Holders get paid dividends from the site exchange fees in the native currencies.

XMR I actually agree with and am holding. I'll look into Iota.

You haven't studied LINK everyday like I have. You haven't put in the research and have a 12 page research paper explaining LINK in an email deadman incase the subway blows up one day while I'm heading to wagecuck. You lack vision and call people NEETS for seeing what you have failed to see.


Law student.
50K folio
Come fight me bro.

A week or so ago my back sent out a newsletter basically saying that cryptos will slowly take over the financial world. In more precise words, they said that all that's holding cryptos back from the mainstream usage is inconvenient usage.

yet another dumb fuck pretending bcash isn't a marketing based shitcoin

Naw, mate. IRL IDGAF. Nihilism has taken hold of me. Y'all do you (finger guns)

You want to buy as much iota as you can and move it off the exchange. buy it and forget about it for a year.
thanks me later.

Don't waste your money on bnb user

>all that's holding cryptos back from the mainstream usage is inconvenient usage
I think it has more to do with volatility. People are reluctant to turn their fiat into crypto that could lose 10%-20% of its value overnight.

If btc captures just 5% of gold’s marketcap 100k-200k per btc is definitely possible

How often are the dividends paid? How much do you need to hold to make it worthwhile?

as a currency? lol. off course not.
utility tokens? some. very very few though.
smart contracts? fuck yeah.

That's literally been the case since Bitcoin was sub $1.

Dunno if I'm getting memed on here, but the chaff IS the crap

It's going to be around for awhile OP.

You're probably still going to make some money.

Gold will capture 90% of it, which will mean gold will only go for a little bit more than its use case value

we are bull long term. The days of megapumps are over. That is a good thing. Pick 3 and hope one of ur picks survives till next year. We will pick up again, but not till next year. Projects need time to develop without hype and actually demonstrate their value before people buy back in. It will happen.

yea but it's the pick and shovel approach
show ma coin that is used by some industry outside of this ponzie, something that can replace/improve other jobs/sectors

Dollar gonna hyperinflate

us nocoiners are still mega-salty that we didn't buy when BTC was around $100 (or lower!). 100K ain't ever gonna happen, though.

I probably would have lost it all when Mtgox went down anyway.

doesn't that put them at risk for being considered a security by the SEC?

You can't outperform real inflation with current market conditions. Your money will devalue by anywhere between 5 to 10% per year. The global economy will crash because QE is no longer alleviating the problem. The western world is trying to out a band aid over a gash the size of the grand canyon. QE and current government finances are pissing into the wind. There will be no reserves state funded pensions, healthcare, or even road maitinence when shit hits the fan. It will happen soon. Crypto will be adopted by those that survive the wars.

>Yeah I'm pretty bullish desu.

everything is a security according to (((them))), as long as it's registered somewhere else it's all good. Fuck the regulators

Expert FUD drives innovation and success of the FUD'ed. HODL, OP, HODL!

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Also late twenties.
Been a developer for 10+ years.
Last year been learning concurrency in Golang and Solidity for smart contracts.

From what i have learned. We are just scratcing the surface. What block chain and smart contracts can change in the world of tech is scary...It will change the world.

Just hodl anons. This pandora's box can't be closed.

>This Pandora's box can't be closed

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He right though.

I honestly think that a Chad is not self aware but is completely flowing in the moment. A natural Alpha, not one that had to build himself into one. So if you self-identify as a Chad, you are not one, but can still be a high level alpha.

>thinking play internet monies made of 1s and 0s will be worth anything after the collapse of civilization

You need to buy GOOOOOOOLD

nah this shit is dead nigga

we 2k in a month, and going to sub 1000 after that, and then everyone will just forget about thist stupid shit beanie babies 2.0

I'm gonna get rich shorting you faggots

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I am.

Try sending money on Zelle then send BTC

Try buying a Japanese masterbater with JPY then try buying a UK watercooling system with euro

Then try buying it with btc

Then honestly tell me is using fiat over the internet is easier

Even without the tech (smart contracts, etc) btc CANNOT DIE and it WILL reach $100k, maybe even $1million. After each halvening we’ve seen bullruns - in 2013 and 2017. Halvenings trigger bullruns. Expect 100k+ bitcoin in 2021. PERMABULL.

Ok Tyrone good luck with that.

>using iota wallets
Never, EVER again.

max 2020-2021, if 8% of people (in normal countries) own crypto it's already a bit late.
Remember you need to say "btc to $1 million" so normies will buy in and you can dump your bags at 30k

>le fractal bubble

Every week. Several ten thousend.

Ask me how I know you're wrong.


100k is easily achievable within 10 years. We just need a bunch of morons to lock up the supply like with gold. Two more halvenings (6 years) and we're at sub 1% inflation.

We'll he kind of HAS to call them neets.

What would implicitly happen if he would call them smart or hard working? Right ipse facto he would be calling himself an useless neet..which he is.

how much would that cost and say how much would 50k get you?

I thought he was going to make a valid point by saying something like, "Pandora's box, by myth, was closed. The analogy doesn't work."

Then he posts this shit Post your shorts, bitch.

Absolutely yes, my objective is to reach 200 BTC in the next 7 years. The way I see it, what's happening right now is that we're settling at a price at which people will feel comfortable buying and selling between 2K and 20K. Once we find that stable zone, we'll be able to start thinking about new highs but that can take a while and I don't think many people who don't believe in the tech can afford to stay hanging around that long. With that said, the thing about 98% of coins being trash sounds correct and I'm very curious about how many coins in the top 20 will stay there in 5 years. I've heard people say that Fiat pairs will bring the real alt season while BTC dies but I expect it to play in the completely opposite direction.

And if I'm wrong and it's actually all shit, I need to make sure I haven't fucked myself buying expensive e-bison bucks.

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I've talked to developers saying that coding with Solidity is absolute dogshit and costly and takes time to achieve the same thing if you just centralized it. Any validity to that?

regular devs are butthurt by anything related to crypto/blockchain because they're missing out.
>it would be better to use centralized(...)
lol fuck those salty losers

I love this reaction image

You guys are so stupid. As long as there is money to be made. And people remain greedy fucks. This market will last for as long as those conditions are met.